[REPORT] White Ape The Rarest; The EP

Hello Everybody,

I would love to express my sincere gratitude to the entire NxM council for giving me this platform for expressing my artistry and also for supporting me with everything i needed to make this dream a reality.

The songs have been produced and minted.

Here are the artworks


Four songs in total have been produced and minted and here are the links.

Track 1 - My Near Wallet

Track 2 - Metaverse Party feat @Tobiparadise01

Track 3 - Rise Up feat @OfficerLehLeh_01

Track 4 - Shout Out

As at the time of the production of this project, only one producer from @Omegadigi-world was available, so we onboarded him.

His name is Clement Oladimeji and his wallet address is clementoladimeji.near

Once again, I do appreciate your support on this project, long live NxM, Near Forever.

Tagging @williamx @Monish016 and @rhymetaylor for visibility. Thank you guys.

Kindly vote on the payout request for the second 50% on astrodao