[REPORT] Social Media marketing campaign with influencers for B4B WORLD - May 2023

We are happy to share the results of the work on the grant from May 2023

Previously approved proposal:

Approved amount: $4,750

Wallet: b4b_world.near

Main Results:

The B4B USDC Credits program for the NEAR ecosystem marketing was developed and launched.

5 projects received $200 USDC worth of credits and launched 15 Ad campaigns with influencers on B4B (Reposts, Quote Reposts, Posts).

50 new X/TG influencers have been onboarded to the B4B.app list and are now available for work, following influencer marketing with B4B influencers.

B4B USDC Credits on B4B for NEAR ecosystem projects

We developed a smart contract to use B4B USDC credits, which are issued 1:1 to real USDC frozen on the B4B smart contract. This allows the platform to be used for ecosystem marketing needs, freezing USDC in exchange for B4B USDC credits for projects that spend on influencer marketing. The influencers will receive the USDC after the ad is completed and the credits will be burned.

Details of the launched program can be found at:


In this program, five projects from the NEAR ecosystem were chosen, each receiving 200 B4B USDC credits for the test launch.

Here are the projects which took part in this campaign:

http://coreto.io @Coretoio
https://auroraplay.app/ @aurora__hunters
https://cypherpunkguild.org/ @CypherpunkGuild
https://coinsender.io/ - @CoinSender
https://www.getplato.app/ - @Plato2Earn

Screenshots and links of ad posts for B4B and NEAR ecosystem projects, provided via the B4B platform:









The marketing for the B4B project was completed in this proposal, and 50 quality content creators were onboarded.

We created the B4B USDC Credit program and showed results for NEAR ecosystem project marketing with 1st Batch launch. It’s possible to use the Credits Program in the future to assist projects with influencer marketing via the B2B protocol.

We apologize for the delay with the report and promise to complete reports on time for future collaborative work.

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