Flying Rhino Guild Introduction

Hi NEAR community! My name is Cate and along with my co-founder Ben, we are pleased to launch the Flying Rhino Guild into the NEAR Ecosystem!!

Ben’s background:
“I began investing in cryptocurrency and struggled a lot. I didn’t know what to invest in or where to start. I created a crypto TikTok account to help solidify my understanding and hopefully help other eager investors too. As I grew my account and engaged myself in the crypto community, I met Cate! She’s a Twitter pro.

Cate’s background:
“I got started promoting various projects in the NEAR ecosystem and doing official social media account management within the crypto space. I have an ongoing design education and a passion for connecting parts of the ecosystem to seamlessly operate.”

Our Mission: The Flying Rhino Guild works with you to provide social media management services to kickstart any part of the NEAR ecosystem with social media. We grow the NEAR ecosystem! Our aim is to help developers and innovators build and strengthen their piece of the NEAR ecosystem by posting content on social media. NEAR ecosystem builders should take advantage of this amazing opportunity to show the world how powerful the protocol is, and raise awareness of all the technology being built on it every day. Help us help you build out the ecosystem!

Reach out to us on Twitter, or fill out our form on our website. From there, we’ll schedule a free consultation with you and discuss the best social media marketing strategy. We operate virtually so we can help any account anywhere in the world!!
guild roadmap garphic|690x388

To join the guild, you can DM us on telegram @foliage10, find us on Twitter @GuildRhino, or visit our website and fill out our form:


Flying Rhino is going to immensely useful! Especially for Guilds that are kick-starting into the ecosystem. Great initiative! :clap:t6:
Just a small note. The domain: seems not to be working at the moment.

Hi! Thank you- we are so excited! The website is now officially live :slight_smile:


I am so excited about Flying Rhino. It is a struggle to have a good understanding of how to properly launch a marketing and social media strategy. It is not only a matter of lack of time or resources but mainly knowledge and on how to properly use it. I am so excited about this guild to guide us in the good direction!


Welcome Flying Rhino!! I’ve added a tag for the Guild [“flying-rhino-guild”] for you to use on all your posts for ease of reference.

Looking forward to hearing more about the future goals and plans for your Guild when you’re a bit more settled. Would be great to hear how many campaigns you’re planning on launching a month, by what % you’re looking to help projects/other Guilds increase their visilbity and engagement on Twitter and TikTok, and any other metrics you can think of that would make sense for you.