Berryclub Chinese Guild Monthly Report-MAY21, 2021

April to May, 2021

Guild Name:
Berryclub Chinese Guild

Monthly Highlights:

The official account of Berryclub China Dao community: ChainAssets, with more than 2000 followers. There are 900 people in the WeChat group. There are 400 followers on Weibo ChainAssets, and a total of 23 NEAR-related articles have been published on the Chain Asset official account. The daily reading volume is about 1500.

In this cycle, berryclub 3 merbers was invited to host the NEAR-Chengdu community fan meeting. More than one hundred community enthusiasts participated. More than a dozen industry giants and leaders participated in the speech. The atmosphere is very good.
In addition, berryclub and paras did an AMA.

Riqi, the Founder of Paras joined in a live AMA session hosted by Berryclub Chinese Community. Peter Feng, the moderator asked several questions regarding the development of Paras, upcoming events and partnerships, and $PARAS token usage.
The AMA brings together 1000 people in 3 live groups. On the other 18 broadcast groups, we record over 5000 people tuning into the AMA. If you are not part of those groups, do not worry! We bring you the full transcript of the interview!
Do not miss out and stay tuned to what’s coming next!
Only in Paras.

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This cycle, through public accounts, Weibo, and Zhihu, brought more than 100,000 exposures to the NEAR protocol.

Please allow me to take a few minutes to introduce this Q&A to win prizes event.
What is your experience after using NEAR Wallets and ecological projects?
The event was conducted on Weibo (localized Twitter), Zhihu (popular Q&A website), and WeChat (main social platform) at the same time. The reading volume exceeded 60,000, and more than 300 people left experience feedback. Most of them were positive, and at the same time responded to the misunderstandings of a small number of users. You can use the Chrome translation page to view. Thank you.!

NEAR mainnet NFT platform Paras new gameplay rypto monster land
The vast land is full of unique monsters waiting for brave hunters. Adventure awaits those who are looking for, so let the hunt begin here! Click the link below to view the NFT collection. This is a card hunting game where you can purchase BOOSTER PACK to get 3 random cards and have a chance to win special rewards in the automatic tournament called HUNTERS’DUEL.

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This cycle through the public account, Weibo, Zhihu brought more than 100,000 media exposure to the NEAR protocol.
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Compared with the previous cycle, the official account added 1,000 followers, and the WeChat group added 600 users. 20 new articles have been added.


Nice thorough report, @peter ! Just an fyi that the community squad is currently going through the rewards calculations. Someone from the team will reach out some time next week. Thanks!

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