Great job, guys. Thanks for contribution in Near Community


Hi Fritz, thanks for all the great work you are doing!

I’m happy to support this proposal. Just a couple of notes:

  • Continuing to do work for months without receiving funding is a great indicator of commitment to the community and enables us to have something to look at when assessing the current proposal;
  • However, it becomes a little bit confusing: are we funding the past three months of work are we funding only work to be performed in the future using the rates and categories of work provided?
  • Clarity on the period of funding would help us, and the wider community, get a better understanding of the value created and funding provided.

Keep it up!


Thanks for the support, I will address your concerns here:

We are not going to pay for any activity from the past. This proposal is for activities we want to carry on in the NEAR future.

We are planning to use the funding in one month, and if the results are very positive we will like to keep asking for that budget on monthly basis.

Big hug and



Happy to support this proposal. You have support from majority of the council so this can be submitted to Astro. Thanks!



hahaha finally, still much more to do. Mainnet announcement will be later :wink:


How can I join you DAO ?
Any Telegram/Discord ?
Please share


The poll has now been passed by the Marketing DAO Council, you can proceed to pass KYC if you haven’t already and submit the payout request to the NEAR Foundation.

Follow this guide here for more information:


:+1::+1::smiley:excellent friend @FritzWorm


Sure, welcome!

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NearVenezuela

DAO upgraded to 10 council members now.

@Dacha you love decentralization as me, check on that :wink: And we are going for more, just step by step.


Hi Joe @FritzWorm


I have a very exciting proposal that could help the spreading of information and news about what NEAR is doing around the ecosystem, blockchain, and around the world, all in Spanish (that is needed). Sounds good?

Let me know how can I apply for the funding and support in order to execute this project asap.

Luis Aponte :rocket: :goat:


Sounds good, share it with the other members of Near Venezuela. :wink:


Excelente propuesta, Near Venezuela sigue avanzando con grandes proyectos y con esta iniciativa de marketing vamos a potenciarlos!


Hello dear community of Venezuela, how are my brothers?
I am here reporting an AMA that was hosted yesterday with Near Argentina regarding Near P2P and Free Horses

It was close to an hour with an approximate 21 concurrent listeners and 26 in total. It started off with a short introduction on Near Argentina’s plans for the future and then we jumped straight to Near p2p and later Horses.

It was an engaging AMA in which the community of Argentina asked about the security and measures in Near p2p, which will be the sinergy between Near p2p and Horses, their marketcap, how is the price manipulation handled and it’s limits, and the KYC process if there is one.

We had great explanations from @FritzWorm and a clear view of what this both projects bring to the table.

Thank you very much Fritz for participating in the AMA and we hope to repeat more meetings in the Near future!
Cheers to everyone people! Let’s keep up the good work :blush::blush:


Hello everyone. I notify you that as a member of the 4myfuture team we have worked on creating 34 images on our instragram account, 2 videos and an article on medium. On twitter we used some of the same images. All this in the last weeks of April.
You can see the designs in our instagram and twitter accounts and the article in our medium.

Here is an example of the designs that were made. We maintain a standard on the color palette and generate variations so as not to fill everything with a single color.
Some images are displayed alone in a publication but others are grouped together as a corrousel.

Also if you want to see the individual posts I attach the link to each one:


all the content of our instagram is in Spanish because the audience is Spanish-speaking.


Happy day community. I hope you are doing great and working hard.

Today I want to report some activities carried out this April within the framework of NEAR Venezuela Marketing.

I worked on two articles for the cripteros.com website.

The first article posted on April 23 is about the NEAR P2P project:

1513 total words x 40 = 121 USD

For this article, I designed one infographic. = 20 USD

For the moment, this is a small SEO report of this article: Google organic ranking: #1 ,keyword ranked: ‘Conoce NEAR p2p’

In the second article posted on April 27, I made a list of 10 reasons why open a NEAR Wallet:


1944 total words x 40 = 155 USD

For this article, I designed one infographic. Posted on Pinterest = 20 USD

SEO report for this article:

Google organic ranking: #4 keyword ranked: “abrir near wallet”

Likewise, I want to report the translation from English to Spanish of five tweets from the NEAR Ecosystem Twitter accounts. 5 x 2USD = 10USD

Total Claim: 326 USD

Any feedback is welcome, and thanks to everyone in the NEAR Venezuela community for the support.


Amazing, using SEO, thanks for your hard work! A pic of how you can find this looking on google will be great. Like this:

So people who dont know about SEO can understand fast what you did, look, I also know a little about SEO hahaha.

Abrir Near Wallet = Open Near Wallet / Create a Near Wallet

You are there, 10 powerful reasons to open a NEAR Wallet.

All my support, thanks again.


Enfoque: Creación de contenido. Escribir.

Actividad: Articulo publicado en Medium sobre: “Mi Experiencia con la certificación de Analista en Near Protocol”.

Links de resultados:

Recompensa: 80 USD.

Enfoque: Diseño.

Actividad: Infografía sobre el Proyecto Aurora, desarrollado dentro de NEAR Protocol.

Links de resultados:

Recompensa: 20 USD.

Total Estimado de Recompensa: 80 USD+20 USD= 100 USD.


Hola a todos hoy les muestro mi trabajo como Near Falcón en la creación de contenido audio visual y escrita, que también le a servido de material de apoyo para todas las personas que comienza y que ya están dentro de este ecosistema como lo es Near Protocol


Creación de contenido


Análisis Técnico referente al Movimiento de Near con respecto a Bitcoin y sus posibles entradas y salidas del mercado.
16 Twitts con diseño simple

Link: https://twitter.com/NearFalcon/status/1520455952511684608?t=bB6JAEXOZQJYP3KgvW9W_g&s=19

Uploading: Screenshot_2022-05-01-13-18-25-84_0b2fce7a16bf2b728d6ffa28c8d60efb.jpg…


Artículos referentes a Near





Recompensa 190$