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Every single moment comes with creative ideas from brilliant minds and at the center of these ideas is The Marmaj Foundation, spreading positivity and love. With this in mind, we introduce you to Marmaj NFT Book Galleries

Yes. The MarmaJ DAO will be collecting 3XR NFT Book Galleries and adding it to our 3XR Gallery Event.

Due to the popularity of visual arts as NFTs, other types of NFTs like books and music have been in the shadows. With this Book Gallery initiative, Marmaj Foundation will utilize the opportunity to enhance familiarity with NFT books, support creatives and spread positivity.

How Does it Work?

There are several short stories published on our lore page. Users can turn them into an NFT Gallery which will be collected in the 3XR Gallery Event.

How does this work? Here is a detailed explanation.

A user can choose to make one of the published lore into NFT pages. These NFT pages can be made into an NFT gallery through the 3XR website.

It is noteworthy to mention that the NFT Pages are not limited to the lore submissions. Participants can write short-form content that revolves around love and positivity and it can be made into a 3XR Gallery. The 3XR Gallery could even be made up of paragraphs of a short story centered on positivity.

Once the NFT Pages have been made into a 3XR Gallery, Marmaj Foundation is open to collecting them for 2.19NEAR.

What you need to know before creating and Minting your NFT Pages

The guide on How to create your 3XR Gallery is very detailed but in this context, some clarifications need to be made before creating your 3XR Gallery from NFT Pages. Stories or positive words are required to be in an image format. They can be one or more images. These images made from stories are called NFT Pages. To meet the standard NFT pages required by Marmaj Foundation, you should utilize the details below.

  1. Font Details: Here is a link to two marmaj fonts created by the community. These fonts are available for download here. This is not a strict requirement but it will be a supportive initiative if they are used. The fonts were created by two members of the community. If a user utilizes the fonts in their NFT Pages, a certain percentage of the profit made when the 3XR Gallery is sold will go to the font creators. However, if participants wish to use a different font, it will be accepted too.
  2. Image Dimensions: You can check out this guide for more details on this. There’s a section that explains acceptable files that can be uploaded on Mintbase. It should provide the clarification needed. Users can use Adobe Illustrator to convert their written stories into images. Using Adobe Photoshop will bring out the actual colors of marmaj fonts if used. Participants can also use other visual editors like Canva and others. However, the marmaj font will be put in image format and will appear black.
  3. Color Details: You can find marmaj official colors here. This may come in handy to make your NFT pages look more colorful.

How to turn your written words into NFT Pages.

Turning your story, poems or positive quotes into an NFT Page is quite simple.

You should start by visiting your preferred choice of visual editor or graphics maker like Canva or Adobe Illustrator.

Choose a template.

Insert your written content in it. For a collection of poems, you can design each graphic by adding a short part of the poem if it is long. You can fit in a paragraph or few sentences of your story in an image. Marma J colors are provided for you to use it or a close shade in your graphics. Do not forget to number each page accordingly to aid reader’s comprehension.

Once you have successfully placed all your written words in several images or pages, proceed to mint these pages or images on Mintbase. Here is a detailed guide on how to mint on Mintbase.

Kindly ensure that your NFT pages are either in PNG or JPEG format.

This diagram above is a sample of what each of your NFT Pages should look like.

Once you have successfully minted each image that will be in your NFT Gallery, proceed to the next steps stated below.

How to turn your NFT pages into an NFT Book Gallery.

Before you proceed, your written content must be made readily available in an image format and all the images must have been minted on a Mintbase store.

Once you have confirmed this, you can proceed to turn your NFT Pages into an NFT Book Gallery by following the steps below.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Follow this guide on how to create a 3XR gallery

Step3. Once you have successfully created a 3XR gallery from the NFT Pages, you will be redirected to create a proposal on the Mintbase store you minted from.

Step 4. Once your proposal has been approved, you should list your Gallery for 2.19 NEAR on Mintbase Marketplace as a simple sale.

