[Approved] report December and requested budget Persian team

Hello everyone, in this post, I will present a report on the performance of the Persian Association and its activities in December
First, I want to talk about the endless problems of Persian language users
In general, Persian-speaking countries are the countries of {Iran ٬ Afghanistan ٬ Tajikistan و, and among these countries Iran has a lot of wealth and more investors than the other two countries, which unfortunately blockchain ٬ wallet ٬ websites … in Iran. They were filtered, and this, in addition to facing the users of this country, has reduced investments

About the problems of Persian users {living in Iran}

Near websites in Iran are almost filtered and users practically do not have access to it, and this causes ignorance in the community that the community is completely unaware of our project, but fortunately with the articles we have already produced, we have already reported them. And taking the example of other Persian sites from its contents, this problem is almost solved

NEAR wallet has also caused a lot of problems and this has happened to more than 300 users, for example, users who use (Trust wallet) to store their nears problems such as zero inventory - not sending even with vpn - It is not possible to arrive at the exchange office late or even at all, and these problems have not been so severe for months. This is present in almost all wallets that support near, and these problems have caused the loss of many wallets and funds

Blockchain ٬ is also clear that the main reason is that blockchain is near the filter and this has caused many problems for transfers and wallet problems and users with binance smart chain do not have these problems.

The things we did Some of the things we did, including creating a karzar >> (a kind of filter removal request) to the President and the Speaker of Parliament that got more than 10,000 signatures

Also, our frequent contacts and users with the Supreme Council of Cyberspace of Iran to follow up and remove blockchain filtering Contact number >>>(021-54871349)

Unfortunately, no institution was held accountable and I also thank @Ali_o and @Hamed_rex for the great efforts they made
However, we have eaten a lot of closed doors ٬ so we considered the only way to expand Persian communities and the creation and expansion of social networks such as Telegram ٬ WhatsApp ٬ Twitter ٬ Medium {We try to be active in all social networks}

But our activities this month

1. Create articles in the medium
Creating five articles in the medium that also received good views
We thought that creating articles in the medium and sharing them in communities could be more useful and very effective in raising public awareness.

Total Views: 6,020
Reads: 3,700


1-Training Rainbow Bridge



Views: 3,3k
Read :2,099

2-Introducing the NEAR ecosystem and the team and the eaten blockchain and …

Views: 897
Read : 527

3-NEAR performs better than Solana

Views: 623
Read : 333

4-Learn how to make an official NEAR wallet

Views: 338

5-How to Staking in the official wallet NEAR

Views: 828
Read : 662

2. Creading a video on YouTube

In connection with participating in the near quiz at Coin market Cap

Views: 1.8k

3-Telegram report

Telegram activities include guiding users and the Telegram moderator and community guide

Overview of Statistic from nov DEC- 31 DEC
Total members 1,4k >>>>>> 4,8k
Total Message 2K>>>>>18K

4-Creading Persian Twitter

Persian Twitter was also created and we hope to increase our activity on Persian Twitter soon

5-Creading persian WhatsApp

Persian forum near WhatsApp for better user access,

Our first budget ever received was 113 near ($ 950), which was spent this month.
$450 to lead the association, which was awarded to the directors of the association, production of articles and their activities
$ 200 to follow up to fix blockchain filtering near
, $300 to produce articles

Our goals for next month

  • Increasing activity on Twitter
  • Producing more articles in the medium
  • Daily support in the NEAR Telegram group
  • Heighten awareness of the NEAR ecosystem in persian-speaking area
  • Focus on fixing user problems and trying and requesting to fix the filtering

Requested budget

articles : $1000
Youtube video: $200
moderator Social networks: Five admin $400


Good evening. Here is a link on telegram account Telegram: Contact @NEARProtocol_persian

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Hi, @Dacha thanks

Hey guys, the conditions of the Persian society are different from other communities due to the filtering of blockchain, websites, wallets, etc. We also made many efforts, including creating karzar, and our frequent contacts and users with the Supreme Virtual Council of Iran. But no institution has been held accountable.
However, we must strengthen Persian-speaking communities and social networks.
Let’s discuss further I’m glad the comments and what is on your mind and can be effective


Yes, I see great work with community. One of most active tg group in telegram. I’ll definitely support your efforts of Near community growing and vote Yes. Happy new year.


Hey guys,

What articles are you planning? Is this OG content or are you just translating other pieces?


Hi @David_NEAR I’m sorry I answered late
This was our first article in Madim and also received good reviews just eleven days from December 19th to December 31st when we submitted this report and we will continue to try to work on more content because our circumstances are a bit special and Filtering is different from other communities!
(Filtering sites Also, any site that writes about near is filtered; blockchain; wallet; etc.) These restrictions by the government may never end, we will also expand communities on all social networks so that These government restrictions will be ineffective for Persian users.
It would be great if a monthly fund could be considered.


Awesome, thanks for the info.

Interesting, clearly the government are ngmi.

I’m happy to support the funding request for this month, please submit to the DAO.

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