[Approved] Public onboarding on the physical event EAT(Encounter of Art And Technology), Nomade Label DAO in São Paulo

Hi @blusw - please post the requested payout value in USD in the comments of your approved Astro DAO poll so NF Finance can proceed: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-193

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Thanks Mecsbecs
We are learning everyday how to work on the ecosystem.
Hopefully on the forward months we’ll be more practical.

See on comments)

The Onboarding Status = In Progress

Past Gifted Accounts

1-urutau.near : claimed by Urutau

2-fluxuz.near : claimed by Paulinho Fluxuz

3-mayk_santos.near : claimed by Mayk Santos

4-pedro_athie.near : claimed by pedro

5-hein_oliveira.near : claimed by Hein Oliveira

6-isadora_prata.near : claimed by Isadora Prata

7-mariana_taques.near : claimed by Mariana Taques

8-leticia_esposito.near : claimed by Leticia Esposito

9-jimmy_hendrickx.near : claimed by Jimmy Hendrickx

10-diorio.near : claimed by Marcelo Diório

11-akioleonardo.near : claimed by Léo Akio

12-pradit_saengkrai.near : claimed by Pradit Saengkrai

13-bancodossonhos.near : claimed by Luís Só

14-ondrejmerta.near : claimed by Ondřej Merta


36 humans to onboard.

Next steps:

We will continue to onboard on our monthly events. Next physical events will be:

Already payed for wasem_simon.near

  • 200 USD onboarding Job
  • 10 near for sending 0.2 Near on nearnames (spent 2,8 NEAR; payed in advance 7,2 NEAR to continue the onboarding event

Total: 380 USD in DAI

8/4/22: 18 USD = 1 NEAR


we at GUME We appreciate the integration of our artists,
Thanks for the great work Nomade Label!!


sorry for the delay, but here it is, intead of renting a projector I bought one that has been used in several Nomade Label events <3

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