[APPROVED] NxM Bounty DAO Funding Request

TLDR of the proposal:

Createbase is hosting the Open Web Community Hackathon from May 15th - June 6th! The NEAR Open Web Community Hackathon will coincide with events from Seed Club, Metagov, and the NxM Guild (Music Guild) as well. As part of this Hackathon, funding is needed for the Bounty DAO’s that participants will earn from for completing tasks (Ideation/Presentation/Video Demo/Github Submission). Link to Forum for NxM-DAO info: [Guide] Createbase Hackathon - NxM DAO

Detailed proposal:

As a part of this Hackathon, the NxM Bounty DAO is requesting funding to ensure that the NEAR Music community has the necessary resources to hack at the problem proposed of: “Establishing a decentralized music community on the blockchain”.

Planning for proposed DAO’s to hack away at the problem is already underway in the NxM Discord where 14 DAO’s are already being discussed! If each of these DAO’s are successful with a full GitHub submission in the upcoming hackathon, then 1400 NEAR is already planned on being needed for payouts.

Potential ROI/impact on the NEAR ecosystem:

The goal is to reach at least 100 unique NEAR accounts submitting on-chain transactions to SputnikDAO and earning a payout for successfully completing a hackathon task (Ideation/Presentation/Video Demo/Github Submission). This would be the start of a community forming around each of these creative areas with on-chain membership.

Specifics for musical communities:

  • We are building the first music community for the NEAR ecosystem.
  • By supporting our members in their areas of interest (DAOs) through bounties we can establish a clear way for the community to engage and grow.
  • After the hackathon, We will continue to focus on under-developed areas of the community and be able to funnel new members into DAOs to get involved.

Community Socials:

Amount of funding requested:

3000 NEAR tokens to NxM (NEAR Music Guild) SputnikDAO


  • NEAR point of contact:

    • Chloe Lewis
  • NxM point of contact:

    • Vandal - Role: Guild Leader (NxM Guild Leader Request)
    • Aylex - Role: Propose as NxM DAO council member
    • Mike St. Jean - Role: Propose as NxM DAO council member
Community Council Poll
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

0 voters

Open Community Poll (min trust_level_1 required)
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

0 voters

Voting and quorum thresholds:

<2K$ - 1X Yes - no minimum quorum (* quorum defined as min number of members needed for the vote to be valid)
2-10K$ - 2X Yes - no min quorum
10-30K$ - 3X Yes - min quorum 4 of 7 - 4X members should vote in either direction
Above 30K$ requires Erik or Illia’s additional approval (Head of NF/Chairman of NFC)
Above 100K$ requires NEAR Foundation Council approval


Great to see how far the Music guild has come in such a short amount of time. Looking forward to seeing how the community grows through the pricesses that get set up over the hackathon as well!


This is gonna go a long way for NEAR if approved.


Love it! Joined NxM discord to see those DAOs coming together :partying_face: May have some folks to steer your way.


Looking fwd to that! The more the merrier!