[APPROVED] - X-SOBER fund (Edited Version)

Creation of a fund to help launch, design and finish tracks of our new record label “X-Sober” and Ten Years Sober project

We will use the funds to design the press kit of Ten Years Sober and design a nice artwork on our studio door at Arroz Estúdios (Erica to work the design of the studio next door).

We will also use funds to build a X-Sober canvas for the dj booth and promote X-Sober events at Arroz Estúdios.

We need to send tracks to post production and create NFTs of those songs.

We plan on recording a promotional video of Ten Years Sober playing over Tejo river and create an NFT of that video and new songs we are releasing.

Project members:

*X-Sober (xsober.near)

*Pedro (pmcg.near)

*Paulo (pdflopes.near)

We are asking for the following:

  • 90USD to paint our studio door.
  • 90USD to create a canvas a for the dj booth with X-Sober artwork.
  • 70USD to make Ten Years Sober press kit.
  • 150USD to prepare and promote X-Sober events and label.
  • 480USD to create video.
  • 480USD to post produce (Mix/Master) next release.
  • 7N to create XSOBER store on mintbase.

Total Request - 1410USD / 201N

Target - xsober.near


Our objective is cooperate with local artists and support them with our events and future releases.

We intend to create NFTs of our releases and promotional videos and promote interaction with NEAR WALLET during X-Sober events by accepting NEAR payment at the entrance and the bar. We intend to create NFTs of our tracks, videos and releases and releases though XSober store on mintbase.

@vandal @StevenR


Hey, this is great! :rocket:

Happy to see the label getting into the NEAR universe :slight_smile:

I just changed the tags of the post to “Creatives/Arroz Criativo & Arroz-Criativo-dao” so that it is located in the correct category.

You can see some general guidelines for proposals to the Arroz Criativo DAO here.

As your proposal aims for more than 30N, could you give a timeline for the different steps? The material costs will be paid out in the beginning so that you can get started, the remaining value will then be paid out after completion of the milestones.

It could be divided in 2 or 3 steps, for ex.:

  • 1: materials for studio door & materials for press kit /50N upfront
  • 2. week: release of press kit /60N after release
  • 3. week: preparation/promotion of events & label /50N

It would also be great to have one or 2 NFTs included in this. You could mint one in the Arroz store and set up your own one for example.

Looking forward to your breakdown of the project so that we can approve & give you the instructions for the payout :slight_smile:


Bom dia Pedro :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:

Proposal looks good, great to have you here and excited to see the progress. Only thing I guess I might suggest to add is time / budget for the NFT creation?


hey, Pedro and Paulo are great! It was a pleasure talking to them about their projects. :mechanical_arm: :muscle:


I had a chance to sit down with both @pmcg and Paulo earlier to go over the proposal. Just to clarify, was there already approved funding for this project from the DAO that wasn’t claimed? I probably jumped the gun a bit suggesting they submit to the DAO. Happy to reimburse the team the 0.1 N :slight_smile:

Agree with @tabear about breaking up the proposal based on upfront needs and things that can be claimed after ‘work done’.