[Approved, paid] ClickUp Business Plus Plan


Within the House of Merit, numerous tasks demand our attention – ranging from overseeing GDAO proposals and monitoring polls to coordinating meetings, managing the NDC Ops Team, and more. We seek a streamlined method to manage these responsibilities. Upgrading the ClickUp Plan can enhance our efficiency, facilitating smoother coordination and collaboration.

What we’ll do with ClickUp:

  • GDAOs proposals management: track and organize GDAOs proposals efficiently.
  • Polls tracking: update Astro++ polls for all HOM members.
  • Legal docs: manage legal documents for better organization.
  • Calls scheduling: keep our calls and meetings well-coordinated.
  • NDC Social Media Management: streamline NDC social media announcements and content scheduling.
  • Engagement: monitor engagement activities for Congress members.
  • Meetings notes: organize and review meeting notes and action items.


Plan Business Plus: 19$ for a member per month (yearly billing; 228$ per member per year)
*40 members (26 Congress +Ops, Tech, SMM)
Total amount for 1 year: 9120$