[Approved] PH Guild December 2021 Initiative

Guild Name: NEAR Protocol Philippines

Funding Scheme: Monthly

NOTE: This is simply a resubmission as per suggestion from members of the Marketing DAO council. Our previous submission was a proposal good for 2 months. The requested budget for that said proposal was above the MarketingDAO soft limit.

This December funding request is a continuation of the campaign since October. Thus, each month’s payout request is the same as November’s.
November and December have the same deliverables as October. The only addition is the social media paid ads.
200 USD for the budget until December 31, 2021.

Impact: This can scale our outbound reach. In turn, more Filipinos get the benefit of joining the NEAR PH community.

We can only do so much manual invitation. Automating the growth via Facebook ads can help our team focus on more meaningful engagement on our group channels, such as Discord and Telegram, and Facebook Messenger.


  • To continue generating marketing materials to educate Filipinos on blockchain and the NEAR advantage.

  • To continue coming up with and implementing weekly and quarterly event mechanics; This, in turn, helps us to grow and maintain an engaged Filipino community.

The more educated and engaged Fililinos become through NEAR PH, the more NEAR dApps they can sign up for. That, in turn, makes the NEAR ecosystem more robust in the long run.
The Philippines is badly hit with the virus. More people lose their bread and butter. We aim to educate Filipinos on NEAR Protocol. This campaign can help jobless Filipinos generate alternative sources of income like NFT sales. Filipinos can also consider crypto investment vehicles via yield farming on NEAR.
Moreover, Filipinos love to play videogames; when play-to-earn games are launched on mainnet, we can launch another gaming subgroup in our community, as needed. We not only play by ear, we play by NEAR.

Activities (Current and Upcoming)

NEAR PH is still going to do what it has been doing for the past 8 months:

  • Creating & distributing marketing contents

(blogs, interviews, videos, tutorials, translations, infographics)

  • Weekly events (interviews and calls)

  • Community management (growth, nurturing, branching out)

New and Refined Features:

  • Special Explainer Video Series (for demystifying blockchain)

  • Making our weekly and monthly events even more engaging

  • Launching quarterly special events

Social Stats (as of November 2nd Week)

  • 582 to 816 followers on Twitter

  • 915 to 1,112 followers on our Facebook page

  • 310 to 381 subscribers on our Youtube channel

  • 81 to 96 videos on Youtube


  • 631 to 672 members on Telegram

  • 92 to 124 members on Discord

  • 697 to 912 members on Facebook Group (Private)

Behind the Scenes


We are consulting with external service providers to gain insights and learn the best practices on how to run, not just a community, but also how to maximize the exposure of our marketing materials to our target audience. It’s part of our overhead expenses from our common fund as a regional guild.

We are also in touch with NEAR’s legal guild. This is so that we can carefully position ourselves in the country, while at the same time being aware of the laws and regulations that have a bearing on our activities as a hybrid crypto community.

Possible Outsourcing

We have already started to scout for specific talents just in case we need their services and expertise for our marketing materials. There may be some time when we might need to outsource certain tasks to third-party contractors. This will be the case when the internal NEAR PH team’s workload reaches its ceiling.


1.Special Explainer Video Series (1 to 2 minutes)


These videos demystify blockchain concepts among Filipinos, not just among our existing community members, but also among those whom we have yet to reach.


The more Filipinos get educated on blockchain through NEAR PH, the more they explore blockchain opportunities on NEAR Protocol.


In order for us to pave the way for NEAR Protocol to smoothly gain a foundational foothold in the Philippines, it is necessary that we clear up the misconception about blockchain through short-but-informative explainer videos.

The videos are going to be in our hybrid mother tongue: Taglish (Portmanteau for Tagalog and English). We cannot wholly use Tagalog, as some blockchain jargons don’t have a direct translation into Tagalog. Thus, Taglish.

As in any other countries, Filipinos think that blockchain, Bitcoin, and crypto, are all scams. This is because countless Filipinos have been victimized by these ponzi schemes, disguising themselves as Bitcoin miners and fund managers. We have encountered these objections in the last 4 months when we started an outbound campaign to generate leads.

Therefore, by persuading our target audience through these explainer videos that blockchain is a legitimate technology, perhaps citing that Coinbase, a crypto exchange platform, became a publicly-traded blockchain company on NASDAQ, we can reassure our community members, and those we are going to reach, that NEAR is not another scam.

Explaining an abstraction can be a challenge, especially when explaining crypto concepts. Therefore, we are going to utilize Philippine-based analogies, metaphors, and stories that Filipinos can readily grasp.

Moreover, these explainer videos are EVERGREEN, timeless. They are going to be redistributed in the years to come as references for our new members. These will be included on our special Youtube Playlist for easy access.

From conceptualizing to careful script writing, storyboarding, voice over recording, animation and visual production, music and sound effects integration, post production editing, everything will be painstakingly taken care of.

2. Engaging Weekly Calls


Having regular networking events for our community to look forward to each week, they feel the presence of NEAR not just on the group chats, but also on recorded conference calls with a real host from the team. The videos can be distributed and referred to in the years to come for reference.