Step5. After completing the four steps above, you can make a request through a proposal that the marmaj DAO collect or purchase the NFT you created.

What Comes Next?

Once you have created the proposal mentioned above, if your proposal is approved by the marmaj DAO your 3X Book Gallery will be collected and added to MarmaJ’s 3XR store.

Note: The Marmaj Foundation will be strict regarding the collection of the 3XR NFT Book Gallery.


The 3XR Gallery Event is an intriguing initiative launched by Marmaj Foundation to support creatives, and spread love, and positivity. It is scheduled to be a long-term event so that several creative works that align with positivity can find a home in the Marmaj 3X Gallery.

Recently, a call for artists to submit their works in a 3XR gallery format was made to enhance this initiative. You can read more info on it here.

The next round of community support provided by Marmaj Foundation is the marmaj story contest which is ending soon.

This time around, we hope to further expand the value and capacity of our 3XR Gallery Event initiatives by welcoming submissions for a 3XR Book Gallery.

The 3XR Gallery Event will be the home of the collected 3X NFT Book Gallery. You can check out MarmaJ Gallery here or on Mintbase.



Are you about to mint an NFT on Mintbase for the ongoing NFT Book Gallery Contest and you do not have a store to mint under? Here is an easy option for you. You can simply create a proposal to a chosen DAO that has a store on Mintbase. Once your proposal is accepted and you are added as a minter, you can successfully mint your NFT on Mintbase without any hitches.

Here is a comprehensive step by step guide on how you can create a proposal to be added as a minter to a DAO. The guide provided below will be tailored to making a proposal to be added as a minter on MarmaJ’s store. If it will be used for other DAOs, kindly edit the name to the chosen dao.

Step1: Visit AstroDAO website. Launch app. Connect your Near Wallet.

Step 3: After connecting Astrodao to your Near Wallet, you will be redirected back to AstroDAO’s page where you should Search for MarmaJ DAO.

Step 4: Once you have found Marma J Foundation DAO in the search box, tap on “PROPOSAL” icon.

Step5: Click or Tap on the green coloured plus sign as shown below.

Step 6: A variety of options will be laid out for you to choose from, choose “Custom function call”

Step 7: There are a couple of spaces to fill. For ”description”, write a short sentence on what the proposal is about just as it is shown below.

Step 8: The next space requires you to add a link. Copy and paste this link there. It’s the link to MarmaJ’s store on Mintbase.

Step 9: The smart contract address required to be added is the address of the store. Copy and paste this text into that space. letsbbcre8iv.mintbase1.near

Step 10: For the “JSON” Kindly copy and paste this into the space. { “account_id”: “trojanhorse15.near” } Please edit the near address to suit yours. “trojanhorse15.near” is only a sample.

Step 11: Type grant_minter into the space for Method name. A visual representation is provided below.

Step 12: The ”deposit” function is a major requirement. It is important that the digits provided are exact. You are required to add 1 yocto which is 24 decimals.

Instead of typing 24 digits, you can simply copy and paste it into the “deposit” space.


Kindly ensure that the number of zeros are exactly 24 digits. If it is more than 1 yocto, the proposal will fail. To ensure the success of your proposal, kindly confirm that the zeros are up to 24 or simply copy and paste the digits provided.

Step 13: Make a quick check on your progress so far then tap on “Propose”. You will be redirected to your Near wallet to approve the transaction for the sum of 0.019Near.

Step14: Once the transaction has been approved by you, you will be redirected back to AstroDao. Just as shown below, your proposal has been successfully created.

Step15: What’s next? A member of the DAO Council of MarmaJ Foundation might approve your proposal. Once approved, an approved stamp will be shown on your proposal as shown below.

Final Step: Once your proposal to be added as a minter on MarmaJ’s Mintbase store has been approved, you can now successfully mint your NFTs on the store.


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