Aurora Update [2021-04-30]

The weekly Friday Aurora update:

Currently we’re doing our best to deliver Aurora to the mainnet. This is the only goal we have in front of us.

We have been working on multiple things:

  • Proper Aurora company incorporation, including jurisdiction choice and funding
  • Unblock partners that are waiting for integration with the relayer; the relayer is approx. 95% done.
  • Find a fixed issue with Ropsten bridge deployment, caused by a 102 blocks network reorg (gaslimiting of the adding block header transaction)
  • Test and update the logic of the eth-connector
  • Debate on the exposing block hashes for the Aurora. See more here. The final decision is yet to be made.
  • Work on erc-20 bridging to Aurora
  • Work on benchmarks
  • Finalise the prototype of Aurora web-site and Aurora bridge
  • Work on implementation of the above
  • Work on incorporation of eNEAR connector in the Rainbow bridge UI

Find the full meeting notes on GitHub , and the video recording on YouTube:

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Aurora will be the asset of a new company which not belongs to NEAR fundation?

Yes, this is the planned approach.
Af far as I understand almost nothing belongs to NF. NF does not have a goal to pull everything underneath itself, since it’s a non-profit.

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