[APPROVED] onenone | Creative Funding | June 2022


Onenone Creative Funding Request May 2022

Contact name: @Free

Council members: @Free, @inakes, @johnnyonthespot

Onenone Spring into Summer Season : DAO building

Target: joshspikes.near ——-> onenone.sputnik-dao.near

Current balance (NEAR): 7.47004

Funding period: June 2022

Requested Funding Amount: total is $4700 USD in near

Onenone council work
$900 USD in NEAR
Spring into Summer Season (planting seeds)

Onenone creative project
$3800 USD in NEAR
Spring into Summer Season (planting seeds) design projects

Follow our journey here:
May report

Love and blessings Creative Community! We are very excited to continue contributing to this community in a multitude of ways. We hope everyone finds our report and proposal informative and also finds this proposal aligned. Thank you all dearly for the consideration. This month we propose the following.

  1. Onenone Spring into Summer season: DAO building (Planting seeds)

Project outline:

In the spring to summer season Onenone is planting seeds (digital and physical) while preparing for future harvest. Our lands are the foundations to our DAO. In order to grow we must continue to build sound foundations through council work, seasonal design projects, and having clear visions for our preferred future, as described below.

Spring into Summer June projects proposal


Hello @Free. Sorry for my delay but the tag that you use here was wrong :frowning: I already fiz it but in the next time use the tag creatives-cretives DAO to publish your monthly proposals and monthly reports. :slight_smile:

Beside it, can you please inserto on your proposal your metrics for success? Take a look on this example:

It I’ll make your proposal more strong :slight_smile:

Love and blessings @hevertonharieno.

Within our proposal I have included the metrics which were designed from the metrics viewed on the kin Dao proposal that you posted.

The are located within the
Spring into Summer June projects proposal Link at the bottom of this proposal

For ease of communication I will list the metrics that I have identified which show the level of commitment that the onenone Dao continues to fulfill.

Project Outline Metrics:
4 countries of operations

4 categories of design projects
Fashion- Paris, France
Interior- Rotterdam, Netherlands
Product- Albany, CA
Digital- Denver , Colorado

2 full time designers
(@Free & @inakes )

2 part time designers
( @johnnyonthespot )
3D designer will be onboarded this month

2 full time partners this month
Quardin- Rotterdam, Netherlands - Interior
Isakin - Paris, France - Fashion

1 mentorship/ creative workshop -
Underhill Studios
Albany, CA

1 Artisan residency - @inakes Atelier
Sayulita, Mexico


@creativesdao-council i would love to have the honor to deepen communication with you all.

On behalf of everyone within onenone we wish to build a direct partnership with all of you. We are and have been deeply grateful to be apart of this ecosystem.

It’s a very challenging experience to build a design firm / Dao, travel around the world, manage affiliates from around the world, and also develop a bond with near all simultaneously while identifying aligned spaces, places, and projects.

We accept these challenges and know that they will only make us stronger. I have tried to be a part of every big conversation possible with the development of creatives as a whole. While we are young, we aren’t perfect, and wish to grow with everyone as this is all developing.

I’m here to answer all questions with complete transparency and would love to offer information to deepen the awareness to anyone interested in knowing more about our global projects and our connections to communities around the world.

We know our projects and communities are aligned with all of you who also know you are aligned with Near / creatives.

If we weren’t we would happily remove ourselves as I’m sure most of you would as well. Onenone would not be what it is had we not received your support and we wish to show you how much we can offer in a multitude of ways in these realms.

In our two months we have empowered creatives from 2 different countries (America and Mexico) producing some really cool artisanal artifacts and if given the chance, in our 3rd month we would empower creatives from 2 more countries (Netherlands and France) quickly making our way to global projects.

Our expansion is very intentional with the locations we choose, the projects we identify, and most importantly who we choose to add into our DAO.

As we continue to develop trust amongst our Dao and everyone else we hope to continue to become one of the first Web3 design firms on NEAR by empowering creatives across the globe


Hello @Free. After some discussion with the other moderators We would like to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization

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Okay where do I send it then?


Sorry, this month it has been a lot of work, really. So, missed this one. Now from the community meeting we had today, I am taking some feedback and trying to see if really DAOs can reject. Using your approved proposal from the moderators as example.

This is just because I care for the community, trying to improve and evolve:

I am running a campaign/experiment asking kindly to DAOs to review your proposal, and creating CFC to reject it.

My reasoning is the following:

  1. Where is your community? Too much funding for a team of 2-3, wasn’t able to understand the value generation for the Creatives Community.
  2. Planting seeds is confusing, you are planting trees?

In the spring to summer season Onenone is planting seeds (digital and physical)

  1. Report from April doesn’t have the Digital Minting links

Digital/ physical Minting- $200 - Each piece will have their own physical/digital certificate of authenticity.

  1. Report from May didn’t added the website, so you received funding and we are waiting still for deliver but you are asking for funding again.

$450-digital lands-(onenone branded assests) logo, website, social medias, and digital markets.

Cant see the value generation for the Creatives DAO not to mention Near Ecosystem.

Still, I cant be wrong, again just trying to take care of the funding for our ecosystem.