[Approved] PH Guild April 2022 Initiative

Guild: NEAR Protocol Philippines
Funding Scheme: Monthly

Previous Proposal Link: [Approved] PH Guild March 2022 Inititiative - #6 by drewmarpa
Previous Month Report: [Report] NEAR Philippines March 2022

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.”

As is true with all great organizations, NEAR PH won’t be built in a day. However, it stays true to its core mission: onboarding Filipinos onto NEAR one person at a time–or should we say one figurative “brick” at a time?

In view of the above, the team has been reinventing the guild to meet the changing demands. For instance, one recently-added feature is the events and contests. There has been a positive response from the community.

Moving forward, NEAR PH is going to deliver the activities enumerated after this paragraph. The list contains both proven and recently added deliverables. Please be assured that we are always on the lookout for the most effective marketing strategies that make the most sense.

As always we would love to hear feedback. We are looking forward to building NEAR with the NEAR Foundation one brick at a time, as it were.


1x Explainer Video ~ 1,000 USD

Value: Explainer videos are evergreen. They can be regurgitated in perpetuity. This is especially true with the foundational ones, such as the 3-part series (What is Bitcoin; Why choose NEAR Protocol; Why choose NEAR PH). The videos cleared up misconceptions about crypto. They further expounded on why choose NEAR over all other popular networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. And eventually the last video in the series prompted the Filipinos to join NEAR PH. These considerations had been deliberated to hit the overall mission to onboard and retain more Filipinos on NEAR.

Impact: While the majority of Filipinos are still not aware of blockchain benefits, some are already awakened to the potential of Web3. Because of NEAR PH’s videos, Filipinos are reassured that there are fellow talents dedicating their focus on educating their fellow citizens using media.

2x Bi-Weekly Workshops/Orientations/Video Sessions ~ 400 USD

Value: The NEAR Foundation can eventually join these bi-weekly events for whatever purposes. It could be some big announcements that require a live presence from a representative with a certain project within the ecosystem. This can come handy, because our weekly meetings have become a tradition already.

Impact: Since we know how our people role, as it were, we have come to realize that a weekly live call has been proven to be effective at accommodating our people. You see, Filipinos are naturally gregarious. We thrive in groups. We are mainly collectivists, not individualists. Since we have launched this initiative from the get go, it has become a tradition among our community members. Even big shots like Hero would still drop by from time to time at these meetings, reminiscing the former times.

2x Live Interviews with Project Founders/Artists ~ 400 USD

Value: While NEAR ecosystem projects have their own channels and platforms on which to broadcast their messages, this live interview extracts information from founders and artists on a slightly different angle. While a message can be articulated in writing or in an image, such as an infographics, a live interview still has its unique flavor.

Impact: When Filipinos see the guests live in an interview, the guests become more “human.” This is not to say that we dehumanize people. But a live interview still has that personal touch. We are wired to engage with another human being more meaningfully when we see the nuances in their facial expressions when they try to articulate themselves on video.

2x Articles ~ 200 USD

Value: I guess there is nothing much to say here when it comes to the value of written content. But just to reiterate, the written word is still by far the most formal medium of communication, bar none. (at least in our opinion) wink wink.

Impact: All of us consume media differently. While videos and multimedia are the medium of choice for this generation (We’re mostly Gen Zedders, by the way), there are still people whose primary medium is the written word.

2x Translations ~ 100 USD

Value: Decentralization warrants inclusion. When people feel included, they may be more inclined to commit their resources, especially talents, to an institution within which people feel welcomed. In view of this, when non-English folks see that NEAR is including their mother tongue, that is good PR for NEAR.

Impact: Many of us in the NEAR ecosystem can attest to this fact: while English is the language of our minds, our mother tongue is the language of our hearts. Our mother tongue strikes a different chord in us. It’s visceral. One of our team members agrees with this. While this member is very proficient in English, this member started to well up in tears after this member started to hear a multimedia translation into this member’s mother tongue. (Notice we did not give any gender qualification here? This is just to keep this member’s identity private, another ethos of crypto: privacy). Nuff said here.

25x Infographics ~ 800 USD

Value: NEAR is benefiting from the talents NEAR PH has. The infographics ninja in our team has been honing his skill over the last year so as to capture the message and translate that into a visually oriented mode. While NEAR is allowing us to hone our skill in this department, NEAR would be able to hire our talents for infographics whenever NEAR needs it.

Impact: Not all information is created equal. Some are best conveyed in written words; others are better off in a diagram. Moreover, infographics can capture the essence of a concept. They can also provide alternative perspectives with which to appreciate a notion or a seemingly-esoteric concept.

Social Media Management ~ 1,000 USD
This will include

  • Facebook Page/Group management
  • Sharing/Posting Content and activities
  • Answering page inquiries
  • Twitter page management
  • Posting announcements
  • Answering inquiries on all of our social media handles
  • 2 Telegram Group Chat managements

Community Management ~ 1,000 USD
This will include:

  • Growth
  • Inviting potential community members
  • Community Moderation & Engagement
  • Bounties
  • Community Awards
  • Giveaways in NEAR
  • Tips for Telegram Tipbot
  • Managing Community Events

Value: Well I guess crypto O.G.s can’t deny the fact that a good project needs some moderators to cater for the needs of the community.

Monthly Events ~ 600 USD

• One big event ~ 400 USD
• One smaller event ~ 200 USD

Value: While content serves its purpose for engagement, running events is a different animal altogether. It fosters engagement that cannot be done with any other initiatives.

Impact: As we have mentioned, Filipinos are gregarious people. They thrive in camaraderie and in groups. Even the most isolated village in the Philippines would hold their yearly festival of some sort. In view of the above, running events engages more Filipinos in meaningful and impactful ways.

NEAR Wallet: near-philippines.sputnik-dao.near
Total Payout Request: 5,500 USD in NEAR

Owner: nphil.near

The following breakdown has been carefully considered by the team for commensurate distribution of funds. A common fund has also been made for overhead and unexpected expenses.

More power to Blockchain solutions via NEAR Protocol!

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Hi @drewmarpa will you be managing the Social media and Community by yourself or do you have other team members? Please include details of your team so the community can see who is involved with the tasks.

Also indicate a clearer breakdown of what is planned for the monthly events.



Good day @cryptocredit. Thanks for taking the time to ask for clarity on this. Yes there are currently three main team members running the community and managing our social media platforms (myself, @Kurenai, and @dizzybreezy). We also have with us 2 part-time moderators helping manage our Telegram groups.

As for the events, the team is currently brainstorming on the type of event we will be holding for this month, we will be sending our event breakdown along with the mechanics in this thread.

For reference, you may refer to these two events we held and marketed back in March to bring more people to NEAR.

NFT Contest: NEAR Philippines March 2022 NFT Contest - Google Docs

March Mini Meme Contest: https://twitter.com/NEARPhilippines/status/1500769481458532353?s=20&t=IwdUKMFo9ah2TBHCZex1Bg

Thank you!


Would it be possible to post the links to your social channels to review some of the content you’ve already created?


Good day Clint!

Yes,here are our social channels and some notable content pieces we have created.

YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/nearphilippines

Medium: NEAR Protocol Philippines – Medium

Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/NEARPhilippines

Good evening, what kind of events? Thanks


Can you share what kinds of articles and social content you are planning on your social media channels, YouTube and Medium? What are the topics you are thinking about?


Thanks for your proposal and work so far.

Content is King. Overall I don’t have any major objections to the list with types of planned content and cost, however, I am wondering about the actual content.

The reason why I am asking about this is because I would much rather pre-approve up to X amount in Bounties for content and open source it to anyone to create the best content possible.

I am somewhat concerned about us paying top dollars to small groups of people who may not be the best placed to create the content. We can pay you for distribution, but content must be EXCELLENT ($1,000 explainer video must be PRO).



Good day Dacha!

Here are our intended events along for the month. We plan on partnering with established projects (e.g, Atocha Protocol & PARAS.ID) for said events.

PARAS Comic Contest: NEAR Philippines Main Event (April to May) - Google Docs

Atocha Protocol Puzzle Challenge: NEAR Philippines April Event #1 - Google Docs

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As I know they recently singed partnerships with Flying Rhino. So,

should be particularly covered from Flying Rhino budget as part of Twitter’s promotion.

Furthermore, Atocha allocated $ 10,000 for this competition.

Could you please give more details,

  • What stands for “ Inviting potential community members”
  • Bounties (what kind, who can participate in,)
  • Community Awards, Giveaways in NEAR - the same questions


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Hello so608!

We mostly upload all our NFT Artists Orientation Recaps, Founder/Project Interviews, and monthly interviews on our Youtube Channel. You may refer here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRUT0Z3TgwgrH8ns2WreJsQ/videos

Most of our community members always asks the same things or some recaps on everything we have for them, so it’s easy if it’s already uploaded so that they can just watch and rewatch what they have missed out. If you checked our Youtube, we have quite a lot of subscribers that even some of our videos have 1k+ views.

For our Medium Articles, we mostly covered articles that sparks engagements to our readers such as Project Interviews, Meta Pool, Featured artists, appreciation articles for our artists and the likes. We have @OrvardJam in charge of these articles. We also translate some of our english articles for a better understanding of our audience because some words or sentences might be too deep for them to understand.

For this month, we have scheduled an interview with Uniqart’s founder tomorrow. Also with other NEAR NFT Marketplaces such as Galactic way or QSTN for this month. We also have 2 orientations for this month for our aspiring NFT Artists. Since Philippines ranks one of the most active NFT users. We want to use these opportunities to encourage and onboard these people to join the NEAR Blockchain by participating in these platforms such as Paras, Atocha, NEAR Memes, Mintbase, Meta Pool, etc.

For our explainer videos, a lot of our members have been requesting a tutorial of how to Cash Out NEAR to PESO, as they have find it really hard. There were instances wherein some of them have been scammed by someone they asked to cashout their NEARS. It’s saddening. So, we are making it this month to help them with this.

I hope this clears up your concern.

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Hello @Dacha,

These contests that we’re having this month aims to spike and encourage people and non-crypto people to be educated about these amazing platforms on NEAR. Though Paras is quite popular already with our members but we want it broaden more by inviting more people especially not artists to participate in these fun games and events.

These 2 events for Atocha and Paras are from our own budget. We did not ask for a fund from them, we only want them to gain more audience, gamers, artists through this fun challenges. We have only asked Atocha and Paras to judge these said events for fairness and for the winners to be featured in them because we believe that by doing this will spark more people to be motivated to participate.

Our Paras Comic Event will be launched by the end of this month, so this will be covered until May, we won’t be asking funds for that.

Hello @satojandro,

You may visit our social handles here:


We mostly feature upcoming projects on NEAR to stay up to date with these plaforms and also to introduce them to our community. It was just last year that crypto has been known to our country, that’s why a lot of our people don’t know much about it even the terms and slangs, so we also have #Crypto word of the week to teach them new cryptovocabulary. Since our community and strongest asset is about NFTs specially NFT Artists, we feature them weekly and this has proven a great deal to them so they are exposed to lots of audience and collectors. We feature and promote their projects and giveaways as well. We also feature testimonials from our artists because a lot of them have been benefitting from earning from the platforms under NEAR such as Paras, Mintbase and Endemic. So, we are flexing all their wins and milestones to encourage and appreciate all their hard work in creating arts. Most of them were able to provide for their family, fix their houses, buy a lot, buy cars, tricycles, pay their tuition fees, school fees, pay their family’s expenses.

So far, a lot projects are reaching out to us for promotions and giveaways and we are really grateful and happy because this will surely benefit our community members to join and earn from these amazing platforms.

I can’t approve rewards which could be covered from projects with generous budgets. And you don’t need to spend your own money, because the project got a grant from NF and marketing activities were included in it.

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Propose reduce to $50.

Propose reduce to $20

$5 / infographic , $125

Looking forward to see answers on my questions. Thanks

One big event 400 USD

One smaller event ~ 0 USD

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Thank you for this.

Potential community members refers to non-crypto people are still not familiar of NEAR. We are reaching out to these people manually everyday to invite them to join to our community with the aim of educating, onboard and nurture them.
We still have not hosted bounties but we plan to soon. These would aim to invite people to join us and everyone can join.
Whenever some projects hold an AMA, we also take part in doing giveaways for our listeners and members to be actively interacting and participating.

Hello @Dacha

Thank you for this. We started the contest cause we want to invite more people especially non-crypto people join and be onboarded to NEAR through these platforms.

If this will be successful, we will then ask for a sponsorship with these two projects. So, as of now, we are using our own budget.

Yes, thank you. Since we have a lot of promotions, AMAs and events this month, we will be moving our Big event which is the Paras Comic to later this month to May. Though we have already started our Puzzle Contest that we shared on our Twitter and Facebook. So far, we have received inquiries from people not on NEAR to join this event. So, we are really rooting for it.

Here’s the link:

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