2021-04-16 EVM Update

The weekly Friday update from the EVM Working Group:

This week, we published EVM developer documentation updates, improved the Geth compatibility of our Web3 RPC endpoints, improved the CLI tool and client library for interacting with the EVM, designed the initial ERC-20 bridging architecture, and planned our Q2’21 objectives and roadmap.

Next week, we are planning to substantially revamp our developer documentation to help people get started with the EVM, further improve compatibility for our Web3 RPC relayer endpoints, support the first partners onboarding to the EVM, and benchmark gas utilization of the EVM with the aim of providing analytics for improving the runtime. We will also publish our Q2’21 roadmap.

Find the full meeting notes on GitHub, and the video recording on YouTube:


@Arto Thanks bro you defined well. :heart_eyes:

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Seems to be progressing slowly

Thank you for the update team! I am checking in every week as I am talking to several projects here in Prague which are interested going multi-chain from Ethereum and are pretty excited about NEAR.

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