[APPROVED] TheIrishPub.io / The Gathering - NFT Marketplace and Guild Creation

Hi Guys,

I hope you’re all really well and having a wonderful weekend.

Myself, and my friend Jillian, have a wonderful idea to create an NFT Marketplace that emphasizes the warmth and community of an Irish Pub.

Here is a link to our proposal: Click Me To View The Proposal

The project is called TheIrishPub.io, enabling an open and inclusive environment for people to share art, memories, and creativity.

The names of the requesters are Jillian Godsil and Gary Delaney.

Our Address is: garydelaney.near
We are requesting funds for a developer, ideally available to start by the end of May or the start of June.

We would like to request $2000 worth of NEAR Tokens for this project.

The developer task that the funds will be required for will be to create a minter and display minted NFTs on our storefront, we’ll be handling the overall website design and flow, but when it comes to the process of minting NFTs, display NFTs, and connecting the website to a users wallet, we’ll begin to need help.

  • The funds will also cover: additional SEO Work
  • Promotional Activities for ads and radio show placements in Ireland.
  1. End of May: Core website up and running, the website is designed, and our lead capture campaign begins.
  2. Start of June: Developer begins the process of working on the back end NFT minting and mining process:
  3. June: Begin promotional campaigns using organic social media campaigns, and utilize both Facebook Ads and Google Ads to drive further traffic (we’ll be sure to use the word blockchain as opposed to crypto to avoid disapproval)
  4. June: First Artist On-Boarding.
  5. July: Continue artist on-boarding, begin providing a white-glove experience for all of our artists and sellers. Here we’ll begin to document the user experience and aim towards full artist autonomy when setting up the NFTs, albeit not before making the process as streamlined and easy as possible.

The completion of the tasks outlined will help support the NEAR artistic community by providing wonderful NFTs to them. Additionally, it will help propel NEAR to the front of the emerging NFT community that’s budding in Ireland - Without official sources of data, Ireland is generally an artistic country, and I’m certain we won’t be short of artists.

If anybody has any further advice or suggestions, we’re all ears.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Looks like a really interesting project, thank you for the proposal! We vote on proposals on a weekly basis and will provide the next steps soon.

I see that the funding is in large part to find a developer, do you have someone in mind already?

Either way, this project could be great to submit for the upcoming hackathon: Hackathon - Createbase in the “NFT-Onboarding Category

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Thank you for responding Chloe, that sounds great!

We’re still currently looking for a developer, and we’re going to have a look for the most appropriate developer.

I’m looking to get more involved in the create base community, so I have more of a top-down view of the technical side of minting NFTs too.

Just a QQ, where would be the best places to look for a developer with strong knowledge of Rust or AssemblyScript?

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Sounds like a great idea, pubs are special places with lots of tradition and community ties, would be great to bring that feeling to the NFT space.

I would suggest you look into integrating minting NFTs to your website through Mintbase.js, which is a toolset just being released by Mintbase. This way you get to use all their powerful minting tools and don’t need to create a minting contract from scratch in Rust. You will need then just a javascript developer to connect those tools to your front end.


This project has been approved :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. For the payout requested of 2000$, the DAO does not do USD payouts, the only option is $NEAR tokens.

Also, it seems like you’ve outlined a few key stages for payout:

  1. Getting the website set up.
  2. Linking website to NEAR
  3. Growing the Network of artists in the collective/project.

We propose that 400 NEAR be the budget for this proposal and there would be the possibility of payouts along the way.

Stage 1: 100 NEAR initially to get set up
Stage 2: 150 NEAR after website has been linked to NEAR x Mintbase
Stage 3: 150 NEAR after mainnet project is set up and a community of whitelisted artists are connected to the platform (+ documenting experiences)

You can submit a payout proposal to the Createbase SputnikDAO for 100 NEAR to get started :ok_hand:t4:.


Happy Friday Chloe! This is incredible news to start the weekend, thank you! We’re incredibly excited to work alongside the NEAR Community.

We’re going to have some draft website work completed for the developer to work from, we’ll submit our payout proposal, we’ll also start building our guilds and social pages.


Thank you Lenara, I’ve been reading documentation this week since this has been suggested, and this has certainly given us a leg up and made our life much easier, thank you! We’ll keep you posted so you can see it in action :slight_smile: