[Approved] Title of Project: Paint and Share ED.1 Fauna Brasileira


Project Schedule: Month of August

Title of Project: Paint and Share ED.1 Fauna Brasileira

Story: Thinking about the potential we have in coloring, we will share 10 illustrations that will be made to be printed and delivered to a peripheral school located in the city of Santa Cruz do Sul/RS in July, as well as the digital works will be available for download for those who want to share the painting.

5 best works painted, scanned and minted in our store, or another, will receive 35 USD in NEAR.

The themes of the illustrations are plants of the Brazilian fauna.

Objective: To share 10 works not only as NFTs but as printed booklets ready for painting and fun. Besides sharing knowledge about 10 plants native to Brazil.

Through this dissemination of colors, shapes and sharing of knowledge, we will reach people who don’t know the NEAR blockchain yet.

During the month of July.
Minting the Illustrations, sending the works to several blockchains
Dissemination of the project
Delivery of physical prints to the State High School Escola Nossa Senhora de Aparecida

Accomplishment: Draw 10 works inspired by the Brazilian fauna and the name on the side. Share with the community, sending the works to the desks. Choose 5 best paintings to receive 35 USD in Near. Print the physical material and share at the School, to be used by teachers with students.

Rationale: To share in a fun way the painting of physical works on paper, but which are also NFTs, inviting people to get to know the Near blockchain and DAO.
To carry out a project that encourages the community to learn more about Brazilian fauna and flora.

Target Audience: Parents and Educators

Products: 10 NFTS
over 100 stikers

100 PRINTED ARTWORKS distributed free of charge in schools

5 prizes for best 5 artworks


600 USD - 600 USD x 10 ( each Illustration, print value included)

150 USD - 30 USD x 5 ( for 5 winners, chosen by the artist)

100 USD - for printing stikers with the illustrations

150 USD - for producing a few test T-Shirts with the illustrations.

Payment: 1000 USD in NEAR

Signature: Natasha Cremonese


Natasha Cremonese, Art Teacher/ Art Educator, by training, I am graduated by UNINTER, I am studying Post-Graduation in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous History and Culture UNINTER



Hello! What grades is this school and how old would the children be? NF has made a statement that working with people under 18 is not acceptable for liability issues and this would be especially problematic if you were minting and selling their art.

What is the purpose of printing stickers or t-shirts?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Not Adrian! There are no children in the Project. I know the Statute of Children and Adolescents. Who will paint for reward are adults of the community. Maybe because I don’t speak fluent English I can’t communicate very well.

We will deliver prints of the illustration to the school where I volunteer for teachers to use in the classroom. As a complementary material to Art classes. By the way, I am a licensed Visual Arts teacher.


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Thanks so much for the clarity! :slight_smile: