[Approved] Proposal For Starting A Near Sports Engagement and Education Initiative [featuring Near Football Viewing Centre and The Near Amateur League]

Hi, @David_NEAR

I have corrected the proposal.

Here: Astro

Thank you.


UPDATE ON PROJECT :man_dancing::man_dancing::gorilla::gorilla:

Please recall:

•We have secured 6 out of 10 teams. By the end of this week, all 10 teams should be complete and all the players added to the Near Amateur League Telegram group.

•Near Amateur League now has Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We’ll begin to work on populating the pages soon​:rocket:

•I’m not working alone. I now have a team of 5 people working with me to take the NAL beyond expectations.

•I have hung banners and shared fliers. The response is incredible.

*Pictures showing the banners and the fliers.



Thank you for your hard work. This poll could use your votes.
Les go :rocket::rocket:!

Hi @AugustKinge the proposal on Astro you have linked to is Duplicated therefore I would advise the @marketingdao-council to Reject or Abstain

There is another proposal that is being voted on now…

To avoid confusion please ensure that you only make ONE proposal. Many thanks


Hello @cryptocredit,

I value the hard work @marketingdao-council is doing. Well done.

However, if you followed this thread, you would see how I notified the council of the updates and revisions of my proposals based on the fluctuating value of Near.

I wrote several proposals, it is unfortunate that it’s the one that leaves me about $100 short that’s been approved.

Lastly, I wish I’d been notified on time not to proliferate proposals.

Again, I value your work. But I feel that prompt responses and guidance will go a long way to avoid confusion.


Hello @AugustKinge - while the Council is voting on the above Astro DAO poll, please complete the Google Form outlined in the New Payout Process so we can also get moving on having you pass through KYC. Thanks for your cooperation!

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A little help’s needed here, please @marketingdao-council.

The approved poll proposal above of 46N was made when Near was about $11 dollars. Now that the value is markedly different and 46N will be up to nearly $200 short of the requested $500, what do I do?

@Dacha @David_NEAR, a little help, please.

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Hello Augustine.
It’s been more than a month you gave this space any feedback on what is going on with your project.
Can we please get some receipts to know how far the competition has gone?.
Don’t you think it’s taking too long?.
We don’t want a situation where by this forum is filled with proposals from Africans and the projects are not completed.

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I appreciate your request for updates, but I don’t understand your request for “receipts”.

While I appreciate your request for updates, I must clarify that this project is not running under the auspices of any African organisation, coalition or guild. I am therefore not accountable to you in that regard.

Having said that, preparations are ongoing to bring the projects to a head soon - in spite of several setbacks.

I will deliver some reports tomorrow.


This is a mature response
With what we’ve seen (the fliers and the rest) we trust he’s doing something things. He’s going to give us report when it’s time.

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Nobody is attacking you, I wonder why you’re being so defensive. You should know that eyes are on this project, and with lots of funds invested, the least you can do is to drop updates.
With time, other projects would be kept on hold, until pending projects are completed. I’m sure you won’t like that to happen…

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You misunderstand me.

I am neither being defensive, nor do I perceive your comments as an attack.

My point was pretty clear, so I will not repeat it.

Like I said, I will show a report tomorrow.


What do you mean by receipts here?

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Hello everyone.

It’s been an exciting, topsy turvy journey, but we’re slowly getting to the matches :soccer::soccer:

We’ve done:

The fliers

The banners

Check our jerseys (50 pairs and 4 pieces)

I had a personal function to attend in another State, so I have had to retool my strategy so that the competitions can be held in this new location.

I’m now working now closely with local football coaches trying to overcome the biggest barrier I’ve encountered.

The Biggest Barrier

I’ve had to spend a lot time talking to prospective participants to assuage their doubts about cryptocurrency. Many of them want to deal in “cold hard cash”.

The Solution

After many talks with players, teams and coaches, this barrier is crashing. Educating people about the practical use cases of NEAR tokens has been a pleasure and the fruit of this labour will be reaped shortly as several teams have indicated interest.

Action Points

  1. I have meetings with a few team captains to show them how to open Near wallets and fund them. Recall that each player (on every team) will have to register via their Near wallet. And a registration fee of up to 1.5Near will be paid to amateurleague1.near

  2. My team will liaise with all the parties involved to work out the most feasible date for the the start of the league - which will them be announced here.

This concludes the report for now. Thanks for your patience and support.



Near Viewing Centre

The building is complete.

Unfortunately, I cannot share pictures at the moment because I’m currently away from home and I don’t have them on any of the devices with me at the moment. Please, bear with me.

For maximum effectiveness, I later situated the Near Viewing Centre just opposite the Federal University of Technology, Akure.

What’s left is to purchase:

Decoders and

I look forward to sharing a more comprehensive report on my return home.

Thanks for your understanding.


Cool :pray:
The receipts I was referring to means “Updates”… and I can see it on your next post…
Nice one. Wasn’t trynna demean your work in anyway. I’m equally looking forward to the success of this projects.
If you could start up a YouTube Channel so that some clips can be uploaded during this events, that would be nice too.


Mad stuff!!


Thanks @Jeromemrys, I appreciate. The YouTube suggestion is fantastic.

It’ll be my pleasure to stream the matches in the Metaverse - somewhere on Nearhub or something.


Alright Sir​:pray::pray:
We hope everything comes out good​:pray:

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Any update about your event?
How did it end and the team that won?



This is gone as there is no reports since April

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