[APPROVED] Onenone Creative Funding May 2022

Onenone Creative Funding Request May 2022

Contact name: @Free

Council members: @Free , @inakes

Onenone Spring Season : DAO building

Target: joshspikes.near ——-> onenone.sputnik-dao.near

Current balance (NEAR): 6.99504

Funding period: May 2022

Requested Funding Amount: total is $3000 USD in near

Onenone council work
$900 USD in NEAR
Spring Season ( tending to the lands)

Onenone creative project
$2100 USD in NEAR
Spring Season (Sayulita Skulls/ gallery activation)

Follow our journey here:

Our introduction and approved April funding

Our April report for approved funding

Love and blessings Creative Community! We are very excited to continue contributing to this community in a multitude of ways. We hope everyone finds our reports, proposals , and introduction informative and also finds this proposal aligned. Thank you all dearly for the consideration. This month we propose the following.

  1. Onenone Spring season: DAO building ( (Tending to the lands/ plotting)

Project outline:

In the spring season Onenone is tending to the lands (digital and physical) while plotting the areas for future development. Our lands are the foundations to our DAO. In order to grow we must continue to build sound foundations and have clear visions for our preferred future.

We identify the following as our continuous council work.

$450 -physical lands - examples below

Onboarding John underhill

Plotting residency programs for

Identifying aligned creatives to partner with and plotting our summer season

Managing all artist, inventory, travels, and communication etc etc

$450-digital lands-(onenone branded assests) logo, website, social medias, and digital markets. Examples below

Continued visual documentation of design process / final designs

Website development

Social media development

Digital market research etc etc

Councils work of the digital / physical lands - $900

  1. Onenone Spring Season: Sayulita Skulls/ gallery activation

Thank you all again for reviewing our May proposal. We hope to continue collaborating with you all and hope to hear from you soon.


Hello Friends,

Happy to come again to moderate a proposal from you. I have some questions and suggestions that can improve this proposal.

I noticed that you have increased the request to fund the DAO council. However, there has been no growth in members. What do you think is the reason for this growth? Will there be more work activities, or do you think that last month this work was undervalued? If this growth is associated with John Underhill joining the board, please describe this =)

When you talk about John Underhill’s onboarding process, could you insert some link demonstrating this, for example the store created for him, some NFT or even his NEAR WALLET adress.

For issues such as Website Development, Social Media Development, etc, I suggest that next month you consider asking Vertikal Marketing for these funds as it might be a good way to diversify your funding request and give this more power to your DAO.

Let me know if my points make sense and if any questions remain.

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Respect Heaverton,

Inakes, John, and I would like to personally thank you for your review and your continuous guidance. This message will be long while as we grow together we hope that we will be able to have phone calls directly with anyone who is open to clarity when desired. May these messages find you all well.

Our increase in the council work is directly related to the value of the commitment and investment that we make to honor our partnership with near, creatives, onenone etc etc.

As I have studied many of the DAOs approved proposals , I didn’t see many daos other then the mature daos describing what they were doing for their council work funds nor did I see much clarity on what is suggested for these funds to be directed towards. As we wish to be apart of the mature daos we did as they did and then also added our touch on identifying possible continuous council work categories. While these are only suggestions, ideas, and or considerations for what one may identify as council work.

For myself I respect how blessed it is to receive funding for creative projects as I’ve been in management for creative entrepreneurial endeavors for 10 years + now and have experienced an array of funding failures and success. The partners of this Dao are equally experienced. Receiving these funds are a complete blessing and I personally enjoy to know exactly why we are requesting funds, what examples these funds maybe going towards, and also keeping a clear track record of our fundings consistent growth needed to produce the growing results desired.

The short answer is we are dedicated. We are choosing to invest a great amount of our time towards having a successful partnership, Dao, and creative productions together and know that our requested funds are always equitably responsible.

We really want this to continue. So we are all in.

I personally invest atleast 40 hrs a month helping to direct (manage) onenone and our partnerships, inakes is matching this investment creatively producing, and John is a master at his craft who is extremely undervalued commonly, willing to believe in this by matching our investments while financially accepting what can be received.

The examples listed below creative work is just a few examples of the many things that onenone could do/ onenone does do, and will continue to do for this to thrive. We will continue to prove that when onenone is invested into we go above and beyond to produce very high standards of results with the funds received.

Council work (tending to the lands) is identified as management for us. In any organization management is a critical aspect for success. Our council works are requested funds for our overall management to succeed. We believe there should be clear separation between the management and the creative productions. The other funds are dedicated to the artist, production of the art, and releasing the arts into the worlds as we’ve described (physical and digital).

Council work is management and artistic works are productions.

One could say that the council work etc was “under valued” while for us we don’t see it this way.
A value is something that is identified by both parties. These questions of yours are natural and it’s the perfect chance for us to reiterate that we are valuable.

We value you all deeply, and wish to prove that we can be valued the same.

As we are growing together, we will continue to prove that we can be trusted with more funds that represent us correctly like in this proposal, and hopefully you all will continue to prove that you can be trusted with more of our dedication. Mutually reciprocal.

We are honored to be guided by @adrianseneca and wish to represent our Dao and creatives etc at the same level that she is. We are Allie’s and can contribute in a multitude of ways. :fist:t5::sparkles::call_me_hand:t5::white_heart::pray:t5:

You asked if there will be more work activities and the answer is yes, always. We are just getting started. We believe that next level/ $5,000 monthly request is equal to the level of management / production that we will and are consistently channeling to produce the results outlined for our partnership this year. While for now we are proving ourselves and are proud of what we are requesting and producing.

A big reason we’ve identified this level of funding as aligned is the professionalism of members required plus the level of artistry physical/ digital that we require to truly produce artifacts that match our proposals.

We are happy to learn that Vertikal Marketing maybe someone that can provide funding for marketing while for now we are focused on our dynamic with creatives and believe our proposals are completely aligned to receive the outlined funding.

This month I will research Vertikal while intuitively I believe funds received for marketing should be for marketing not for management and vice versa. Funds requested from marketing we wish to create marketing campaigns etc with.

I’ve outlined a nice road map draft of onenones suggested development. We are right on schedule. John will be completely on boarded by May 16th around one month since our first funding. I believe this is great. We are very specific and believe in quality over quantity. Right now Iankes is our lead designer, John is our master craftsman/ forger, and myself am the director. We wish to identify a digital savant to join this month which will complete our core team. A vote in our Dao is powerful to us so our members need to be entirely aligned before joining. Great power comes great responsibility so it’s our responsibility to choose wisely who we give power to. I’m sure you all respect this and for that we will respectfully utilize patience to identify and add members.

Onenones endless appreciation of Near and all the creatives is hopefully received. Thank you all so so much. We value all that you see and do. Let us know however we can be a continuous benefit. We hope to be honored by your decisions.

All love and many blessings.


Thanks for the answer @Free. We reviewed your proposal and we decided that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization.

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