[APPROVED] RU Community Guild (Managing + Activities) April 2022

RU community has been working closely with NEAR and Aurora and continuously support localization for websites of both orgs.

Recently, we’ve been trying to work closely with our ecosystem projects, we translate and publish news about many projects.

Our reports for March and April:

Telegram (Chat): (@near_protocol ) chat 9426 subs
Telegram (News) : (@near_ru) channel 5311 subs

https://twitter.com/near_protocol 8675 followers

Payout: rucommunity.near
Owner: Vadim

$980 NEAR ($10,100 + 100 NEAR // NEAR~11,5)

RU Community team: @zavodil @Vladislav_vl25 @Al-DYOR @Bond


Happy to support. Thanks for the excellent localization work.

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A great example of a team building awareness of near in their local language.

Also happy to support.

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Happy to support this – moving to approved!


Thank you for your support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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