[CLOSED] Tech (Crunch) Disrupt 2023 Marketing support - Event Date 18th September

Dear community,

Introduction: iiNDYVERSE is the only NEAR company to be invited to the Tech Disrupt Startup Battlefield 200 2023, beating thousands of startups to reach the conference and are now seeking funding to help promote iiNDYVERSE and NEAR.

Official Links: www.iindyverse.com / Twitter / Instagram

Funding: One-time (this is a similar ask to SXSW and again we’re the only NEAR team involved!)

Link to announcement: Startup Battlefield Companies | TechCrunch

Vision: bring NEAR to a top tier global tech conference.

Mission: To promote that a NEAR project is at Tech Disrupt 2023 and showcase NEAR technologies to a San Francisco tech/VC audience.

Recently the marketing Guild supported iiNDYVERSE to attend SXSW pitch event where we won the Web3 & Metaverse Speed Pitch category and last year we ran the Kids in Conflict fund raiser to support kids in Ukraine, thx to the support from the Marketing DAO. We also ran a side event at NEARCON.

Team: The founders, Robin and Bryan have a strong combination of entertainment-marketing, data and Web3 platform expertise. Other contractors will include

  • Designer for merch products
  • Travel + Accommodation

Project overview:

The project splits into 2 areas.

  1. Viral Marketing - generate long term brand awareness
  2. Travel + Accommodation + Food

Viral Marketing - To generate brand loyalty and recognition we’re launching a 1-of-1 perfume called Elon’s Musk to draw attention to iiNDYVERSE and NEAR, which will be the underlying blockchain we use to raffle the perfume off to 1 lucky winner. Each raffle entry links to our product, will create NEAR wallets and collect sign-ups.

The Perfume - Elon’s Musk is a reusable, two stage perfume designed and manufactured using the superior scents of blue bird nesting materials, for woody and mossy notes, alongside interstellar minerals found in meteorites which creates a unique, out of this world, musk.

Travel + Accommodation

  • 1 x flight (London to San Francisco RTN)
  • Subsidy of $100 per day for accommodation and food

Tech Disrupt is an incredible opportunity to showcase our product (built on NEAR) to industry experts on the judging panel, tech publications and VC attendees at the event.

We will capture content at the event for socials, post event wrap ups and future promotion. Alongside this we’ll make new connections and deepen relationships with brands, publications and VCs who if we bring on to iiNDYVERSE will use NEAR wallets to deliver raffles to their audience.

Tech Disrupt is a unique opportunity to spread the word about NEAR and showcase how NEAR’s technology can be used to bring on the next 1bn web3 users. As far as we know we’re the only start-up attending the event which is using NEAR Protocol.

iiNDYVERSE is democratising access to web3 & metaverse powered customer engagement tools, making the creation and distribution of virtual products and rewards as easy as sending an email or SMS. As a growing start-up based in the UK and with clients in the US, Tech Disrupt provides an opportunity to empower brands and VCs to learn how to easily launch Web3 powered customer activations that are proven to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Impact / Value:

  • Drive user adoption through increased project reach and engagement in globally renowned publications.
  • Develop positive sentiment by highlighting NEAR as a leading technology within the entertainment and tech sector.
  • Show tech industry peers and the wider tech/trad tech community that web 3 is at the forefront of industry change for good.
  • Increase visibility for iiNDYVERSE ahead of our product releases in Q4
  • Target web 2 communities and bring them onto NEAR through press and PR opportunities.

Marketing Tasks + Funding

Designer (Merch + Area Production): $800

Merchandise: $1000

Elon’s Musk Production: $250

Area Production: $600

Accommodation: $800

Flights: $899

Total Requested Amount: 4,249 $USD

NB: this funding doesn’t cover all the costs we’re having to find other sources of funding to make this opportunity a reality.

