[Approved, 2 months, $1400] January 2023 - Social Media Moderation budget for BeeTogether

Submitting Your Funding Proposal*
[PROPOSAL] July 2021 Social Media Moderation budget for X Guild

Hi @marketingdao-council
I am Claudiathebee from BeeTogether and I’d like to submit a proposal due to a recommendation of the NEAR Foundation grant team. We would love to collaborate more intensively within the NEAR ecosystem and be part of the NEAR growth. Please find below intro, ideas, activities we planned. If you have any questions or if information is missing, please let me know and we’ll provide.

BeeTogether Intro
We are focusing on doing fundraising for organisations that have a social or environmental impact, based on cryptocurrencies and NFTs – yet on a carbon neutral blockchain.
Our intention is contribution to a cleaner, greener, healthier world, whilst we focus on our natural environment as well as humanity and animals. Our mission is to support organisations to cover their financial expenses. We aim to develop a sustainable income for all parties concerned.
In initiative ways – just as nature.
BeeTogether launched its operation beginning of 2022. In the meantime we have many more organisations on board that cover a variety of social work: animal protection, children support, helping drug addicted people, reforestation, etc. We are very proud to say that within a year, we are operating international and support organisations from Brasil, Canada, Slowenia, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Ecuador, etc.
We help organisations onboard onto the NEAR blockchain to create new ways of fundraising and at the same time, we focus on helping artists (mostly from developing countries) to present and hopefully/potentially sell their artworks.

What are we planning to do in 2023?

Social Media Activities & Measurements

  • Twitter: 2-4 posts per day (min. 2 with pictures + 1-3 more only with text9
  • Facebook Posts: 14 posts per month (not more due to FB algorithm)
  • Facebook stories: 14-30 per months (stories are different from posts, but will include post content as well)
  • Instagram post: 14 per month (not more due to FB algorithm)
  • Instagram story: 14-30 per months (stories are different from posts, but will include post content as well)
  • LinkedIn: 3-6 per month

Marketing Activities

  • NEAR Marketing Activation plan (such as NEAR week, near insider, etc.)

Content Writing

  • Articles/Blog Content Writing
  • Social Media Content Writing

Spaces, Meetings

  • BeeTogether Social Club (monthly)
  • 1 AMA hosted by BeeTogether
  • 1 AMA participation of some other NEAR ecosystem partners

BeeTogether Contact/Info

Budget Proposal - monthly - paid in unlocked NEAR tokens
Proposal per month (until end of June): 700 USD
Total for 6 months: 4200 USD


  • Amount of posts/tweets over all social media channels (see above)
  • Blog on Website 1-2 per months
  • Content Creation for posts (pictures, graphic design done by a brand designer/graphic designer)
  • Twitter Spaces (see above)

Advantage for NEAR ecosystem

  • Brand Awareness increase of NEAR
  • NEAR as a Green Blockchain; c02 neutral|
  • Enhancing community spirit with the participation of NGO and sustainability exploration
  • Empowering the NEAR ecosystem through collaborations with other communities
  • Motivate beginners to join the NEAR ecosystem to get educated on the topic “blockchain”

Thank you a lot for taking us into consideration.

We look forward to hear from you and wish you a fantastic blissful start into the new year.



Hello! Could you please fill out the form? Thank you

It sounds like BeeTogether is doing some really important and impactful work through the use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Awesome to hear that you’re focused on supporting organizations that are working towards a cleaner, greener, and healthier world, and that you’ve already onboarded a variety of organizations from around the globe. Best of luck on your project!

@claudinhabelha Great submission for BeeTogether.

I’m excited for what you’re doing and love to personally contribute to!!

Let me know how I can get involved.

And also for the cost breakdown of $700, how is that going to be used?

e.g. tools, bounties…

Thank you @Dacha
I will fill it in right away!

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Thank you @TENAMINT for your words. We really want to make an impact on helping charities and developing countries. Let’s stand together and fight for the best <3

hi @pooriaarab

Thank you for your response. Sure you can contribute in many different ways :wink:

  • as an NFT artist
  • helping us to connect with charities from all over the world
  • reaching out to investors/donors/sponsors who like to support a greater cause.

The 700 will be broken down into:

  • graphic design
  • content writing
  • hashtag research
  • AMAs / Spaces in general
  • social media manager (we have we have more than 1 post per day which also includes interaction, answering DMs,e tc. → see details above)

Hi Claudinha,

Thanks for your application.

I support this proposal on a bimonthly basis:

  • According to the latest guidelines for Marketing DAO, all proposals are on a monthly basis. I’m willing to make a small exception given the project is well established and the amounts requested are modest.
  • After going through the socials, it seems clear to me that the team is passionate about the cause and that they have the capacity to execute and have been doing so for a while.
  • This projects has strong potential to onboard web2 audience into web3, something which can only be done on NEAR (more content highlighting how your team is leveraging NEAR stack would be great).
  • I have considered that the NF has vouched for the project to some extent (M DAO had independent decision making powers).

Let me know if you are able to adjust the amount requested. Keep up the good work.

Who recommended you from the NF to apply for a grant in DAO marketing? As far as I know, Near is already an environmentally safe and less harmful blockchain compared to others. Those who seek to help our green planet have already chosen our ecosystem. What posts and news are you going to publish on your social networks?
Thx :blush:

Hi @claudinhabelha – thanks for the proposal. I agree with the points @satojandro outlined above. In order to support this, I have two requests:

  • Update the funding amount requested to two months so we can review.
  • In reviewing your social media content, I think it would be helpful for the team to include more content and explanation of what your organization is all about and why you’re choosing to leverage both Web3 and the NEAR ecosystem. There is a lot of content promoting the projects/causes themselves, but there is not as much content aimed at total newcomers who may wonder what BeeTogether is doing, why and why you’ve chosen to approach your mission in this way. I think that would be good marketing strategy for your communications in general, but we’re also focused on supporting projects right now that support and expand the NEAR ecosystem with a unique point of view and voice that stands out.


hi @satojandro

Thank you for your feedback and the information.

I’d like to ask a few questions

monthly proposals
Do I understand correctly that we would need to submit the proposal also on a monthly basis? Or do you mean the payout itself?
It would be great if we can find a long-term agreement until end of June and of course I would report monthly what we did and how everything is going. Would that be an option?

Social Media
Yes, we are very passionate and we are working on the 6-month social media plan right now. Soon it will be finished and I am happy to share it with you.

Leveraging NEAR
2022 was dedicated to build our portfolio of charities and artists. 2023 we will shift our focus towards investors, collectors, VCs and therefore a solid marketing- and social media plan is required to increase the sales.
Right now the charities and the artists are a bit “bored and frustrated” because of the bear-market. Therefore we need to focus on making sales, to not loose them.
To be able to implement a good working marketing- and sales-strategy I need to have a strong team. We also reached out to the UN Global Goals team if we can collaborate in a way (so far no feedback yet). We need strong influencers or supporters on board.
We would invest the money in the team but especially in social media campaigns to get more artists and more NFTs to offer, because we believe that sustainability is not only about growth, but keeping the community intact and inspired. Growth can come from within!
Through the social media campaign we increase the brand awareness of NEAR, transactions on the blockchains.
In 2022 we had goals like x-amount of new artists on board. But right now we really need to focus on selling and make ourselves more famous. This we will also do with AMAs and Twitter Spaces.

Near Foundation
@pathfinder & @satojandro
Yes, they vouched for the project. My personal mentor is Yessin Schiegg (CFO). Josh Daniels and Oliver Barker are in the loop and suggest to reach out to Marketing DAO.

Communication Ideas
I can give you access to our social media overview 2023. We defined an iconset within the brand guidelines that are similar to the UN Goals and we will address those global issues. We will use the strength of the UN (still trying to get ahold of them personally to build a true collaboration). We will focus on different topics - each for 2 weeks.
Jan 1-13 Poverty
Jan 14-31 Education
Feb 1-13 NFT / Innovation
Feb 14-28 Just Love
March 1-15 Women
March 16-31 Forest/Reforestation
etc. etc.
→ always in combination with our charities, artists and/or UN Goals.
→ we differ between educational posts, infographics, artist spotlight, NFT spotlight, charity spotlight, collaboration information and investor-focused-tweets
→ and of course retweets/shares about the latest news.

@satojandro @so608
700 per month = 1400 USD in total for 2 months - paid in unlocked NEAR tokens for Jan/February.
and after that we would need to submit and report a new proposal, correct?

I hope I got everything above. Let me know if you have further questions or who would like to have access to our overview. If yes, please send me your email-addresses.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Have a great day.


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Hi @claudinhabelha – thanks for the replies and answers. To answer your question, yes, you would have to post a new proposal every two months. Yes, unlocked NEAR tokens.

Happy to support the revised funding proposal.


Happy to approve your proposal.

$1400 for two months.

You can now:

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

Have a great day :blush:


good morning @so608 and @Dacha

Wonderful news. Thank you so much for the support, really appreciated.

I will fill in the forms, etc.

have a great day!


Hi @Dacha & @so608
I just wanted to create the poll, yet I don’t see the + sign even though I am connected with my NEAR wallet.
Did the interface change? how can I start?

Do I make one poll over 1400?
Or do I make 2 for each 700 USD?

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Hello! Could you please log out / log in

hi @Dacha @so608 @pathfinder

I guess I need some help :smiley:

I tried again with logout and login. but somehow the + sign doesn’t appear in my case.

I also tried firefox browser as a second option. Didn’t work either. i don’t see the +

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hi @Dacha

I even shut down my computer now, restart and started from scratch. Still no + visible.

Do we need to contact someone?

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good morning @Dacha & @so608

hope you had a great start into the day.
Should I contact a support or someone regarding the problem?

Congratulations for your proposal. Follow these steps:

  1. After connecting wallet, click on proposal and then + sign (shown below):

2) After that a popup will open: select poll, insert short description with amount approved(or maybe title of this proposal), and finally link of this proposal and then click on propose (shown below):

Hope this helps : Thanks