[Approved] Unleashed (The E.P) NFT - February 2022

Project description: Unleashed (The E.P) NFT is a collection of my music records from my recent E.P now performed live with live instrumentals and vocals and backed up with graphics to sell as NFT’s.

The full recording has already been done, here’s a link to the video recording: [Hawwal Specials (Unleashed Live Music Performance) - YouTube](https://Hawwal Specials (Unleashed Live))
Now my next step is the mixing, mastering of the tracks, and also the creation of NFT arts with motion graphics that would go alongside the music, minting to the NXM store, and the marketing.

One minute will be extracted from two of my best hits in the live recording version of my Unleashed (E.P) as NFT’s which two artworks alongside two motion graphics videos will also be designed for the records.

Firstly my band members that were part of the entire production will be onboarded into the Near ecosystem and I will be opening Near wallets for them. Also, My fans that wish to listen to the exclusive NFT version of the Unleashed (E.P) live will be unboarded as well and I will be activating all wallets I open for a 3-weeks duration.

Time Duration:

  1. Mixing and mastering the two hit tracks will take 1 week
  2. Artworks with motion graphic contents will take a 2 weeks period which work will begin during the mixing and mastering duration.
  3. Submission of tracks with artworks and motion graphics will take at most 2 days
  4. Marketing begins immediately after minting has been done which will take a 2 weeks period.
    This entire project is estimated to take a month duration.

Ads will be published on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram about this project. Also, there will be publications on 2 major local blogs in my country Nigeria.

Requesting a sum of $500 / 30.13 Near

7.24 N - $120 for mixing and mastering.
15.1 N - $250 for the artwork and motion graphics.
6 N - $100 for the marketing.
1.8 N - $30 for the onboarding and activation of Near wallets.

PAYOUT: hawwal.near



Thank you for this post. How many people do you plan to onboard in all?


Thanks for your reply, My band consists of six people and they will all be onboarded. In regards my fans a minimum of 50 people will be onboarded but the number is likely to more than 50 because I will be going really hard on the promotion. I was the brains behind “The future is Near” music competition and we had some really good turn outs with that. I will be applying a similar strategy to this and I’m confident I will be onboarded more than the stated number above but to give you an exact figure, I will be onboarding 57 people.


Hey @Hawwal,
You have my support with your proposal.
Please be informed that we are implementing new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets there will have privilege to request funding from NxM.

In order to join, please do the following steps:
:black_small_square:Open NEAR Guilds App,
:black_small_square:Find NxM Guild,
:black_small_square:Log to the app using your NEAR wallet,
:black_small_square:Join to the community using your NEAR wallet!


Thanks @Paul its Done :slight_smile:

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Hey @Hawwal happy to announce that your proposal has been approved! As you can request for a 50% in advance, please submit a payout request for $250 to AstroDAO!

Many Thanks!

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Thanks so much. Would do that right away.:slight_smile:


Hey @Hawwal, Can you give us the Update for the Unleashed EP Project? cc @Paul @vandal

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Hey @Monish016 I will be posting the updates shortly, my producer took longer than expected for the mixing and mastering. But the designs as well and motion graphics are ready to be minted. I will be getting the tracks later today so I will be posting real soon.


Hello @Monish016 regards this, below is the first report attached, I would like to get the go ahead to proceed for the second payout. Thanks