BeeTogether NFT Fundraisings for NGOs/NPOs


Our vision is to create and expand a strong collaboration between non-profit and non-government-organisations, supporting the environment and the fast growing digital world with fundraising, based on crypto currency. We focus on international fundraising for non-profit and non-government organisations in very new and creative ways, combined with the newest technology. Our intention is contribution to a cleaner, greener, healthier world, whilst we focus on our natural environment as well as humanity and animals. Our mission is to support and ensure that NPO/NGOs are able to cover their financial expenses.

So far BeeTogether deployed a few NFT stores on Mintbase, which includes onboarding Non-Profit-Organisation onto the blockchain NEAR and onto Mintbase, as well as NFT artists.

Our goals are…

  • Artists → to give talented artist a credit to their work and to generate a potential income
  • Mintbase → generating transactions through minting, listing and selling
  • NPO/NGO → to generate a passive and sustainable income (long-term goal)

BeeTogether is looking for funding to keep going with the business, to onboard NPOs/NGOs and artists onto NEAR & Mintbase.

This budget-proposal would be for July/August/September

Artist Onboarding - Budget proposal: 180 USD a month

  • educate them how to open NEAR wallets = creating new wallets (usually between 5-25)
  • providing individual educational documents (step by step guides, emails), links, education videos, 1:1 sessions, webinars, etc. (they are produced by BeeTogether. Simple youtube links or links to docs from Mintbase are usually not enough for artists. Most of them are beginners and need a hand from the start or a quick call to lead them through the process)
  • educate them on how to use Telegram, Discord, etc.
  • educate them on how to mint on Mintbase & motivate them to mint a few NFTs
  • through the above educate them how they could do promotion to sell their NFTs & sell!

NPO Onboarding - Budget proposal 350 USD per NGO (if 2, then 700 USD)

  • oarding them onto NEAR and to open a profile on Mintbase - 1 per month
  • 1:1 sessions - usually 3-4hours to explain everything, to set up + conversations via email to provide necessary documents like logos, pictures, etc.
  • deploy a store
  • add artists to the store
  • mint NFTs

Investor onboarding - Budget proposal USD 20 per month

  • with NEAR drop-links I onboard investors onto Mintbase (1-6 a month)

BUDGET Total with 1 NPO: 550 USD paid in unlocked NEAR tokens
BUDGET Total with 2 NPO: 900 USD paid in unlocked NEAR tokens

Report July:

and more to come :wink:


Hello Claudia,

nice proposal!

Who would be receiving all these funds? Do you have a team working with you?

We have been doing onboarding funds as follows:

25 onboarded people - 250 usd for the onboarder. Onboarding consists in opening a wallet
0.2 n (we provide linkdrops)
they mint & list their first nft(s),
they receive 1 n to buy another nft for 1 near.
after that, the onboarding process is finished.

then you provide a spreadsheet

example: Para Maria Onboarding MuthaStore - Google Sheets

so we can numerize the amount of artists onboarded & transactions generated.

for the NPO onboarding -

it would be 6.5N to open a store (± 40 dollars max)
4 hours of work - 80 dollars?

We could offer you 150 usd in near. Or you can explain the details of what would be paid for with 350 per npo?

Investor onboarding sounds great to me!

Thank you for your awesome work and sorry for the delay in answering,


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hi @marianeu and @reginamintbase


Yes I do have a team. I employed

  • freelancer for social media and pay him a monthly salary.
  • freelancer for brand design, payout per assignement
  • freelancer in sales/PR, payout per assignement

onboarding people onto NEAR and mint at least 1 NFT
Yes, I accept the deal. 25 artists = 250 USD for the onboarder which is BeeTogether
The list I can provide in the next days.

onboarding the NPOs
I would like to negotiate on that topic because onboarding an NPO is onboarding a new client. Sometimes you have 4-6 meetings which you have to prepare. These are companies from the traditional “world” and they want powerpoint presentations about the project ideas, they want one-pagers in a PDF to present it internally to other people to discuss it or have specific questions via emails. Sometimes you have long meetings or you text back and forth. Then they want another meeting with the management or board members of the company because all of them have to agree to something. That means sometimes you do the presentation not only once.
I agree though, if an owner of an NPO is already a crypto-investor and knows the business, it is quite fast to actually onboard him.
Nevertheless BeeTogether always had the focus on building the bridge between the “traditional money world” and the “crypto-world” and therefore you face skeptic, people who are scared of cryptos. In addition to that BeeTogether brings the NEAR Blockchain to countries, where they have never heard about cryptos. Sometimes people from the community don’t even have computers or a smart phone because of poverty. But we do manage to onboard them - but it needs lot of explanation and time. And building that bridge is a focus of BeeTogether.

To launch an NFT store with a Non-Profit involves the following tasks & work hours:

  • NPO pitch
  • NPO education
  • NPO onboarding
  • helping them create the NEAR wallet
  • they have to fill in a form to be a business partner with all the information (Website link, socials, company descriptions. They also need to send logos and pictures.

    then when this is done, the work with the graphic designer starts.
  • briefing the graphic designer about the NPO, what they are doing, what the goal is
  • writing the briefing for the graphic designer what marketing material we need. Mostly we create 15-25 square pictures with marketing slogans on it that we can use on social media posts
  • briefing the graphic designer what kind of marketing material we need
  • briefing the graphic designer to create the Mintbase Identity (Cover Picture, profile Picture, 1st NFT)

    and when this is done, we can deploy the store on mintbase, which includes not only the 6.5 NEAR, but also time to
  • fill in public profile
  • store settings
  • profile pic
  • cover
  • listing over 100 artist manually because an automatic upload of an excel file or other format is not possible

    after that we can make a shout-out for the project and ask BeeTogether artists to actually start minting.
  • Telegram
  • Discord

    at the same time we make a shout out on socials in general about the new projects
  • Telegram: we post it in around 25 different telegram groups
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Behind every onboarding of the Non-Profit is a big marketing-process to reach artists who are keen to contribute to a project with social impact. The marketing-process is also needed to increase awareness for each store of BeeTogether, to reach investors.

This is the main work/goal of BeeTogether, to bring artists and Non-Profits together.

  • Claudia, Founder of BeeTogether works 50% of the week to onboard Non-Profits, Artists and plan the marketing strategy.
    (The other 50% is for organising the company, setting up tools, new concepts/strategies, etc.)
  • Social Media Manager works 30% a week to help with the marketing strategy
  • Graphic Designer is working 5-20% a week
  • Sales/PR works 5-20% per week

Your offer is: 80 USD for 4 hours of NPO-work (which is 20 USD per hour).

Due to the fact that we work (all together) 10 days (80hours) a month to do the tasks I listed above, I consider my initial suggestion of 550 per NPO quite fair.

As mentioned earlier. BeeTogethers goal IS to create stores on Mintbase and plan all the marketing-and-communication strategies around it. Therefore 80% of all the hours that are worked for BeeTogether are related to the onboarding of Non-Profit-Organisations.

May we talk about this again?

I am also very happy to send you onboarding documents, show you in a meeting what we do on discord, what marketing activities we do. We have social media plans, marketing plans, Brand Manuals, Education papers, Company Pitch Presentations, Marketing-Material for Non-Profits, etc. I can deliver everything that is needed.

How about we schedule a quick call so I can show you what we do?


Thanks for this, Claudia. I’d love to get on a call to see your process!

hi @reginamintbase

How are you? Would you like to hop-on a call quickly so I can explain you the process on how we onboard NPOs/NGOs?

Hi Claudia! Let’s speak on Tuesday as discussed on Telegram.

Hi @reginamintbase and @marianeu

Thank you for your call today @reginamintbase and all the information/explanation.

Due to the fact we will proceed with a one-time-payout, I’d like to send you the report already so we can finalise this and afterwards I am looking into the BeeTogether marketplace as discussed :wink:

As I told Regina, I paid my website developer, brand designer and social media manager out of my own pocket or through the grant I received in May. For now I don’t have any additional grant, but applied for it. Let’s pray!

Therefore I’d like to receive the one-time-payout to claudiapeter.near. Would that be okay?

**Following the ‘Artist Onboarding Report’ **
250 USD paid in unlocked NEAR tokens
For the artists we agreed on the NEAR-Drop-links as well as 250 USD, correct?
I suggest we go only for the 0.2 NEAR drops. The NEARdrop with 1 NEAR to buy another NFT is too much of an effort because there are not so many for 1 NEAR and it would be very time-consuming to coordinate this. Would that be okay for you?

Non-Profit-Organisation stores on Mintbase

How about the budget for the Non-Profits? Since I asked for a collaboration I opened 6 stores (see below).

As I understand the grant process changed and there are not so many fundings available anymore. Initially I asked for 550 USD per Non-Profit.

How about if we find each other in the middle (=1650 USD in unlocked NEAR tokens)?

The stores are growing steadily and will be filled with awesome NFTs in the next months (a lot of artists are working on special things).

