[Approved] NECROPALOOZA X NXM URL Event - October 2021


(fake edit from the Strictly Ballen event, shout outs to this event that took place recently)

NECROPALOOZA is a non-profit online festival based in Mexico :mexico: that seeks to publicize different projects around the country, as well as to encourage the organization of online events of this style. Last year event was organized all by me and a friend of mine and with the support from NXM, we would like to organize our first event on a virtual space. :space_invader: :sparkles:

“NECROPALOOZA 2021” is a concept that seeks to give a home and aesthetics to internet core music from Mexico to the world. It can be anything from a DJ video set, to snippets and upcoming material from artists. :minidisc:

Last year Archive :video_camera: :

Necropalooza | Online Festival | Live Completo (w chat) :skull_and_crossbones:

To commemorate our collaboration with NXM, we would like to do an October feature that will showcase,

  1. Live performances by selected artists at The Playground via Cryptovoxels. The event will be streamed via Twitch.
  2. Collaboration with the artists to sell their NFT’s (if they want it to) at the virtual space during the event (not all the artists are involved in crypto so maybe it could optional).
  3. Proposed Date for Event : 30th October 2021.
    Duration of event : 3 hours
  4. All Necropalooza 2021 artist will join and help promote the NXM community group via the flyer via social media
  5. Budget
    Twitch Hosting and event video documentation $300
    Total: ~45 Near

The main vision for the event is to expand our values and initiatives to a virtual scale and to give latin american artist an opportunity to promote themselves in a unique environment.

Ideas for discussion:
It would be good to discuss some ideas regarding crowdfunding and the creation of some exclusive/commemorative wearables :tophat: :dress: .

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Hey @ComandoBurrito thanks for submitting this proposal! I’m pretty sure this is something NxM can support. I’d like to see that all the artists involved are added to NxM Telegram and that each of them have Near wallets so they can receive their payouts.

Also, will the NFTs be minted on NEAR? Mintbase? NxM Store? Let us know how we can help facilitate this.


Hey Vandal thank you so much for your reply :)) it’s planned that there will be about 15 artists on the line up, I’m not pretty sure if this artists use telegram but I will let them know about it.

And about the NFTs, could you explain me the difference between minting on Mintbase and the NxM Store? Aren’t NxM Store located on Mintbase? If opening a store has a cost, then it better be just one nft for the event at the NxM Store.

Also, It would be awesome if we submit one NFT for the whole event and used that since the artists are here for the non-profit part and use the proceeds as part of the crowdfunding itself. Or if you have any suggestion (since not all the artists are involved in crypto) I’d appreciate it :grin:.


@ComandoBurrito love the idea of doing one fundraising NFT. Yes, the NxM Store is on Mintbase, just making sure that the NFT is planned on NEAR that’s all.

If the artists are going to receive a share of the funds raised it would make sense for them to have a Near account no?

It’s one of our core goals as a music guild to onboard new artists into the ecosystem when possible. We also have other social media where they can get involved - NxM Live | Linktree :slight_smile:

Oh and I did a little edit of the title (hope you don’t mind!)