Success Metrics

  • Get 100 sign ups for the raffle
  • Give out 150 pieces of unique merchandise (NEAR logo included)
  • Connect with 10 brand managers, marketers or publications
  • Secure 5 calls with brand managers, marketers or publications post Tech Disrupt
  • Connect with 10 angel investors, VCs or family offices
  • Secure 5-10 investor calls post Tech Disrupt
  • Collect 10 pieces of content for socials
  • Evangelise the power of using NEAR Protocol to Trad tech and tech companies at Tech Disrupt


Tech Disrupt pitch event: 20th September

Tech Disrupt Startup Battlefield: 19th-21st September

NEAR Wallet ID: iindyverse.near

Wallet Owner: iiNDYVERSE Ltd

@marketingdao-council 1

Any questions pls do reach out :slight_smile:


thx for the :heart: @Dacha

@Klint @satojandro @so608 @cryptocredit - lmk if you have any questions on this one :slight_smile:

Thank you for your proposal

How is iiNDYVERSE related to Near product or project? i did not see anything Near in your portal

"iiNDYVERSE gives your customer engagement campaigns superpowers. " but didn’t see any campaigns or participation in the ecosystem trends or anything Near in your social media either, except 1-2 last Nearcon hashtag and some secret event you mentioned.

Could you please give more clarity on these ??

Hi @xFFox_iiNDYVERSE – thanks for the proposal – congrats on your acceptance to Disrupt. Your team sounds like it is up to some really cool things, but I’m not able to support this proposal at this time. Here are my reasons:

  • We are focused on funding proposals that meet MDAO September KPIs. While what you’re proposing would no doubt have benefit for iiNDYVERSE, I do not see the direct alignment with the KPIs we have to meet for funding and growth of the NEAR ecosystem specifically.
  • Disrupt is next week – I do not support funding for events where the funding is going to necessarily arrive after the event has taken place. Our current funding process has changed since your previous approval last spring. You would not receive funding until end of month.
  • We are not able to fund all proposals. We have 70 under review for this month’s funding, and we are not able to fund everyone.
  • We are pulling back on funding IRL events outside of core NEAR ecosystem events as we need to focus attention on NEARCon up ahead this fall.

I do encourage you to keep building on NEAR. You are welcome to resubmit in the future.

Hey Bakaka, thx for coming back with some great questions!

Our product is built using NEAR as the underlying blockchain. We create wallets and drop ‘engage-to-own’ NFTs to customers based on their engagement with our clients.

Our play is to support in bringing on the next billion non-crypto native users, however, to do so we’ve found users do not want ‘crypto’ to be at the forefront of the marketing proposition. We actually found it hurt adoption and turned clients off using the platform.

This is why we don’t push it super hard within our marketing. We do however promote NEAR to our clients like Nike (they want to see more adoption from the mass market before going live with NEAR and have the opportunity to onboard the 10,000 investors, brands, startups, press at Tech Crunch Disrupt to NEAR!

So i’d say we’re create less noise on the marketing front but with the aim to be more effective with the kind of users we onboard.

Hi @so608 - thx for the good questions and kind words! I’ll address each below:

KPIs - i’m sorry i missed the KPI setting for September, with this in mind i will refocus our efforts into the below.

  1. Onboard 50 developers of the 200 hand picked Startups attending, showing them what NEAR can be used for.
  2. Aim to get 5000 sign ups (walltes created and NFTs claimed) for the raffle via f2f interactions, Social posts, our Elon’s Musk twitter page and Press / PR coverage.

Our aim with this grant is to be able to show Nike, Pernod Ricard and more that NEAR can be used as a blockchain to run successful / reliable customer campaigns.

I’m glad there are a lot of grants to review and the ecosystem is still very active. Without these grants it makes it hard to keep building and to play on a global stage with the likes of Polygon, Flow and OP who also invest heavily into their communities and the entertainment / fashion and Brand industries.

Funding - i’m happy to cover the funding personally until the end of the month payment.

Lmk your thoughts on the above :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply @xFFox_iiNDYVERSE – I appreciate the update and willingness to incorporate feedback. As of the close of the MDAO review period, this proposal has not received majority support from the MDAO council as we pause funding for future IRL events. We encourage you to reach out via Telegram with questions and consider resubmitting in the future. Moving this proposal to closed.

We appreciate your participation in the NEAR ecosystem and look forward to future collaborations.