[APPROVED] NEAR Toronto - March 2024


NEAR Toronto was started in June 2023 and is looking forward to continue building on the success of its initial community building events. NEAR Toronto aims to empower individuals and businesses in Toronto and beyond to explore, adopt, and thrive in the world of blockchain technology and beyond.

Name of guild/community: NEAR Toronto
Previous Offer : N/A
Previous Report: N/A

NEAR.social of all core team members:


Links to social media accounts:

Describe your proposal:

  • Organize and Market Monthly Meet-Up, Workshops, & Educational Material
  • Education is a key pillar of our community. We aim to organize and market local workshops, and developer meet-ups that provide resources, education, and awareness to the local blockchain developer community in Toronto.

KPIs and Goals

Please see the updated KPIs below that are inline with the tier system outlined in the charter:

Tier E ($1300)

  • 15 wallets
  • “1 event, 10 users/event”
  • “3 swags delivery”
  • “3 Developers”
  • “1 medium content, 3K impressions, 15 active members”
  • “7 average txns/wallet/month for 7 new wallets”
  • “1 video, 100 views/month”



*UPDATE FEB 28, 2024 - Wallet updated to match fractal/kyc wallet address


Hi @SalShuttlesworth
We try to contact you to arrange an appointment, but unfortunately you always respond too late. Please check your messages and schedule a call with the Globe DAO councils.

I am willing to know more about you and your team members, please add one more team member and introduce them.

Also, your socials are less active what are your plans to change it and achieve the above mentioned KPIs? Can you share more details about your strategy.

Thank you.

Hi @SalShuttlesworth

I have filled this table according to your proposal:

Personally, I honestly want to support you because Near Toronto looks quite promising and has already done some activities last year with the OGs.

However, we need to sort out the communication issues first for this. So, I won’t be casting my vote for your proposal just yet.

Hi @cizi31

Thank you for your response.

Additional NEAR Toronto Team Members:

  • Shawn B. (TG:Benz_Mint) is a NEAR Toronto OG who has been critical in our success-to-date. He is our event lead for larger scale events and works closely with myself and the other members to ensure that we are supporting the right initiatives and identifying opportunities to grow the ecosystem locally.
  • Nadir C. (TG:MarcusOrllyus) is also NEAR Toronto OG and also a co-founder of TENAMINT (NEAR HZN1 Alumni Start-up) and ecosystem contributor. He is NEAR Toronto’s primary contact for partnerships and planning of future start-up programs.
  • Andrew L. (TG:a_liutiev) is a NEAR Toronto contributor who has a diverse experience in blockchain community building, event organization, and more. He also is also on the Droplinkd team, also a NEAR HZN1 Alumni start-up.

Regarding our socials, they have unfortunately been inactive due to a lack of resources. With this proposal, we aim to begin the initiatives we had planned out for 2024 which includes our continued growth and social presence.

I look forward to our scheduled call tomorrow and can dive further into detail then.

Hi @derymars

I appreciate you entering that information on the NEAR Toronto tab on the spreadsheet for us and I hope this response is a testament to our commitment to addressing any communication issues. Although we aim to prioritize communications from the GlobeDAO team, there still may be times where a 24-36 hour response time may be required to due timezone differences and/or other commitments.

Please let me know if there are any other amendments or actions required regarding this proposal. I will be sure to check back later this evening and first thing tomorrow to address any outstanding items.

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Hello @SalShuttlesworth,

Thanks for your proposal.

As discussed yesterday, there are some challenges on both sides. My idea is to start from Tier E for $1300 in March at least. I know it would be hard for you, but we also have some concerns to directly fund you from Tier D or C.

As you get started with us, I personally want to see some numbers for at least 2 months. Once you get your pace we can re-consider approach. But right now, I can only support with $1300 with Tier E KPIs. If you are okay with it, you can make changes in your proposal.

Hope you understand.

Thank you for your proposal!
According to our charter, new community need to start with tier E for 3 month to demonstrate their stats before applying to higher tier.
Please revise.


Thanks this proposal has been updated.

Happy to support you!
please read new charter KPI to understand how to get fully $1300 of tier E:

Hi @SalShuttlesworth Thank you for the call and for updating the proposal.

Happy to support Near Toronto under Tier E.

Hi @SalShuttlesworth, thanks for your proposal for March.
Since you are a new community, I am willing to support you for Tier E

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I have updated the table again, happy to support your proposal under Tier E!

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Thank you

@Ihor @derymars @cizi31 @HaiVu

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