[Approved] Video w/Near Insider for Platinum Selling Artist

DAO Name: Charm3d.io

Objectives: create video (with NEAR Insider) that outlines the Retrohash DAO and informs the community of opportunities and operations.

The Retrohash DAO is the official DAO of Asher Roth, a platinum-selling artist from the US. Asher has built a independent career and community which he manages through discord (1,000 active members)

More than 850k monthly listeners on Spotify.

Currently, our team is building out Asher Roths DAO and overall web3 strategy, as well as, white-labeling his own NFT marketplace.

The video will be for internal and external marketing, and the video will also be hosted in select NEARhubs locations, including MarmaJ Beach.

Total Request: $800

tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility


@rhymetaylor - any plans to do a music video around the project? I would imagine that his fans are seeking out content from him related to his music. I’m sure you’re already thinking about it, but a video about the DAO presented in music video style could be really cool and help connect with his existing core audience.

I imagine a music video will be a part of the equation in the near future.

Our immediate focus is on educating the first members of the DAO and our plans as we move towards a web3 ecosystem. Which makes the DAO video a key piece of content for building resources for the community (and outsiders) to reference.

So, we are doing one-on-one wallet setup and NFT drop for the weekly winners and organizing guest speakers from the NEAR ecosystem to further offer educational opportunities for inaugural DAO members.

Currently, the team is hosting a weekly producers competition through late July, with the two winners from each week becoming inaugural members of the DAO and receiving an NFT that will be used for various token-gated events and online.

At the conclusion of this competition, the winners from each week will be formally onboarded onto AstroDAO and access a metaverse listening party via NEARhubs.

This is around the time we will also be unveiling his white-label NFT marketplace, introducing a beat store and new content.


Hi @rhymetaylor – what is the content of the video, where will it be posted and what do you mean by internal marketing?


The content of the video would be outlining what the DAO is and ways to contribute, the hierarchy and governance and a glimpse into the future operations of the retrohash community moving into web3.

Internal marketing is referencing the existing community members as a tool and guide.

Then, such an HQ video also allows the content to exist externally from the community for socials or any publications that would be interested in the development.

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  1. Good evening. Could you please share a link to information about the DAO?
  2. I believe Near Insider can produce the video for free as a Marketing DAO grantee.


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I did not know that about Near Insider.

Retrohash is the name of the independent record label started by Asher Roth.

We are in the initial stages of establishing the Retrohash DAO through his discord community.

Currently, members are competing weekly for a spot on a community-produced album.

Each week two winners are selected from the group of submissions. Then, the two winners have been receiving a one-on-one intro to DAO’s and their first NFT, which will be used for various access points on discord, online and in some cases, IRL.

We are using this first collaborative project to begin instilling a foundation for the community engaging in DAO practices and principles, with the Retrohash DAO evolving along with the projects and participation.

At the end of the first competition is when new members will be formally onboarded onto AstroDAO and begin experimenting with the likes of voting.

Could you please share links on Retrohash DAO in social media? Thanks


These are the socials.

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Unfortunately, couldn’t find any information about Near …

Hi Taylor!

Great to see a proposal come through. A few thoughts;

  • I believe this could be a good instance of a project that should have a meeting with the Marketing DAO (similar to the several calls we’ve had over the last year) so the full scope of the project can be understood. Proposals tend to be very narrow around the specific ask and it may be lacking context that would enable other Councillors to make a decision
  • Do you have an outline or script of content for the video? Seems to me like introducing this concepts to normies (Asher’s existing audience) need to be done in a very thoughtful manner. Would def recommend getting the content right before commissioning the video
  • When the time to engage someone to make the video, make sure you find the right fit. What kind of standard would Asher’s fans expect? If the video delivers the desired result, how much value is that generating for the ecosystem? If these line of questions can be answered in a satisfactory manner, then funding shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m happy to support this proposal.


There wouldnt be yet. We are in the very beginning stages of introducing NEAR and a DAO to his community. Currently, in the process of having one-on-one onboarding sessions with select members before unveiling the white-label marketplace and ramping up NFT integrations.

Hi Alejandro, thanks for the thoughtful response.

That would be awesome, I’d love to connect with the team and explain our vision more fully and succinctly.

I totally agree. I’ve been building pre-draft notes of what information needs to be included. Our thoughts with a video are that it would be the most easily and repeatedly consumed piece of content we could create for non-crypto natives as a reference to the DAO, along with the initiatives we will be introducing to the community.

Video quality is super important, and facilitating high value media content is going to be key to our growth and visibility going forward. And I definitely want the aesthetic to be complementary to the community and his brand. His audience has very much come to expect thoughtful and creative with any output.

My idea with this video was to transform the information we would use in a standard infographic, into a motion graphic. Near Insider’s familiarity with infographics of similar content is why I believed they would potentially be a good fit, assuming aesthetic elements can be matched. In a perfect world, we have both a static infographic and a dynamic video production that introduces people to the DAO and how the community is using NFTs.

The other council members have asked the right questions here. This project seems interesting, I’m hoping the quality of the video hits the mark. I’m supporting this project.

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Thank you. We anticipate and are planning for many of the near projects and suite of tools to be involved in developing his web3 strategy and integration. I very much welcome any insight or ideas from the marketing dao and others, as we move forward.

This is a relatively modest funding request from an artist with a solid following. I have Asher Roth songs on my Spotify playlists lol. I think it’s worth experimenting to see what can happen here. If you want to connect with the MarketingDAO directly to see how we can help guide you toward future initiatives, feel free to reach out.

I am moving this to approved. You can submit to Astro. For instructions on what to do next, see the post pinned at the top of the forum. Note that you need to submit to Astro and complete KYC. Let us know if you have any questions.

thank you so much. It would be great to connect with the marketingdao directly to see how we can improve our output and initiatives. When can we schedule that meeting with the team?

Hello, could you please share report? Thank you!

Quick update on the video. We had a couple delays in dev. that put us a bit behind on the video. I am waiting on one more of our new landing pages to be finished before sending it off for video editing.

but you can see the updates we have made by going to retrohash.com and clicking on the World of Abundance which will take you from his web2 site to the first phase of his web3 experience. Our team coded an upgrade for file storage capacity on this build.

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