[Approved] White Ape The Rarest; The EP

Proposer: Big M

Wallet: fatokunmayowa.near

Timeline: August 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022.

Hello Everybody,


My name is Mayowa ‘Big M’ Fatokun. I am a rapper, lyricist and composer. I have been a member of the ecosystem and NxM since December 2021 and since then, the journey has been a great one, along the way becoming a council member in BeatDAO and ReggaeDAO.

I do have the NxM Badge.

I started music at a very early stage having come out of a music family. Growing up was African and we moved around a lot of times making it possible to love music of all types to the point where I started creating the music that speaks to my soul.

I love Music, having released three studio projects and all online and also participated in several DAOs’ musical projects such as:

  1. Bayor By BeatDAO x Graffiti DAO
  2. C1 Guild Musical Compilation
  3. ReggaeDAO Mixtape
  4. A 40 Poem Anthology for Near Writers’ Guild

I have minted a total of six songs and here are the links.




Also below is the link to my profile on audiomack where my three studio albums and instrumental collections have been released.

I own the rights to all my songs. All rights include lyrics and instrumentation.

I am currently a Master’s Degree Student of the Prestigious University of Ibadan, where I am studying English Language.


This is my first creative project and funding request with the prestigious NxM and it is with creative desires and enthusiasm to talk about this project and what it means to me.

I appreciate the NxM for this opportunity.
Nobody has seen a White Ape before, even if they have, that would be on the rarest of occasions.

The EP is to serve as motivation to young people out there who are looking for opportunities in the rarest of situations.

The Near Protocol is similar to A White Ape because the opportunities we enjoy here are plentiful but elsewhere they are scarce or not given elsewhere.

In a nutshell, Near Protocol is the White Ape and it feels awesome to have seen and been a part of it.

The purpose of this EP is to shed light on

  1. My journey in the Ecosystem
  2. Personal Thoughts on Hierarchy and equal opportunities
  3. Way forward.

What I hope to achieve is encourage and motivate newcomers in the ecosystem, by sharing with them my story through this musical composition.

It is going to be a 4 track album which promises to make use of Near Protocol Lingua. It will feature two other ecosystem artistes @OfficerLehleh_01 and @Tobyparadise01

Track Titles and Synopsis

  1. My wallet
    It is a lyrical composition about the near wallet, our pride about its features ‘we brag about the Near Protocol’ and composing a lyrical content about the Near Wallet is worth looking forward to. Some people brag about their account balances, some cars, some cribs but this is about the Near Wallet

  2. Metaverse Party
    It is the equivalent of a modern world party but in our own ‘universe’ which is the metaverse.

  3. Shout Out
    Honestly speaking, my experience and journey in the ecosystem wouldnt have been smooth or rewarding without the help of people helping me. I would love to do a shout out to everybody.

  4. Rise Up
    This is the last track and it is directed to people who are losing hope on several things. The world is chaotic and I would love to bring a track of hope to them telling them to Rise Up and fulfil their potentials using The Near Protocol as a tool, because the Near Protocol is available for everybody.

I will be making use of @Omegadigi-world for the beats, mixing and mastering, thereafter, we will onboard their producers and other artistes working with them into NxM.

The finished songs will be minted on NxM store on Mintbase with all exclusive rights with forever royalties of 25% going to Nxm, 25% to BeatDAO and 50% to me. Thank you.

Breakdown of Costs
Graphics: 50usd
@OfficerLehLeh_01: 50usd
@tobyparadise01: 50usd
Beats, Mixing and Mastering: 250usd
@Big M: 100usd
Total: 500usd
Wallet: fatokunmayowa.near

I will require 50% which is 250usd upfront and then the remaining 50% which is 250usd after completion.

Thank You Nxm,
Near Forever.


We look forward to this project.

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Wow!.. Brilliant idea… Thanks for involving me.

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:astonished: what a beautiful thing you doing bro, n thanks for including me.

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Tagging @Monish016 @rhymetaylor @williamx @bonepolice for visibility. Thanks guys

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Hi @BigM007 thank you for your proposal.

Happy to inform you that the proposal has been approved. Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

cc: @williamx @rhymetaylor


Thank you so much, will do that now

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