[April] Flying Rhino: looking for account manager

Hi Sandboxers and NEARians,

I am inviting you to participate in the collaboration with the Flying Rhino Guild.

Brief Description of Project

Flying Rhino team are experts in the marketing fields. They provide services from graphic design to account management, strategic outreach, and event planning. The Flying Rhinos aim to promote, grow, and share every unique project and application in the world of Web3 and Cryptocurrency.

Brief Description of Project Opportunity

The Flying Rhino Guild is looking for an experienced account manager. The account manager will operate as a projects main social media marketer and strategist. This is an important responsibility that needs to be fit to the needs of each client individually. As their account manager, you are in charge of their marketing and social media needs.

We are looking for a proactive, initiative, and self-sufficient candidate

It is a part-time job and requires 15 hours weekly.


  • Weekly posting schedule for the projects. It must be sent to them by every Sunday evening for them to review and edit any false information

  • Original and engaging content planned out for the projects, including informative tweets with graphics, video clips from podcasts or interviews, interactive polls and audience questions, announcements, links to their recent blogs, etc

  • Daily and weekly interaction with the project team. This includes any marketing calls they may have weekly, answering any questions or concerns as soon as possible, paying attention to upcoming events and initiatives, etc

  • Staying ahead of the game with promotion and strategic marketing: brainstorming campaigns, AMAs, helping to organize the AMA, twitter spaces, researching and securing more promotional contacts, etc

  • Compiling a detailed monthly report with not only metrics from the account but also what promotional strategies and campaigns you worked on for the project that month and some of the accomplishments that stemmed from that, for example securing an AMA with a partner, helping them to host a twitter space, etc

  • Daily posting and interaction on their social media accounts, according to the schedule and any tweets or last-minute announcements that happen to suffice as well

Required Skills

  • English fluency
  • Experience in SMM and marketing
  • Event and Promotional Planning and Analysis
  • Budget Management
  • Project and Talent Management Skills
  • Web Analytics & Reporting
  • Blog, Website, & Press Release Copywriting

Favourable Skills

  • Native English speaker
  • Advanced knowledge of blockchain and NEAR ecosystem





Next steps for you!

Are you interested in the project? Apply through the dashboard Projects Dashboard

We are not taking applications through the forum anymore. Please be patient with the application, the managers will reach out to candidates whose experience they found sufficient.


Hello Fam

I can’t see the post on the Dashboard


I’m interested and i want to apply

hey hey, it’s there now Open Web Sandbox | NEAR Guild

Please apply through the application form :slight_smile:

Did that already and i hope i get in

Hello Ana im interested