[Approved] NEAR India montly budget : August 2021

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Pinging other MarketingDAO Council members for review


Hey, how about:

Watch Time , Average Percentage Viewed and Average View Duration?

Average Percentage Viewed - 4 TO 5K
Average View Duration - depends on video up to 10 min then ( `Average View Duration is 5 6 min)

Can you throw in a screenshot of the Engagement tab, please?


Can you please share links to where these will be posted, the IG channel and Medium etc.

Do you have previous work to share?

How many readers do the Medium articles tend to get?

All the content is posted on the social media handles which includes twitter, instagram as of now which we manage here are the links to the channels,
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NEARProtocol_IN

Yes, here you can find some of the content that we created in the past month: Near Content - Google Drive

As of last month, we posted articles from my personal medium channel so the reach was less but from this month we would be posting on NEAR india’s official medium channel, so I guess that would be a valuable metric to measure

And here are the results which our content generated: [Proposal] NEAR India Guild DAO:June 2021 (Accepted) - #23 by Aakash297

Where are the videos being posted? If it’s on YouTube, can you please share the following metrics:

Watch Time , Average Percentage Viewed and Average View Duration

All our videos are currently made to increase instagram and twitter audience, and our posted on the same.

I think the proposed amount of 300N might be a little high whilst the reach of the content is so low.

Naturally, we’d still love to support you throughout the growth of the Guild and the channels. I think 80 N would be more appropriate during the early days.

Since it’s NEAR India, wouldn’t it make more sense to post in a native language?

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Thank you for sharing your perspective david, but I would like to request you if possible can we increase upto 100N as the team works hard in giving the best results which are already in front of you and 100N would fairly pay off their efforts!

Sounds great, please submit this proposal to the marketing DAO

Kindly check on the dao

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hey, @David_NEAR I think you instructing people to submit separate DAO requests?

Hey! That’s right, as we discussed in our call a couple of weeks back

so can I submit my DAO request now?

Hi @David_NEAR, Should I also submit the DAO request ?

Yes, but please adjust the NEAR requirement to reflect current prices - thanks!

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We’d still love to support you to grow the NEAR India ecosystem and the impact of the social media accounts, however I think 300 N might be a little high considering both the impact/reach and the amount of work required.

How does 100 N work and then we can look back next month on the impact that it’s had on the ecosystem and your progress?

Ok, So I can post the DAO request for 100 NEAR. And the content will count for August and September both the month because We did little work on August as well.