[REPORT] NEAR Türkiye June 2023

Hi everyone,

I hereby share the June 2023 report for the Turkish NEAR community.

Previous Proposal:

Previous Report: [REPORT] Near Türkiye March-May 2023

Guild name: NEAR Türkiye
User June: nearinturkiye.near
Approved amount June: 2000$

Near.social of all core team members:

Link to the social media accounts:

Main content:

NEAR articles: 8

Daily content:

We are continuously sharing daily content with our community.

Telegram stats
Telegram chat Daily support: Telegram: Contact @near_tr

Total users: ~7200

Total Messages all time: 130166+
Total Messages in June: 3000

Daily news are also shared on Twitter.

Near Twitter / Near Social follow event

Near Protocol Türkiye Youtube

Since the main focus is not on the numbers in social media, I would like to report more towards Near Social / IamHuman and the development of the devs and builders below:

NEAR Social
Followers: 145 (+45)

NEAR Quiz on Near Social

Rewards via Keypom drops

We have onboarded over 80 members to IamHuman which we can proof humanity, unfortunately the scoreboard didn’t count the first weekend. We are redirecting users to click on the IamHuman link again and connect their wallet to update the scoreboard.

We will organize a NEAR BOS Developer Workshop in August 2023.

Blockchain event in Izmir
We participated in the blockchain event in Izmir, we met business people and developers there. At the event we met the owners of the Fork Company . They have affiliations with several universities in Turkey and organize blockchain events/workshops/hackathons. We will keep in touch and together establish a developer community in Turkey.

Thank you for your support! :dizzy:

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Could you please share telegram chat statistics?

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added stats to the report. Thanks!