[APPROVED] Video Creation for Marma J Foundation YouTube - November

There is a general content creation bounty available outlined here: [Bounty] Blog / Video Content Creation - marmaj x NEAR - 10 marmaj tokens

There is a playlist on the Marma J Foundation YouTube channel with all of the streams uploaded to it. The videos for the month of November start here: Marma J DAO - PixelPets Live - November 1st 2021 - YouTube

Over the month if November i uploaded 15 videos in the Monday - Friday streams, and we have 4 additional uploads coming from the community calls. We attempted to have the community calls hosted in our Telegram chat this month, and which it was efficient in some ways, the video format has been difficult to use so we are still working in getting those uploaded.

Once those last 3 videos are uploaded (one of the videos provided too much technical difficulty to upload sadly) there will be a total of 18 videos uploaded for the month if November and I am requesting 180 marmaj tokens from the marmaj DAO to be sent to chloe.near.


The videos are now uploaded and in the main playlist. Thanks @bianca for your help getting them up :kissing_heart:

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I am marking this post as [APPROVED]. Please feel free to make your payout request to the DAO! :slight_smile:

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