[Approved] OUTLANDS artist NFT intro/onboarding workshop

On Dec 10 2021, I will be offering an intro to NFTs and onboarding sessoin to 15 experimental artists of the OUTLANDS Network (https://www.outlands.network/) here in the UK, and of which I am a member. I’m writing to request NEAR to onboard 15 artists. I discussed with @caromintbase who said 7 NEAR per artist would be sufficient. If approved, this could be sent to oculardelusion.near and I will distribute. Any leftover funds I can also save for another artist onboarding session (I’ve done quite a few privately now!)

Karen Eng, [15/11/2021 11:09]
An introduction & onramp to NFTs

Karen Frances Eng (@oculardelusion) is an experimental digital artist who currently works in mixed-reality public art, live animated projection, and cryptoart.

In early 2020, she stumbled into the world of art on the blockchain, then known as cryptoart, and now more widely known as NFTs. In the first half of this workshop, she’ll offer an overview of what NFTs are, why this technology is exciting for artists, and her experiences so far. She will also introduce some of the various popular NFT platforms and blockchains.

In the second half, she’ll offer a session helping artists get set up with a NEAR cryptocurrency wallet and an account on NFT platform Mintbase.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be set up to begin tokenising your own artworks, start collecting NFTs, and generally begin learning about the NFT process and some of the communities involved.

Come take this opportunity to cut through the hype and noise, ask questions, and find out in a low-risk way if NFTs might be useful in your practice.

Karen Eng, [15/11/2021 11:10]
I told OUTLANDS that Mintbase is willing to support 15 artists with 7 NEAR each. Maybe for those who just want to collect and not deploy a store it can be less?

Agreed wtih Maria Magdalena to the following funding:

5x7N for people who want to create their own store

1x6.5N for a collective store of the onboarding event (that can be used for future onboarding events tb)

and 10x 2N for people who just want to mint and buy a first one

Total: 61.5 NEAR

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:slight_smile: sounds great! Karen, you re an onboarding animal!


Thank you! haha
I will double check with Createbase and put in the request.

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This is approved, just would like to make sure you tell them to mint 1 NFT for 0,1 to 1 N and make them buy eachothers nfts :slight_smile:
Only give out the funds to those who want to mint and buy and test ours ystem like this, please :slight_smile:

@oculardelusion :slight_smile: