Sandbox [October 2021] Reward Claim of [SanketN81#4015]

I’ve Worked with Near MEME Daily for the NEARCon Meme Competition.
Which was Hosted by NEAR Meme Daily & Open Web SandBox
Had a talk with @naveen_in from NEAR Meme Daily Before Competition for this Work.

I Created The Graphic & also Wrote an article including Rules & Explanations about how to participate & all details.

Article Link:

Twitter Post (Graphic Included):

So the Total Payout is
20$ for Graphic
40$ for Article

Total = 60$

Thank You for the opportunity.
If Any Details Required please let me know.
Discord: SanketN81#4015
Telegram: @SanketN81


Dear @SanketN81 will you include this content in your degens monthly report? Probably, as one of degen you get monthly payments for the same content even you do it for another one Near project.

Nope, it’s Different Content for which I got a request from @naveen_in if I could help him out in this meme competition’s article & graphic.

So it Doesn’t include in my degens activity.

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We are conducting a NEAR CON MEME competition in collab with OWS. Where OWS approves rewards for prizes, content writing, and graphic designing work.
We have conducted a similar kind of competition in September month for the METABUIDL event also,

where we have received more than 150+ MEME submissions and it was not included in our September month degens report.

The same will go for October month.


Ok, thank You very much.

Awesome :+1:
What the difference between Swin gulid and Near Meme ?
How community members can find another opportunities? I meant @SanketN81 worked for your project. What’s the role are you looking for else? Do you have a full list of them ?

Thank You.

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to clarify I’m not a member of Near Meme Daily Guild.
it’s just Naveen Sir Asked me if i can help him in that work since i helped in last month’s meme contest too…
so i agreed.


Swine Guild works with big projects and Guilds whereas NEAR MEME DAILY works on regular posts related to NEAR announcements.

  • Depending on the skills and interests of a person, anyone can approach different communities. Here’s the link: Find, Join, or Start a Guild on NEAR
  • This was a big event. So, I have to rely on the resources that have proved their worth earlier.
  • Right now, no plans for expansion.
  • For the latest updates, do join our telegram group. Telegram: Contact @NearMemeDaily



Probably, the same work. What it the source of Near meme daily financing and if it driven not by Near, what is Meme daily monthly budget?

I’m asking it, because wanna compare it with Swin gulid (their budget around ~22 000, ~ $200-400 per one meme, I think it’s overpriced).

It was on a public or private message? Sorry, for this question, but every opportunity should be transparent and open for any Near community member.

Thank You again.

I have asked him in DM (private message)

As he has worked earlier on the meme contest project and we have received a lot of submissions during that time. So, have to go with the best option identified in the last competition rather than finding a new community member by doing the whole process of recruitment.


MEME DAILY is working under the degen activity.

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What the monthly budget and who is head of Meme daily? How many people work there ? Thank You very much!

i think it’ll be appropriate to do this discussion on Near meme daily’s funding post or their TG maybe…

msgs here spamming the sandbox’s feed

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It’s related and can be here.

Just another one example of lack of transparency.
My disability friend could do this work for instance too, if it was published in official Near community TG channel. Why only @SanketN81 ? We have another million people in Near.

Dear @Grace @shreyas @Jessica @norah.near @jcatnear when will they stop offer opportunities that basically belongs to Near (Near pays for that) via private messages to friends?

I really don’t understand it. @illia everywhere talking about transparency and open opportunities for entire Near community members, nevertheless, at the same time, we have absolutely opposite situations in Degen Army. Why?

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i guess you already have answer…maybe there were time constraints or something i don’t know.
He asked me for it & i did it, what’s wrong in it?.

if someone’s giving you good output why will you keep looking for new ppl everytime?


All opportunities should be opened for community (not only for individuals).

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Actually, Was already approved by @mecsbecs and @vrdoingthings

Opportunities for closed club of friends. Great job . Transparency that we deserve.

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if they don’t want it to be transparent, they wouldn’t even posted it on the forum and put proposal on a DAO

i don’t see anything wrong here, when you’re good enough, people will come to you and offer you with jobs

Public hiring opportunities is only necessary when you couldn’t find anyone who fits the job.

@Dacha, i like what you’re doing for a transparent community, but this time you’re being overreact


Are you a independent community member or get money from any Near project ? Thanks