Onboarding 10 great thinkers and Potential

Hello, I’m Madu and my stage name is Dj Ankara. I have being in the ecosystem for 7month plus and i have contributed vividly to near and it ecosystem. With the little experience i have acquired i know how things works and how hopefully i can grow or impact the ecosystem. I will be onboarding 10 person, or more to the family for the purpose of making an impact to the ecosystem.

Firstly i will be discussing with them about the ecosystem and it advantages and since they aren’t new to the crypto space, they will be fast in learning



I will be needing $30 in near

For refreshment and inconvenience in transportation

@kc_sollano @FritzWorm @Serhii @zubairansari07

Target wallet: deejayankara.near

I will appreciate if the Council members look into it and i will be so delighted if my proposal is acceptable. Thank you @NatalieCrue and other Council members for your time.


Hello @Romanus

The proposal missing many elements and is not clear.
I don’t understand, who are these 10 thinkers, what they can contribute and why do you need 100$ for creating wallets?!
To create 10 wallets costs 1N.

Also, onboarding-dao already supported events in Nigeria including Lagos, so we prefer to support proposals from other countries.


It needs 0.16x10 = 1.6N to create 10 wallets which would be around $6 , can we get the breakdown of rest $94 and category of people that will be onboarded?


@zubairansari07 @mr_free oh, so sorry. 10 people i will be onboarding are with different professions, Graphic Designers,Social media influencers, On Air Personnel, Video directors, Video Editors and TV presenter. This caliber are part of my plan for future project that will be beneficial to the ecosystem. This professionals will be part and also work hand to hand with the community musicians and many more according to their professions.

I will be Educating them on Near Ecosystem and how our community works. With a video coverage, i will be having content to publish on my social media handle.


This is the breakdown of the $100

Videoman get $50 (filming and editing)
Sponsored ad $30 (on all social platform)
Refreshment $20

@mr_free But no one stop other countries from partaking from a decentralize community. We as a community are meant to ensure and achieve the purpose of decentralization. I’m only trying to work hard to impact my community and near ecosystem. I am investing back to my community and i think each day on how to impact the ecosystem. And what i quote shouldn’t be a barrier to my objectives. Thank you sir.

You can use neardrop or nearname links for onboarding.


@rahulgoel007 okay thanks

Hello @Romanus
I don’t think you don’t need a videoman, this content could be used only for you, but I am not sure that it will be used as learning materials for others.
Also, you mentioned you want to attract 10 new thinkers, as, I understand, you need them well, so you don’t need promotion on social platforms.

Please describe how do you imagine the event will go?
I didn’t understand location, program, target audience, etc.

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@mr_free i really like you sir because you’re doing me good by me wanting to know more and encourage myself in learning further​:grin:. Thank you sir.
Since you are not sure sir, i will like to give you an insight of why i need a videoman. I really need a videoman because content making are meant for others to view and learn if it contain teachings. Apart from onboarding, i would love to share with my viewers the importance of DAO and web3 from my little insight. It will be great deal for all Nearian and sure Near logo will be displayed.

Well i need them just as the ecosystem does need them(works hand in hand). And to be honest, it is a privilege for me to be part of this movement. I’m not promoting them on media but I’m promoting my content. And secondly i see it as an evident on my proposal.

The event will be a get together thing. A friendly discussion with learning process.

Location is left for me to decide since it’s not on my budget list.

Target Audience: Digital audiences

Thank you @mr_free i hope i statisfy you with my response.

Tagging @rahulgoel007 @zubairansari07 @mr_free

Tagging @mr_free @zubairansari07 for attention

I think we need to start from small.
It would be great to see the content you will promote, so I don’t support
Sponsored ad $30 (on all social platform)

About >Videoman get $50 (filming and editing)
Do you want to film the onboarding process?!


@mr_free well in that case there isn’t any need for videoman so i suggest refreshment for the meeting. You can make it $30 due to any inconvenience meeting at the actual venue.

Thank you.

Sorry, not sure that I can translate the last correct.
please update the budget

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20usd for refreshment
10usd for transportation inconvenience (for those who might not have tfare to meet up with the venue)

I don’t want any barrier of not having a meeting with them. I can ordinarily chat them one after the other but they won’t take it serious or get their mind into it. So physical tutor means business and it important i have a discussion physically to enhance their understanding and also i will be onboarding them to onboarding dao for proper introduction. So i guess that i have clearify your question.

And sir i want to properly introduce myself to you that I’m a man of my word. I got 960usd from NxM which i delivered and even my personal money went into it due to crypto was unstable. I had alot of loss, i had to request from @Wiswiz to fund my wallet in order to have my 2nd funding. But with all that frustration, i delivered. You are doing a very good job sir and it’s great :+1:. But trust me I’m becoming weak to this conversation. If my response don’t still clearify your question. I will do it for myself and for the ecosystem with my fund.

Thank you to all on boarding council. I love you all @zubairansari07 @rahulgoel007 @kc_sollano @Symbolik


Thanks for answering @Romanus .

Ok, I support your proposal personally.
I hope other councils will support it too.

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@mr_free :smirk: I’m glad that you accept now. Even if the rest don’t. I know i have achieve alot through long conversation to win 10% of your trust. The pressure was tough but i management to overcome. Thank you​:heart:

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Hey thanks man, happy to support the $30, have you already carried out the activity? :wave:


@zubairansari07 Sure i have started alreadu … by tomorrow i will be adding two creatives I’ve met to onboarding dao. Thanks for reaching out sir


Hello @Romanus
Sorry, but it does not pressure. We got an experience and tried to get conclusions from it. We are trying to be careful. We will happy if your project will be successful and we will try to support the next projects if you want to continue.
You can post a proposal on astrodao.
Have a great day!