[Approved]The Rebirth ( A live and digital musical project)

Music is a best tool to connect , inspire and pass positive messages. My name is Dj Ankara, A musician from Lagos,Making Music is something I love doing, I’ve been recording and making music independently for over 12 years, (2010). sadly music has not been really paying as I expected it to, I paused recording (2018), cus of pressure from environment and family…
I want to create a 4 tracks e.p titled Rebirth.
This tracks will be talk about love, passion ,my story and my struggles…
1st track…(set to blow)
I will be recreating 2 of the songs I made 11years ago with a new beat and the modern sound…this song is so special to me , I want to use it to revive the memories of days when making music was much easier for me, (journey of peace)

2nd track…(My paradise)…(2010)
Here Is a link

The remaining 2 tracks will be new songs , I would be working with some producers from the NXm family on this project…
This project will be a very Big motivation to me…
it’s like waking my career from sleep and bringing me back fully to the my dreams…
This is a link to songs I released about 10 years ago …I had an hulkshare account that year which helped me keep my music safe.
.I would love the NXm community to take a little time to listen to all my songs

Mr dj … 2010( 12 years ago)
Set to blow 2011 (11 years ago)
make love tonight (11 years ago)

I will be requesting a cost of 500 dollars for production and promotion of this project…
Production , mixing , mastering and graphics ( 400 dollars)
Social media ad/ Instagram, Facebook sponsored add: 100 dollars…

@Paul @nullzero


Nice, it would be good to mint your EP songs as NFTs in NxM store on Mintbase. :slight_smile:

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…A Big motivation for me…I will be so elated​:star::star::white_heart:

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Is it this going to be a live event as well ? If so, please share more details.

Also, I assume that you would like to mint your EP as Music NFTs, however will you release it on on Emanate or Spotify ? What’s your plans for the promotion ?
Emanate pays to artists for every play of the song, in my opinion you should set up your account there and upload your EP or other songs too.

About artwork - who is going to do that and will you add NxM logo there?

What recording studio are you going to use? Could you please share the link here ?
Can you please add some timelines regarding your recording plan ?

Many thanks!

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Thank you for response…
The e.p Is definitely going to be minted as NFT in the NXm store…that is a very major plan an opportunity for me to earn near from sales of my songs…
.I will upload it to emmanate once it Is released…

The graphics will also be done by a professional graphic designer, tho he is not an Nxm member yet, but he will be onboarded…yes there’s definitely going to be an Nxm logo on the artwork

The songs will be produced by Macjaycee ,he is a member of the NXm…He is a multi instrumentalist and very grounded musically, he will connect well with my sound.

It’s not a live event. I titled the project live and digital recording, because the recording is going to contain some live instruments…

The project is going to be ready on or before the 27th of February…

My promotion plan

  1. social media campaign: I’m going to run a social media campaign with Instagram and Facebook ads, that will lead people that wants to listen to the near and NXm,
  2. I’m going to give it to one radio station here In Lagos,
  3. I’m going to perform the songs in Live events and shows here in Lagos…

Hey, I noticed that you haven’t registered yourself as a member in NxM, please fill it out as this is mandatory to get funding from NxM.

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Thank you so much…I just registered now…:pray:t5::pray:t5::white_heart:


Thanks @Romanus !
Please be informed that we are implementing new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets there will have privilege to request funding from NxM.

In order to join, please do the following steps:
:black_small_square:Open NEAR Guilds App,
:black_small_square:Find NxM Guild,
:black_small_square:Log to the app using your NEAR wallet,
:black_small_square:Join to the community using your NEAR wallet!

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Hey @Romanus you proposal has been approved! As you can request for 50% in advance, please submit a payout request for $250 to AstroDAO!
Many Thanks


Thank you so much Nxm… :white_heart:… I already submitted my payout request for 250$ …:white_heart:

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I want to drop some update on how my project is going…
I started recording already, almost done with the recording process , after which I will proceed to making the graphics… I would love to ask…how do I do upload the song as NFT when I’m done recording…Thank you @Paul @Monish016 @vandal

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Hey! We can mint it on your behalf or we can add you to NxM open store on Mintbase :slight_smile:

When you will finish, write on NxM Telegram group and tag us, we’ll help you with the next process.

Hi Nxm family…I just completed my project and they are available on the NXm store… @Monish016 @pawel @vandal …Thank you


Hey there, FYI you sent your payout proposal to muti DAO Astro, we’ll downvote as this is not related to muti but NxM


Thank you @tabear , Hey @Romanus Pls Create Proposal Towards Nxm Astro , Also Pls Add how Much Requested against NEAR current Value on Proposal for Tracking.