[APPROVED] Professional User-generated Content - Funding Request Sept

Hi everyone, I’m Andini @andinipapy, a NEAR & Paras community member since 2021. In this proposal, I’d like to explain the initiative that my team has outlined and how it is in line with MDAO’s KPI this September. I’ve talked and shared the draft with @Dacha and got the green light to continue bringing this up to the forum.

Background of the proposal:
Just recently, Paras team held an offline event, Web3Wave, which successfully brought 5.4K+ registered users through Arkana with 102 participants and 8 partners, including Clemens as NEAR rep, Meteor Wallet, and Outlier Ventures. Other than that, we have also kept producing daily content on social media (mostly on Twitter and Instagram), with great numbers of August’s accounts reached (5K on Instagram), engagements (1K on Instagram), and tweet impressions (202K on Twitter). With these achievements, we want to expand our reach and improve our initiative to a more professional-looking media so that we can gain the trust of newcomers to the NEAR ecosystem.

Social links:

Media that we will use:
Paras Learning Center: https://learn.paras.id/
The page is still in the early stage, with 19 articles & 3 videos that explore topics around Web3 and blockchain.

Objectives & goals:
Through this initiative, we want to contribute to achieving MDAO’s KPIs, especially in increasing the number of people educated about the NEAR ecosystem, NDC, and active projects building on NEAR as well as increasing the number of active users through on-chain onboarding, which then leads to on-chain engagement and participation in the ecosystem.

We understand that more professional-looking content has a tendency to be more trustworthy and reliable, therefore in order to improve users’ knowledge about the NEAR ecosystem and its dApps, we want to create and produce videos & articles on Paras Learning Center. We are visualizing the content from the users’ perspective/point of view to give an intimate impression to the viewers/readers.

How do we track the metrics?

  • Through Google Analytics for article
  • Through YouTube’s views & engagements (comments, likes, video shares) for videos

Success measurement:
We expect to gain significant growth on the page visit of Paras Learning Center and in YouTube video views and engagements.

Start date/content duration:
1 month, we will start delivering content right after the proposal is approved.

Plan of the content topics:
These are the topics that we have thought about. The topics are prone to change following the latest topics on the NEAR ecosystem and community feedback/needs.

  1. About NEAR
  • History
  • Latest update: NEAR BOS
  • About NEAR BOS in-depth
  • Why should you use BOS? (from user & developer perspective)
  • Pillars of BOS
  • Why does NEAR focus on onboarding Web2 users
  • NEAR infrastructure, including Aurora, NEAR Horizon, Octopus Network, Calimero
  1. De-Fi
  • How to provide liquidity
  • How to stake liquidity
  • How to yield farm
  • Use Ref Finance, JUMP DeFi, SpinFi, MetaPool, Burrow, including other projects that are not included.
  1. NFT
  • How to mint an NFT on NEAR projects (Paras, Mintbase, Tradeport, including other projects that are not included).
  • How to buy, sell, and make offers on these platforms
  1. Gaming
  • How to access and gain profit through Pumpopoly, ZomLand, PlayEmber, including other projects that are not included.
  • About Sweat Economy
  1. Ticket-generated & drops platform
  • Keypom, Sharddog, Arkana, including other projects that are not included.
  1. Media & Marketing
  • How to market a new project on NEAR, an initial guide
  1. Community, DAO, governance
  • About NEAR NDC
  • About I-AM-HUMAN
  • NEAR Forum

Plan of the upload schedule & total:
We are planning to deliver 4 videos and 8 articles in the first batch (September) with topics from the above section. The schedule is tentative, but we are planning to upload it every Monday.

Proposed budget:

  1. Production
  • $200 for content researcher
  • $200 for content creator/talent
  • $800 for video editor
  • $300 for videographer
  • $35 for footage subscription - Envato
  • $35 for assets subscription - Freepik
  1. Promotion & marketing
  • $400 for Twitter Spaces’ host (4 weeks)
    Topics: NEAR (NEAR BOS & infrastructure), NEAR projects - De-Fi, NEAR projects - NFT, Blockchain & web3 enthusiasts
  • $200 for hiring an artist to make POAP NFT
  • $150 for web3 influencer
  • $80 for YouTube ads
  • $400 for a giveaway on social media, using Keypom & Arkana

Total proposed budget: $2800

Product improvements on Paras Learning Center:
We have several improvements in mind for the Paras Learning Center page, with details below.

  • Views on the article to track the metrics besides Google Analytics
  • Quizzes on articles & video with points & NEAR as rewards
  • Content continuity (e.g.: the user can read the 2nd article only after finishing the 1st article)

NEAR wallet: marketing.paras.near
Wallet owner: handled by @andinipapy as Paras community rep

Thank you so much for the attention!


Glad to see the Paras team is enlivening Near Gov again, welcome back! :beers:

We look forward to collaborating specifically to educate users in Indonesia :raised_hands:


Thank you for the constant support and guidance, sir @derymars.


Thank you for your proposal.

Happy to support


-A well-structured and comprehensive approach to educating and engaging the ecosystem community and attracting new members

-Its outlines specific objectives related to increasing awareness and active projects, as well as boosting on-chain user

-There is no doubt that professional quality content is reaching a large audience.

  • I like the idea of using analytics tools to track progress, this will allow for more data-driven decisions and help with transparency in evaluating your reports later.

But we don’t give more emphasis to giveaways, can you reduce the budget for this?


Hi @andinipapy You have received majority council support for this proposal. Moving to approved.

Next steps:

Your application was approved by Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO at NDC. The approved proposal will be included in the next MDAO budget request to NDC trust. The trust needs to authorize it first and then transfer funds to Marketing DAO treasury: the expected payment date is the last week of September.

So, during this time, please do the following:

  1. Fill out the form to pass KYC

  2. Wait for future instruction from Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO and an invitation to create a transfer on Astro DAO.

  3. Please join NDC Marketing HUB to discuss this and future projects.

  4. Refer to the Marketing DAO Funding Guide as needed.


Thanks for your support @Bakaka, it really means a lot :slight_smile:

For the giveaways, we plan to have them every week (for a duration of 4 weeks) and divide them into two platforms: Twitter and Instagram. As both platforms have different types of audiences, the giveaway I believe will play a big role in our effort in trying to reach as many users as possible.

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Glad to hear this update and I’ll follow the steps provided. Thanks a lot, @so608!

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I’m glad to see that Paras team has been approved, and I’m excited to see your content

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Congratulations!! :blush: :dizzy:

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Dear @Soos @andinipapy !
Our request to NDC trust has been approved. So please, create a transfer from Marketing DAO treasure to your wallet. Marketing DAO Proposal Funding Guide - Updated August 2023
Thank you very much!

Thank you @Soos, please look forward on https://learn.paras.id/ :smiley:

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Thank you! And grateful for your assistance @johanga :smiley:

Hey @Dacha done creating a transfer, thank you :slight_smile:

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