[ Big bounty ] Graff on Train - Earn 15n each ( graffit x bayor )

You can certainly do on abandoned trains =))




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Can you site the rule stating the same in your country?

Didn’t got you =)) We’re from same country though.

Yeah same country.
Last time i read the rules, it was a legal offence to paint on a public property under [PREVENTION OF DEFACEMENT OF PROPERTY ACT, 1985 | India Code]

As far as graffiti which you might have seen on trains in india are of a theme for which the ministry of railways has given permission.

As far as old or abandoned trains are concerned, still one has no right to paint on it as its a public property which might be later scraped off or dont know what happens to them. But illegally one is trespassing the premises and damaging a public property.

If you can show me a written rule which allows a common citizen to graffiti on a train then i am fine. Otherwise it looks people are doing this illegally and somewhere on forum we are promoting this illegal work.

Bravo. I like that you are taking consent before doing this act. Well done.

Currently we had not confirmed any Graffit on train artwork, As they are not Followed the 3 Steps Rule and guidelines.


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I followed all the rules, please check again.

To me I think the deadline should be extend… For me to achieve this, I have written to the officials in charge of abandon trains in my country, and they are yet to approve my request… How I wish this bounty can be extended to 30th June…


Submit it, We will consider it !!

Can you check me please ?

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May I know your design recording or image with the Graffiti, I alredy told you in the bounty sir


26th is Sunday (Nobody could give us the letter)
27th is Monday (A Compulsary Holiday in Eastern Nigeria to honour Biafra)
28th is Tuesday (Another Compulsary holiday in Eastern Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu is going to Court)

I and four Nearians were told to come on a Wednesday and get our permission letter. And I’m pleading if this bounty could be extended till Wednesday, to permit us work.

We have already spent time and financial resources to make this work, and we believe we will deliver.


Sure, Bro We are Waiting for Master piece … We are Still Open for Submission :fire:

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I really Appreciate Your Efforts , Can you Share some image sir Videos Showing that you Graffit on Train , Thanks

Thanks Fam… Let’s get to work :fire:

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Wish You All th best :fire::fire::fire:

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Just wondering isn’t it illegal in some countries to graff on train since it’s a public property :thinking:

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You are right mate, In India You can Color or Make Graffiti on train
But Seems it legal in some countries with paper work