[August 2021] The NEAR Meme Daily opportunity: help us with social media management

Hi Sandboxers,

We have a new opportunity for the collaboration for you. We are looking for people who will help us to promote the NEAR Meme community for the hackaton.


We need collaborators who want help us to manage a meme contest for the meme channel NEAR MEME DAILY.


  1. Hype the tag MetaBUIDL and NEARHackathon
  2. Get maximum public (outside the NEAR community) engaged with the content and learn about NEAR.

We need a person who will make the Blog Posts.
We are looking for a Sandboxer who will shill the news in meme telegram and discord channels.
Also, we need that Sandboxers spread the word about the NEAR Meme Daily in Twitter and Discord.

Types of Work:

  • Blog Writing (Analyse other MEME Contests and Write our Rules of Contest)
  • Create a strategy to maximize the tweet impressions
  • Make sure to remove prohibited MEMEs submission on time
  • Ignore bot submissions and help the genuine creator to win the contest
    Another opportunity is to participate in the Meme Contest.
    The winners will receive:
  • 1st - 30 NEARs
  • 2nd - 20 Nears
  • 3rd - 10 Nears

Collaborators with the Writing experience and Social Media skills. Also, people with experience in graphics and meme creation will perfectly fit for the contest opportunity.

Please contact me or @naveen_in to start the collaboration


hi @naveen_in am interested for the project . request to contact me through discord Monish016.near#0502 & Telegram @MonishMuralidharan

@Monish016 @AnaNastya

Hey @Monish016!
It was nice to connect with you on Discord yesterday. :slight_smile:
Will soon notify you about your role based on your expertise for the Contest.