[Approved] The Lost in Translation EP

Hi, Mercuri here, I’m soliciting the support of the NxM family to bring my Near music debut to fruition.

Lost In translation (LIT) is a 4 track, alternative Afropop extended play.

Produced by Mercuri Medici and Fred Dave

2 of the 4 tracks

(memories, Memories - song and lyrics by Mercuri Medici | Spotify

back for more
(Back For More - song and lyrics by Mercuri Medici, Amanda Vanloo | Spotify )
are fully completed and out in DSPs as well as Emanate.

I am kindly requesting the sum of 500usd in near geared to the audio post production of the tracks “Egwu” and “Just Love”

Professional mix and master by Austin Leeds

Attaching Quote below

Digital art work (which would also contain the NxM logo)

Estimated $120 (to be outsourced within the community)

Promotional efforts;

Blog publications for track press releases

Google ads as well as social media ads

Influencer marketing on IG and TikTok.

Thanks for your time,

Target wallet; Mercuri.near

@Monish016 @williamx @bonepolice @vandal


Hi @Mercuri, thank you for the proposal and welcome to the NxM community.

Can you please make a specific cost break down from 500$ to each unit accordingly? This will enable the community to follow your proposal easier. Thank you!

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Thank you very much @williamx

cost breakdown:
Mixing Engineer: $400 (two tracks)
Mastering engineer: $100 (two tracks)

Due to the scope of the grant, Artwork and promo would be self-financed.

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@williamx @Monish016, following my cost breakdown for the proposal, I’m kindly requesting an updated review of the project proposal.

Hi @Mercuri thank you for your proposal.

Happy to inform you that the proposal has been approved. Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

cc: @williamx @rhymetaylor

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Much appreciated @Monish016 will send in my request shortly

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Here’s a link to my request @Monish016 @williamx

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Hi NxM family, as per this proposal, two tracks are now available on the NxM store.

The subsequently 2 more tracks would be released in September to complete the EP for which I’d make a corresponding proposal.

@williamx @Monish016 @bonepolice


Hi @Mercuri, thank you for the report. Can you update some information about the following breakdown besides the EP minted on Mintbase? Thank you!

Hi @williamx The bulk of marketing and promotional efforts are scheduled post release of the Full EP as they would be self-financed.

as per my breakdown, any promo efforts before full payments and clearances of the production is not a sound strategy in my humble opinion.
However consistent content creation and social media engagement and twitter spaces are ways i’ve been keeping my community engaged for my releases

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Thank you for the update. I look forward to seeing the continued efforts to take care of the traction of those EPs after the project is fully deployed.

Please create a proposal on NxM Astro DAO for the remaining 50% of the budget asked.

Much appreciated, and i am attaching a link to the payout request

Very cool! Let’s make some music videos next!!

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I’m ready! Let’s get it