Aurora Update [2021-04-23]

The weekly Friday Aurora update:

Last week we decided to merge Bridge and EVM public meetings together, so starting this week, the update is united.

This week, Aurora team has worked on multiple things:

  • finalise Q2 OKRs
  • deploy up to 70% more efficient NEAR client (relevant PR)
  • develop NEP-141 bridging to Aurora (scheme)
  • review eNEAR PR
  • prepare Rainbow Bridge instance ready for eNEAR support
  • prepare Aurora web-site and bridge
  • intensive work on Aurora relayer
  • begin working on the documentation web-site
  • update eth-connector to match new NEP-141 bridging to Aurora logic
  • fixed bugs that were lighten by evm-bully. Now evm-bully is capable to go up to block #12842 of Goerli network.
  • fixed a bug in bn128 library and added all precompiles for Istanbul support
  • create a draft PR to add benchmarks to Aurora engine
  • and prepare for Aurora mainnet release in general

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Find the full meeting notes on GitHub , and the video recording on YouTube:


Just had a thought for the aurora team while seeing this art