This arrangement can be an avenue for NEAR projects and their founders to be featured in our weekly community calls.

3. Key Personality Interviews

With whom?

With project founders, famous NFT artists, popular NEAR community members on their stories, project features, and what’s in store in the NEAR future for their projects.


Knowing the personality behind the project, art, or behind the pseudonym, community members can get acquainted with people in the ecosystem, that they are not just faceless avatars. They could feel that there are real people behind these dApps.


The more our community is acquainted with NEAR founders and key figures, the more NEAR protocol becomes meaningful to our community, a sense of belongingness.

4. Two Featured Articles (2 well-thought-out articles)


These well-crafted how-tos and informational blogs on the hottest NEAR

Projects can either inspire our audience, or spur them on to take action based on the steps outlined in the content.


After the community has consumed the content, they can apply the information by either

signing up for different dApps on NEAR featured in the content.

5. Tagalog Translations (1 per week/4 per month)


Reading contents in our mother tongue can strike a deeper chord with Filipinos


Having NEAR-related content in Tagalog makes Filipino feel the presence of

NEAR in the Philippines

6. Theme related Tutorials


We are going heavy on DeFi this month, but we have already made 2 videos on NEAR Academy. Therefore, we will still make theme-related how-to videos on DeFi Yield Farming videos for our community to consume and act upon.


These actionable how-to videos will prompt the community to apply the recommended actions.

  1. Illustrative Infographics (1 per week/4 per month)


Even the most effective communicators still need a visual aid to illustrate their message. Audio and written forms can only do so much. An infographics can convey an idea in a visual manner. As crypto concepts are new to Filipinos, infographics make them comprehend the idea deeper.


Giving visual aids to the community makes them appreciate the NEAR ecosystem fully. This can make our community understand where they are within the ecosystem and see the bigger landscape, so to speak. This in turn makes them stick around with NEAR.

  1. On-demand How-to Videos

Rationale: at some point during the month, we may need to upload a how-to video in response to an immediate need. This can be in the form of how to liquidate on Binance, how to open a wallet, etc.


Being shown a step-by-step guide in video form can make our community apply what they learn from the material.


The more our community interacts with different dApps, the more wallets are created, the more transactions are taking place on top of NEAR.


In order for us to have a quantitative assessment on the success of our various initiatives mentioned above we have determined that we would want to hit the following milestones for each initiative.

  1. Special Explainer Videos - Have at least 100 views or more within 30 days after uploading them for each explainer video we put out.

  2. Weekly Engaging Calls - We aim to have an average of 10 participants join us per weekly call.

  3. Key Personality Interviews - Have at least 100 views or more within 30 days of publishing the interviews on our Youtube channel.

  4. Featured Articles - We aim to havet 100 reads or more of our articles within 30 days of their being uploaded on medium.

  5. Tagalog Translations - We aim to have at least 50 reads on our articles within 30 days of their being published.

  6. Theme Related Tutorials - Have at least 70 views or more within 30 days of the videos going up on our Youtube channel.

  7. Illustrative Infographics - We will be using Twitter stats to measure the reach for our infographics. We aim to have at least 20 retweets within 15 days of publishing for each of our infographics given the size of our following at the moment, we will be increasing this metric as our follower count grows.

  8. On-demand How-to Videos - Have at least 50 views or more within 30 days of the videos going up on our Youtube channel.

  9. Facebook Ads - We will be running paid ads to maximize our reach as well as that of our content.

More power to Blockchain solutions via NEAR Protocol!

The following breakdown has been carefully considered by the team for commensurate distribution of funds. A common fund has also been made for overhead and unexpected expenses.

This is so that we can still operate not just with the same marketing materials since we started February this year, but with new features and initiatives that can make our operation even more impactful with a long-term horizon.

Expenses breakdown:

  • 2 Minute Explainer Video Series (2500 USD per video) 2,500 USD

  • Weekly engaging calls (200 USD per session/video x 4) 800 USD

  • Key personality Interviews (150 USD per session/video x 4) 600 USD

  • 2 Featured articles (250 USD per article x 2) 500 USD

  • Tagalog translations (100 USD per piece x 4) 400 USD

  • NEAR Academy tutorials (100 USD per video x 4) 400 USD

  • Illustrative Infographics (50 USD each x 4) 200 USD

  • On-demand How-to videos (freely given, pro bono) it’s on us

  • Budget for Facebook ads (200 USD per month) 200 USD

Total Payout Request: 5,600 USD

NEAR Wallet: near-philippines.sputnik-dao.near

Owner: nphil.near


Good morning, I will vote Yes. Sorry, for delay. Have a good day!

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Hey guys,

Happy to approve this. Please wait to submit a funding request as per my comment on the previous thread.

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Thank you David, much appreciated!

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Thanks for your patience!

The new funding process is now live, you can follow the instructions here to request your funding:

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Congratulations, Poll has just been approved by Council. You can now proceed to KYC and request funds from NEAR Foundation as per the latest payout guidelines.

For future submissions, please include links to the previous content generated.

Thanks, AVB

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