[Approved] Open Web House | Hackathon in Guadalajara Mexico

Hello, NEAR family.
I am excited to bring to the forum a new proposal for the creation of the second edition of our hackathon. After exchanging emails with the NEAR Foundation, it only remains to say thank you for following up on this and thank marketing DAO for their work.

Abstract :bookmark:

Open Web House is a three-day face-to-face event focused on software developers from Mexico who want to build web 3.0, as well as a space to guide DeFi issues and crowdfunding projects through a hackathon.

Open Web Academy is an educational DAO that runs Web 3 learning programs to teach people how to develop and launch decentralized projects; developing IRL events to recruit new web 3 builders and promoting the creation of solutions based on the NEAR Protocol for 10 months and now wants to scale up recruiting web 3.0 enthusiasts and builders by creating face to face development groups.

This publication proposes the conceptualization, planning and execution of a three-day hackathon to promote the development of the NEAR ecosystem in Mexico with the Javascript SDK.

Executive Summary


  • January 2, 2023 - announcement of the Open Web House Guadalajara and opening of pre-registration

  • February 6, 2023 - First round of confirmation of attendees.

  • February 6 to March 3, 2023 - Special promotional content and community touchpoints.

  • February 20, 2023 - Second round of confirmation of attendees

  • March 6, 7 and 8, 2023 - Open Web House Guadalajara


Plataforma de Innovación Abierta en Guadalajara, Jalisco, México ()
Why is this event special? The Open Web House seeks to integrate engineers and talents from Web2 and other blockchains into the NEAR ecosystem through a hackathon with the intention of continuing to build solutions for end users.

Goal/Anticipated Outcome

  • Onboard 100 new builders developing solutions using the NEAR Protocol.
  • Construction of 15 web 3.0 business ideas based on NEAR Protocol.
  • Create written open source development resources for the NEAR Protocol in Spanish.
  • Bring together leading local figures in the development of technology with a vision of decentralization.
  • Position NEAR Protocol as a strategic axis for the development of decentralized solutions.
  • Exhibition of the NEAR Protocol brand and the benefits of its technology before the Spanish-speaking public
    Audience/Community Full stack developers, Javascript developers, general developers, college students, and business, marketing, and sales professionals

About Open Web Academy :globe_with_meridians:

In the past, the organization of the Open Web Academy has carried out educational activities focused on the creation of new blockchain solutions that allow the NEAR ecosystem to grow. Some of these activities have even been financed by DAO marketing. You can list:

Our team includes:

Our social networks

Proposal :woman_office_worker:

Organize and implement the logistics of a Hacker House event in Guadalajara, Mexico, where native web 2.0 developers adopt decentralized technologies through introductory talks, bootcamps on the development of smart contracts in the NEAR Protocol and a hackathon for the creation of Dapps in NEAR .

Value proposal. :star_struck:

Open Web House seeks to integrate engineers and talent from Web2 and other blockchains into the NEAR ecosystem through a hackathon with the goal of continuing to create solutions for end users.

Objectives :dart:

  • Onboard 100 new builders developing solutions using the NEAR Protocol.

  • Construction of 15 web 3.0 business ideas based on NEAR Protocol.

  • Create written open source development resources for the NEAR Protocol community in Spanish.

  • Gather leading figures in the development of Web 3 technology.

  • Make brand awareness of NEAR Protocol as a Top of Mind technology for building Web 3 solutions in Latin America.

  • Target Audience :family_man_man_girl_boy:

Fullstack developers, Javascript developers, general devs, university students and IT professionals.

Planning :flight_departure:

  • Select and manage the location for the Open Web House Power by NEAR.
  • Marketing campaign and mass dissemination of the event.
  • Invitation and collaboration with local universities in favor of decentralized education.
  • Ticket management.
  • Contact speakers, instructors and influencers of the NEAR Protocol.
  • Design bootcamps for smart contract development with the NEAR Javascript SDK.
  • Hackathon Organization.
  • Mentoring and tutorials to participants.
  • Evaluation and awards of developed projects.

Event :beach_umbrella:

Important dates

  • January 2, 2023 - announcement of the Open Web House Guadalajara and opening of pre-registration

  • February 6, 2023 - First round of confirmation of attendees.

  • February 6 to March 3, 2023 - Special promotional content and community touchpoints.

  • February 20, 2023 - Second round of confirmation of attendees

  • March 6, 7 and 8, 2023 - Open Web House Guadalajara


PLAi is a higher education institution in the state of Jalisco that promotes the development of skills and abilities for the jobs and demands of the digital age; we promote the connection of people, companies, projects and ideas; and we promote innovation and entrepreneurship to contribute to the competitiveness of Jalisco, Mexico. Visit on the map. Visit the official website: https://plai.mx/


Introductory talk to the Web 3.0 world and the NEAR ecosystem, creation of NEAR wallets, transfer of commemorative NFTs and coworking with the hacker community.

Talks and bootcamps

Crypto talks by national and international speakers, workshops given by certified NEAR instructors and tools for the full stack development of Dapps in the NEAR Protocol.


Before event

  • Creation of virtual space for the apprentice of NEAR Protocol and its development tools.
  • Alliances with local universities to give workshops and free courses on web 3.0 and NEAR
  • Participation in meetup of blockchain communities and local development communities that allow promoting the event.

During the event

  • Hackathon

Time trial contest to develop the best blockchain solution on the NEAR network with the support of expert mentors and instructors in Web 3.0 with prizes in tokens for the best projects.

  • Brainstorming and validation of ideas

space to generate collective ideas that solve current world problems. Validate its technical and financial feasibility and start building with multidisciplinary teams

  • NFT exposition and live auction

IRL Introduction to Digital Art on Web 3 supported by NATIVO NFT.

  • NEAR Ecosystem

Explore the NEAR ecosystem and learn about the different dapps it offers

After the event

  • Virtual feedback spaces for organizers
  • Follow-up to the winning teams for the development of their winning idea.
  • Invitation to participants to future spaces in person and virtually of the Open Web Academy
  • Possible incubation of projects that are scalable

Open schedule :spiral_calendar:

See the full program of the event

KPI’s :medal_military:

  • 100 attendees.

  • 3 workshop on development of smart contracts in NEAR with the Javascript SDK.

  • Creation of 100 NEAR Wallets.

  • Delivery of 70 commemorative NFTs.

  • 15 dapp ideas built on NEAR Protocol

  • 3 notes in medium of the event.

  • Local press coverage.

  • 10 talks related to the NEAR ecosystem + 5 general web 3.0 talks

Budget required :moneybag:

See the complete budget here OWH GDL | Budget 100 people

Budget Description Cost
Venue Payment of use of the place, rental of furniture, rental of projection equipment, security personnel $3688 USD
Snacks and drink Coffee, snacks, tea, water, and energy drinks for the event $727 USD
Food 10 dishes to choose from, 1 rice stew, 1 bean stew, freshly made tortillas, quesadillas, garnishes, disposable, 2-hour service, 20 LTS of water Price: 67 MXN/3.5 USD per person $1169 USD
Merch custom event T-shirts, Impressions of vinyl stickers for the event, 150 printed name tags with simple cord $1120
Logistic and organization Multitasking volunteer, Transportation of organizer to the city of Guadalajara Mexico, Accommodation per night for 4 people, Food for the organizers $2019 USD
Workshop’s instructors payment to 3 the instructors for programming workshop in NEAR with Javascript $6000 USD
Media coverage/marketing Graphic design, print advertising, digital advertising and social networks, Video recording and professional photography for the event for 3 days, Local press release as publicity for the event $2907 USD
Prizes Prizes for hackathon winners $3500 USD
Fee organization $3169 USD
TOTAL $24299 USD

Wallet for funding: open-web-academy.sputnik-dao.near


Great work done to keep pushing the IRL community of NEAR in Latam


Amazing, great opportunity for the LATAM community to learn how to develop and launch blockchain projects in the NEAR protocol :fire:


This seems to be a great way to integrate new devs to NEAR ecosystem :slight_smile: let’s keep building!


