[Approved] Social Media marketing campaign with influencers for B4B WORLD - May 2023

Hello NEAR team!

We would like to propose a marketing campaign in Social Media - Twitter/Telegram to grow the number of users (web3 influencers with 1000+ followers) in the B4B protocol.

B4B Intro

Web3 influencer promotion platform with reputation-based rewards, which helps to launch ads campaigns on planned dates on Twitter/Telegram with secure payments.

Web site: https://b4b.world
Ads launch app: https://b4b.app
Influencer app: https://influencer.b4b.app
DappRadar: https://dappradar.com/aurora/social/b4b-world
Twitter: https://twitter.com/b4b_world

What are we planning to do?

**Attract influencers to verify accounts on the B4B and make requests to ads campaigns **
At least 50% of the budget we will use to promote ads campaigns on the B4B platform and incentive influencers’ growth. Also, we plan to prepare creatives and make promotions via Twitter influencers to attract more Web3 influencers.

Social Media Activities & Measurements

  • 20+ Twitter/Telegram micro-influencers (with 1-10k followers) post/repost new requests on the B4B platform
  • AMAs with NEAR channels to share benefits for advertisers and invite them to launch campaigns with influencers on B4B

Content Writing

  • Social Media Content Writing for posts/reposts
  • Creatives for posts with influencers

Spaces, Meetings

  • AMAs with NEAR and Aurora channels and influencer’s community to share benefits of launching ads on B4B and inviting advertisers to prepare Ad posts and start getting influencers for collaborations

B4B Contact/Info

300+ verified Twitter/Telegram influencers now. 1800+ community in our Twitter/Telegram

Budget Proposal - monthly - paid in USDC
Proposal per month: 4750 USD
NEAR wallet: b4b_world.near
Contact Telegram: @AAPecherkin
Link to AstroDAO poll: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-702


  • 20+ Amount posts/reposts via B4B protocol and transactions on dappRadar
  • 100+ new verified influencers on the b4b.app platform
  • 5 campaign proposals from advertisers on b4b.app
  • 3 Twitter Spaces
  • We will use utm-links to track traffic from posts

Advantages for NEAR ecosystem

  • A growing amount of influencers with their followers prepared to promote NEAR ecosystem via B4B protocol
  • Brand Awareness increase of NEAR between influencers
  • Increasing transparent transactions and post launch/payment on NEAR blockchain, which can be tracked on dappRadar of B4B
  • Empowering the NEAR ecosystem through collaborations with other communities and influencers

Thank you a lot for checking our proposal.

B4B team


Hello! Thank you for your proposal. Glad to see team in our Ecosystem which building great dapps. Happy to support.

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Thanks for your proposal,

I’ve taken the time to research and understand the b4b platform prior to making a decision, including listening to the Wax at Night Twitter Space on March 27 and signing up for the platform myself:

I am open to consider funding, but first, I’d like to explore and clarify:

  • M DAO is willing and able to support projects on a monthly basis. This means that after each successful proposal, the team would have to share Reports that measure impact, etc. prior to approving the next month. On-going funding is not guaranteed.
  • I personally like the idea. However, I am thinking of the best way to validate it. Specifically, I think that it would be better if instead of giving 50% of the funds to the team itself to spend buying ads, can we make the funds available to potential advertisers and gather feedback from them? For instance, I’d love to be able to buy a bunch of posts promoting my own podcast. I can also see how there would be projects willing to pay - but the idea needs to be validated first. Honestly it is not clear to me atm that most of the users asking for $10 per post aren’t bots.
  • Something like a Keypom Trial Account would be perfect - give a pre-loaded NEAR account to a bunch of would be influencers but the funds can ONLY be spent on the methods/calls of this specific contract buying ads. Not sure whether this is possible using with Aurora @mattlockyer @Ben @joe-rlo
  • Finally, I’d love to learn more about the Aurora Tech stack - are you leveraging Aurora Borealis to make the transactions free? etc.




Thank you for learning about our platform and writing so full review and your ideas!

  1. It’s a good idea and we will try to make the most impact on users’ activity on our platform and provide metrics for growing on a monthly basis.
  2. Great idea, we will think and learn how it is possible to implement technically on Aurora to incentive advertisers’ learning and activity on the platform and expand marketing in the way.
  3. Now our protocol fully works in Aurora mainnet, so tx, ads settlement, process, payments, and reputation are on Aurora smart-contracts. We learned Aurora Borealis too, useful tool for us, and we are waiting for the full release to add it to our product.

Could you please share your success stories on promoting the ecosystem, I saw your funding request was approved on the Aurora forum. How do you try to attract those who need advertising and who are these projects today, where are their activities located? Aurora or NEAR? How do you allocate funds from projects that pay for advertising? Is it true that you receive funding from the Aurora ecosystem and also receive funding from advertisers? I would like to know your expenses and cash flow: which influencers did you pay and how much was spent, and also who are your current influencers, what can you brag about? What kind of check do you have for bots and fake accounts, who has registered as an influencer?

No, Alena. This proposal is not related to each other.

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Thank you, it’s great if the work will take place on two ecosystems at once, I would like to see feedback from projects that have had a successful experience, the amount they contributed for the campaign, which influencers the money went to and whether each side was satisfied. The system is similar to OWS, which you struggled with, as you remember, but no one here saw anything about the success of the project (at least some result during the work).

I hope you will be impassive in the evaluation: maybe the project should be moved to the main
a success reach page so that everyone can directly request information about the results of cooperation or perhaps traditional advertising will be more effective than what b4b offers, one way or another it will help projects decide on the quality of influencers, and real influencers will be able to receive funds for their work.


No it has nothing similar with OWS. B4B is an open on-chain platform to connect influencers and dapps (people , guild like you russian community) which alights with Ecosystem goals (UAW and transactions).

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we have a CIS community: Belarusians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Russians and all those who speak Russian, wherever they are. And tell me, please, where does such a metric as UAW come from, how can the community track it? that the transaction flow comes from a certain group and the creation of a new account went from a certain group? Is there a document defining this indicator for communities? The project can tell how many transactions went through their contracts, but how can the community tell? I think that it depends on the interest in this or that project, which can be called successful. If you have data about this assessment for the community, please share this information. I also think that UAW is a great metric specifically for crypto projects like b4b or Ref.finance or SWEAT, but how can a community that generates additional interest in a project determine this metric?

I also ask a question for b4b to understand how our community can take advantage of b4b opportunities, as a community, or should/can individual members of the community participate in the influencer or project program, as Alejandro asked above for his channel. How successful and effective is it through b4b? so I asked quite a few questions about finances, distribution of funds and successful cases.

Thanks :blush:

Dapp Radar and Near Atlas.

Your community needs to focus on working with

Ecosystem apps. A great example is a tip bot

or games. When you tip for someone or play in

Land to Empire, for example, gets us on-chain users and

transactions. Another great example is Near.Social. Have

you already launched the near russia community on the


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I’d like to show what I mean when it comes to UAW and transactions when it comes to community and region. Here is the data from the dashboards. There are no regional statistics here, only contracts for NEAR and Aurora and their statistics. So I asked about the UAW in an attempt to measure the community with this metric, which is directly related to the success of the project, not the community. What do you think about the fact that by publishing news about a particular project, we create interest and somehow the community uses applications built on NEAR and Aurora when the news is published? And how can track statistics for the region, as well as for those people who belong to the community, but are not currently in the region?

Is it true that the success of a project depends on its own marketing and relationship with the community, and communities help spread the word so that people can enjoy everything that is built in the ecosystem?

so how relevant is the metric with UAW specifically to communities?

if there is a dvshboard with regional statistics and a document that defines the rules for communities on UAW metrics, as well as transactions, could you please link this information with all communities so that everyone understands where you can see the statistics for the region?

Thanks also for the activity ideas, do you think there should be a separate budget for events with NEAR and Aurora games, among other things for the communities? or should it be left specifically for gaming communities or for marketing specific gaming projects?

And sorry for more questions here @b4b_world that have nothing to do with you :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

And sorry for more questions for El, thanks for your reply.

Thanks :blush:

Yes, it’s was I told you to work with Ecosystem
DApps. Another one way is a build own one :+1:

No, I suppose you might be wrong here. It should be synergy here because

project success = community success and Ecosystem.

If you take a look on near russian community, it now focuses only

on marketing, it’s essential, but in my opinion, we need to go

forwards: work with drops (onboarding), dapps development,

IRL, business development, be fully aligned with Ecosystem KPIs.

For example, you have 11k users in your community. Let’s work with Zomland, Motodex, and Sweet to onboard web2 (telegram) users to web3 (Near apps). Or let’s create a Near Russian community on Near. Social and move all telegram users on it.


If you remember, in September 2022 in Russian you, the b4b team and our CIS community parsed the project b4b, in which the b4b team said, using their analytics, that the most popular language on Twitter and Telegram: 1) English, 2) Russian 3) Turkish. https://t.me/near_protocol/290832

Using our channels for several years we attracted the attention of the CIS-community to the projects, and today our community became a part such communities as: Ref Finnace, Aurora, Spin, Tonic, Meta Pool, Stader, LiNEAR, SweatEconomy, Here Wallet, Meteor Wallet, Sender Wallet, Orderly, Game Russian community, which you organized, supported, coordinated in https://t.me/play_on_near, as well as the news of which we covered more than once and added to our news all the events of your community (you had your own separate funding for games): ZomLand, Land to Empire, BearVerse, etc., our community participated in checkers on NEAR, then Few and Far, Paras, 3six9, and all-in-all projects we covered and gave some of our audience to them to grow the ecosystem, as well as to your Russian-language https://t.me/play_on_near. We still continue to support all the projects and the community is constantly doing something on-chain when interesting news comes out, for example from GhostNFT to Aurora our community has minted many NFTs, in SweatEconomy is also our community. Some of our users and we are in NEAR Social, so we attracted our CIS audience to NEAR social network, our community is constantly doing something on-chain, also part of the community is in Crowd, uses bot @nearup_bot in other groups, one group I helped with this bot, and some community members themselves said they put the bot in their chats.

I could go on at length describing examples of when our community did something on-chain, literally after every news item: mint, trading contest, swaps in wallets, swaps on dexes, games, bonds, etc. Also, our community has always strived to create cool events that work not just for retention, but specifically to attract an audience, including creatives.

I believe our CIS community is a successful case study in member development and retention.

As for our focus on marketing: everything you describe is part of marketing initiatives to grow, and when the bear market, to support the community.

Only you don’t have access to regional UAWs and transactions, nor do we have the exact definition that here’s a particular transaction that’s gone from our user and is unlikely to happen. And I can confidently say that in both NEAR and Aurora our community does a tremendous amount of on-chain activity by covering everything that happens in the ecosystem, I guess we do a great job when we talk about synergies despite the bear market.

P.S. And also, if DAO marketing can help us with some support for IRL events in the huge CIS outreach, or our presence at large events in which NEAR participates, that would be great.

Thanks :blush:

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Hi @b4b_world i have reviewed your proposal and replies to comments from fellow council. I am willing to support funding for one month. If successful, please ensure that you submit a Report.


Hi @b4b_world thanks for the proposal and for your patience as we’ve reviewed it. I want to note for the community that the Marketing DAO cannot support funding proposals that are for the purpose of paying influencers or paying for advertising. While that is the case, I think we can consider the proposal because it is requesting funding to promote/grow the B4B platform, which is a specific business/application that deals in influencers and advertising. Just wanted to make that point clear as we have turned down many requests for influencer marketing and paid ads.

All that said, my question is how you plan to use the funding to not only to expand/grow B4B’s reach and brand awareness, but to bring more people into the NEAR ecosystem.

Check out the guidelines we have to meet given to us by the NEAR Foundation team.

What is your plan for collecting information, metrics, numbers that will illustrate how this funding, if approved, leads to:

  1. New Projects
  2. Active Apps
  3. Weekly Active DAOs
  4. Active Wallets
  5. Increase overall education, reach, and drive positive traction in the market
  6. Active Developers / Builders
  7. Number of Community Members

The other issue I have is that the NEAR Wallet is not one of the options influencers can use to connect. Is there a possibility of adding this? Thanks!

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Thank you, got it, we will learn more details and make it with clear benefits.
Our platform support all EVM wallets, as the easiest way for all users and for our architecture at this stage. Hope that it’s not too difficult to transfer and use payments on the Aurora evm network.

Thank you for your questions and so long description of your channel and community. Our platform B4B was built to help for Web3 companies make marketing with influencer’s quality content and their community.
And we understand the problems which you described above as influencers - too difficult to measure on-chain value from marketing for each project.
Moreover, we understand that it is difficult for both sides to know marketing goals, create Ad campaigns on time, and have secure payments for completed Ads.

B4B solves this problem and helps influencers take part in Ad campaigns for different Web3 projects. On-chain Reputation will help you to get a true score for your quality work from advertisers and as result get more orders and even get rewards on our platform.

We recommend signing up on influencer.b4b.app and verifying your channels. Your community members, who have their own channels with 1000+ followers on Twitter/Telegram can also Sign up on the platform and prepare their accounts for ad campaigns.

We plan a lot of activity on our platform in nearest time with ecosystem projects on Aurora and NEAR and you can attend all of them.
So let’s collaborate via our platform to make quality marketing and we hope that B4B helps all to make it easy, faster, with good analytics and secured payments.

Thank you for your patience and for providing replies,

I am willing to support this proposal for one month.

How will you select the content and the influencers that will promote content?

If possible, I’d like to have an ongoing conversation to ensure that we are giving visibility to the most relevant content and through a range of influencers (ecosystem that follow them, topic they normally share about, etc.).

I also want to note that, looking a the platform just now again, A LOT of influencers charge very little amounts as low as $10 for a retweet. As such, I would suggest having a clearer target on how much of the funding will be used to amplify content this way. Ideally, at that price point, I’d like to see a lot more content being promoted.

Tips: follow NEARWEEK and highlight things from their newsletter. Same goes for Aurora Alpha leaks sessions every Friday on Youtube.

Important note: the metrics from this experiment will inform any subsequent proposals.

Moving this proposal to approved.

Next steps:

  1. Create a Poll proposal on AstroDAO, include link to this proposal and description in relevant fields.
  2. Once the Council has formally voted and approved on-chain submit [IronClad form](Ironclad)
  3. If you have not done so already, you will be prompted by NEAR Foundation to complete KYC
  4. After KYC has been completed, you will receive a Rewards Agreement. Sign it digitally. (This can take up to one week after IronClad and KYC).
  5. After Rewards Agreement has been signed, tokens will be transferred to your nominated address within one week.

IMPORTANT - you have the option to request unlocked NEAR tokens (equivalent amount to USD on the day transfer is made) or to received USDC. It is up to the project to manage the price fluctuation risks. If in doubt, request USDC.

The B4B protocol sounds super cool and I can’t wait to check out the website and apps you mentioned. Getting influencers on board to verify accounts on B4B and promote ad campaigns sounds like a smart move to attract more users.

It’s a great offer. I think that in this way, you will attract more users through this B4B protocol campaign. Nowadays, from social media platforms, you can drive a lot of traffic to your resources. Besides the “Influencers campaign,” try to run classic ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook.