[April] IPRS project: looking for a developers, copywriter, and community manager

Hey Sandboxers,

We start the collaboration with Intellectual Properties Registry System (IPRS) project.

The IP NFT system exists to provide a global ledger that can be used to register intellectual properties using blockchain technology.

As for the old registration methods (IP registry bureaus), our product offers a better way to handle IP registration, using blockchain technology.

The project has three opportunities to contribute.

  • RUST Developer

The Rust Dev will be responsible for creating and updating smart contracts to enable the minting of> the different file types needed to register Intellectual Properties. I can send over more details about this position but their job will be to work with our front-end developer to update the MVP of our IPRS with the feedback we get from our customers.

The work is part-time. The final scope and reward will be confirmed after an interview with the successful candidate.

Reward: 500 USD

  • Writing content creator

The project needs a person who will help with the creation of texts for the website and social networks of the project.

Reward: 150 USD

  • Community moderator

We are looking for a person with a passion to build a future community.

Qualifications :

  • Excellent English verbal and written communication.
  • Experience creating, configuring and moderating multiple Discord servers
  • Creating/configuring bots (Collab.Land, MEE6, Giveaway, Server Stats, Invite Tracker, Dyno, Tip.cc, etc.)
  • Experience managing multiple large communities on Discord (100+ members each)
  • Experience in TG and Twitter management
  • Intermediate knowledge of blockchain and NEAR ecosystem
  • Background in NFT and art

The work is part-time and requires 10 hours weekly
Reward: 150 USD

Check all details through the website and apply through the application form Projects Dashboard


I’m done with the application form


Hi bro!
Can I connect with you via WhatsApp?

Hey, with whom exactly would you like to talk?

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I would love to apply for the community Moderator role.

Please check out mine I submitted an application

Hi @AnaNastya
Recently the tax laws have put all type of cryptocurreny in the gambling category in my country.
So will the concerned project or ows team provide us with a certificate that has some legal value in saying that the money we made by doing the work here on ows is our income and not airdrop or something else.
In case its income then a slab method of tax is implemented and if its airdrop or trading or a gift there is a flat 30 percent tax which i personally expect to be increased more.
So if you could clarify on the same i would be very grateful.

Adding on…
Also with the new kyc system i have some questions…

  1. Will this data of kyc be shared to the government in any circumstance??
  2. What are the chances of my data getting leaked to public? And in case that happens what are the precautionary steps? (As i have seen recently the same on tezos and people loosing million of funds in this scam)?

Hello I recently applied for this position. Can I get In touch with the owner?

@AnaNastya @vrdoingthings @Monish016 please respond

@Kv9990 @jiten123321 @zubairansari07
I am taggingbyou guys as you all are well experiencedand having some or other form of payments being done to you for your hard works for near community.
If you can please respond as to how will you justify that near you have got is your income?

Hi Brother, Same is the situation for me. I am also trying to understand if our reward will be considered as gift by the govt. or as general income :smiling_face_with_tear:

First of all thanks for reply.
Actually i disagree with you saying the rewards you get…
Instead you are giving your precious time and putting in the efforts for near ecosystem and in return getting as an income (my views not binding though).
Secondly if you want to justify it as source of income if and when asked, then you will have to show some sort of proof from team or someone which is legally accepted.

Hi, we are discussing with the team internally the situation now to give you the clearest answer.

Thank you for your patience, I will update you asap

Thanks a lot. Looking forward.

@TudorKrypt Thank you for collaboration from 05/04, the reward 113 USD is approved

@dee.alice Hey, thank you, the reward of 150 USD is approved

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@valeriy.nemyrov thank you for the support of the project from marketing side, 1000 USD is approved

Any updates?
2 weeks over


  1. So far we can’t offer any legal document from the OWS side. We are proceeding with legal template for it, and it will be finalized in summer.

  2. Concerning your data, since KYC is the global initiative from NEAR, the OWS is not responsible here. But I am quite sure that your data will stay confidential.
    To decrease risk of the scam, I recommend you to use the double verification for wallet

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