In the next 6 months I will concentrate on finding investors because the community is growing organically by now :blush:

• June → SAI NGO SAIHELP on Mintbase

• June → Seas4Life seas4lifetrust.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

• June → We are Walla walla.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

• July → Hope Uganda hopeuganda.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

• July → BeeTogether beetogether.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

• August → KISA Foundation kisauganda.mintbase1.near on Mintbase


Please be aware while we really appreciate your work, we can’t pay for work done in the past. We see the importance of your work in the community. This month, taking into account the funding we have available, we are able to allocate 500 usd for your work with NGOs. While we are happy to support community projects, we hope you can understand that we need projects to become self sustainable as well as we do not have the bandwidth to give thousands of dollars to different projects in the community.

the 10 usd per onboarding is for both of these steps. (0.2n + 1n = onboarding and buying other art piece)
so you did half of it, that’d be 125 usd :slight_smile:

Can we settle on 625 dollars for this?

hi @marianeu & @reginamintbase

Yes, I totally understand that you only support ongoing projects and that we need to get self-sustainable which is the goal of us of course :slight_smile:

Another argument is though that I reached out already enough - to be exact in June - regarding the grant but then it took a long time to get back to me and it wasn’t clear how to proceed due to some restructuring within the organisation and I was asked to be patient and to wait. Otherwise I would have had a applied for June, July, August singularly = per month but I was asked to wait. Therefore I listed now also the past projects.

May I ask you to take this into consideration as well. Since the beginning of 2022 I brought 8 new stores to mintbase and never applied for the grant and I only reached out in June for the upcoming stores which are the ones I listed above.
I would be very happy if you could discuss this internally again.
These stores will bring a lot of transactions.

Regarding Artist Onboarding - 125 USD is perfect - thank you!

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Hi @claudinhabelha,

I am going to have to echo Maria’s thoughts on this. $1600 is a big amount considering the funds we have available for the community. We hope you can appreciate we have to be mindful of ensuring we distribute the funds adequately between all the projects that apply and that also bring new minters, stores & transaction volume.

We do value your work and ambassadorship highly and, as per our conversation yesterday, we’re happy to consider an application from you for a grant, as long as there is technical development in the project’s scope (ie. importing your stores to the beetogether website and create your own stand-alone marketplace).


Hi @regina

Thank you for your response. I really do understand the situation. I am just a bit disappointed because in June I was told to wait and to be patient. If I had known back then I would have applied for each single month (June, July, August). I waited because I was told to do so and listed now the projects “in retro perspective”.

Only because of this I asked you to re-consider the negotiated price.
1600 would be 533 per month.
How about if we find each other at 333 per month = 1000 USD in total? Would that be a fair deal for you?

After that I am looking into what we discussed regarding the marketplace because this is on my list anyhow :slight_smile: and then I will apply officially through the grant process for things with technical development. How does that sound?

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Hi @claudinhabelha

You were applying for the grant for this? The grant is for tech-focused projects.

MintbaseDAO always worked like this - you propose, we approve, you deliver report, we approve payout.

We could do 533 for the month auf august for onboarding of new NGOs?

Thank you

Hi Claudia,

The DAO has always been accepting proposals. It’s the grants program - that’s technical in scope - that’s been pushed. Considering the size of your project and the fact that you need regular funding, perhaps you should consider your own DAO to help drive the initiatives to support creatives and NGOs directly.

We’re glad to help fund your efforts this month, as we do see the value your project has for the community and Mintbase. As Maria mentioned, and according to your calculations, for $533.

Good to hear you’re thinking of applying to our technical grants! We’ll be hosting an AMA soon to answer all questions :slight_smile:

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hi @marianeu and @reginamintbase

okay, I accept the Deal of 533 USD for July.
The report I already sent to Regina via email and posted it above as well.
The payout will be through claudiapeter.near because it is a one-time-payout.

let me know how the payout-process is working. Thank you in advance.

Looking forward to do more projects with you <3

have a lovely week


Hi Claudia,

Thank you for this. You can submit a payout proposal via AstroDAO -

Have a great week!

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hi @reginamintbase and @marianeu

I created the payout-proposal:

In this separate link is the payout-proposal for the NEAR-drop-links. I put 5 NEAR there even though you will provide the NEAR drop links, right?

Thank you a lot in advance.


Just to clarify - the funds you are receiving are for AUGUST. as said before here

You will receive them now, but they are for august.

About the linkdrops, normally we create those and send them out to you @claudinhabelha but that is your choice. How do you want to proceed? 25x0,2 right?

Also please change the original post to just talk about august funding and not all the other months for transparency.

hi @marianeu @reginamintbase

Yes it will be for August, that is fine :slight_smile:

But I can’t send you more reports that you already got.
We go live to reach out to investors in August for the following stores:

  • Hope Uganda
  • Kisa Foundation Uganda
  • BeeTogetehr
    (yes, set up, but not yet communicated to investors. We are still filling the stores)
    The other stores are fully communicated and mentioned in different articles, interviews, etc. and belong definitely to the past. These ones were set-up for August (from the BeeTogether point of view) … because we wanted to be ready with many stores for NEARCon :wink:

but…don’t worry, I won’t apply for more grants in this specific regard. This is a one-time-payout as discussed with @Regina in the meeting. For August, as you said too.

Thank you.