[Approved] NFT Beat Club #1 - May 2022

NFT Beat Club #1


Since stepping foot in Tokyo at the beginning of April I’ve attended 3 NFT events and have met with around 20+ creatives about the benefits of Web3 technology and the potential opportunities available to them.

This proposal is about hosting a VanDAO Meetup - “NFT Beat Club” at 55 GoGo in Tokyo for a few hours where I would present some of the work done with VanDAO on Music NFTs and DAOs as well as to broadcast into Cryptovoxels and mirror back the live event.

The venue is relatively small, so it will be an intimate affair by invite only for those I’ve met who I think would be ideal attendees and benefit the most. Although there is a chance this could transform into something a bit bigger, I still feel it’s important to set the stage with a strong core crew here in a new town.


It’s my goal to create a core group of NFT enthusiasts who I onboard into the NEAR ecosystem, first through wallet creation and the second for having them use the technology for minting their creations.

The event will be powered by DAOrecords and Senspace and supported by VanDAO & NEAR

We will be minting the poster (below) as an NFT on Mintbase and it will be used as access to the event. For those who RSVP and don’t have a NEAR Name, we will be creating one for them and sending the NFT to their wallets.


Confirmed for the 26th of May 2022


Guestlist x 25 = $425 ($17.00 per person)
Snack & Drinks - Included
Wallet Creation - 25 wallets at 0.2 N in each = 5 N


This is cool . Our DAO is extremely interested in a vast amount within Japanese cultures and craftsmanship etc etc. would love to discuss more if it feels aligned . With all love and blessings.


Awesome! Let’s link!

Update: I’m going to visit another venue as well to compare. Might end up doing two events, but if so will manage the other without tapping into this budget.