[PROPOSAL] Onenone Spring Season Sayilita Skulls - April 2022

Requested Funding Amount: $1400 USD in NEAR

Onenone Introduction :

Love and blessings Creative Community! This post is specifically focused on the below project within the entirety of the onenone April proposal. We hope everyone finds all the information organized and professional. We are more than willing to answer any questions. Enjoy.

Onenone Spring season : Sayulita Skulls
(Title may change)
Project timeline: March 1st 2022-

Completion Date: May 31st 2022

Project Outline:

Five animal skulls readorned with leather from disassembled designer luxury bags. (2 bull skulls, 2 goat skulls, 1 deer skull)

One of the five skulls will be adorned with custom designed Onenone mixed leather crafted by artisans in Chiapas, MX(28th.Store)

Digital/physical art production- $900

5 skulls (1 deer, 2 goat, 2 bull)- $400

Custom Onenone leather-$300

5 Digital art pieces to accompany skulls- $200

Digital/ physical Minting- $200

Each piece will have their own physical/digital certificate of authenticity.

Physical jeweler minting- $150

Digital art minting-$50

Photography/video assests- $300

Professional Video shoot/ photo shoot to document the artisanal production, create digital marketing assets, and capture intimate dialogue of the artisan.