Amazing job!, let get bigger the NEAR dev community!. :sunglasses:

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Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form: Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?


The form was completed, thank you for your attention! (:

Thanks for the proposal @irvingcong. In general, I like the idea of hosting a hackathon in Guadalajara. In reviewing this, $10K seems high to me for a one-day event for 70 people. In evaluating this, I’m looking for some comps from other events, but if you have anything like that to share, please do.

My other question is whether you have a strategy for keeping the attendees engaged and building after the event? How does this event funnel into a wider/ongoing effort to keep the people who join interest participants in the NEAR ecosystem over time?



Hi @irvingcong checking in here to see if you have any thoughts on my question/comment above? I am hoping to be able to move this to a conclusion soon. Thanks!

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Hi @so608 happy to answer!
The first thing around is that making a IRL is not only the 3-days execution day. Here some points about that:

  • Organization and marketing started 3 months before this event, so we can have awareness for the Open Web House.
  • The instructors and mentor team needs time to prepare the workshops and educational contents for this audiences, this start almost 4 weeks before the event.
  • Meeting and partnering with local communities take time and effort.
  • 15% of budget goes to prizes, this is money that goes directly to winners.

In resume, budget covers not only execution, also planning and logistics.
Based on talks with @satojandro, Marketing DAO member, we are running long term on NEAR for building the dev ecosystem on Latam. Based on this we adjusted our proposal to build a full experience for this event. Including merch, food and other activations that will run before, during and after the event.

Also, in case a part of the budget cannot by executed, most by matter of time, the resources will be used for coming Open Web Houses. We are now planning more cities like Monterrey :mexico: and Medellín :colombia:
About how to do follow up of members, our community of ow.academy is having weekly meetings to build solutions and give educational contents in spanish. On this way we help to keep people building. More than that, would be nice to have an official announcement of education guidelines of NEAR from NF, so we can get on the same channel.

We are here to stay and glad to be able to solve any other doubt so we can build a solid long term relationship!


one more question, with the proposal update is it necessary to resubmit the form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?

Thanks for updating the proposal and for taking the time to jump on a call with me to clarify some issues.

I am happy to support the full amount requested as part of the initial proposal.

Few notes and comments -

  • OWA has been doing remarkable work in the community for at least 18 months. Due to its strong focus on education and developers, the community is growing in very exciting ways.
  • Following the comprehensive education resources in Spanish and meetups, I believe Hacker Houses are the next step to activating developers.
  • I believe OWA has the potential to have the same standing and output in LATAM as Banyan collective does in the US.
  • I would hold both OWA and Banyan as examples of successful community initiatives and would encourage both to create and share playbooks with other regions.
  • This proposal is closely aligned with NEAR strategic goals of bringing 10m monthly active users online - OWA hacker houses are attracting more high quality builders to unlock a huge TAM un Mexico and LATAM.

Keep up the good work.

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Hello @irvingcong ! I’m moving the proposal to approved.

It would be great if you can put Aurora logo on the events banners and posts on Twitter because you have education courses, including NEAR Certified Aurora Developer. Ok? Thanks!

You can now

  1. Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
  2. Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

Have a great weekend!


Thanks to the entire marketing team for your support. The poll has already been created.
Also count on our support to incorporate strategic allies such as the Aurora community and Aurora Latam.


Hello, NEAR family.
We completed the form at https://ironcladapp.com/ more than 10 days ago and we have not had a response as previously happened. Could you help us by indicating what to do?

@Dacha @satojandro @so608

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Hello, Irving.

There has been a delay with Community Payouts, we received your application and you will receive a signature request soon. Sorry for the inconveniences.




Thanks for the quick response, we understand. :fire:

the report of this proposal can be seen here :nerd_face: