[APPROVED] NEAR German Partnerships April / May / June 2022


Hi @marketingdao-council

Since November 2021 we are growing a NEAR community for the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Our community exists on Telegram, on Twitter, on Medium and we are also supporting the Discord channel. As we stated in our latest proposal we are planning to expand our activities in the next weeks to increase the knowledge and acceptance of NEAR in the German-speaking area. Therefore we are planning to do some partnerships with some German communities and influencers.


Partnership with Bitcoin2Go:

Bitcoin2Go was founded in February 2021 and is now (only a good year later) one of the leading image and information platforms for Blockchain in German-speaking countries. The platform consists of a website, a Youtube channel, an Instagram account, a Twitter account, a Telegram group and a Twitch.tv channel.

Some Bitcoin2Go statistics:

Website users (30 days): 190,000
Website clicks per day: approx. 8-10K

YouTube users (30 days): 140,000 (3.2 million impressions)
Video Views: 10-15K per News Video.

Instagram users (30 days): 140,000 (6.5 million impressions)
Instagram stories: 8,000-14,000 views per story (150-500 link clicks)
Instagram reels: 40,000 views

As we think that these statistics can help NEAR to get more fame and knowledge in the German-speaking area we have created a package with the Bitcoin2Go platform that consists of (everything in German):

  • NEAR Review Article (+ Social Reach on all channels): What is NEAR, why NEAR, what are the advantages of NEAR to other blockchains, …
  • NEAR Instagram Post
  • NEAR Instagram Story
  • NEAR YouTube Interview (about 15 minutes): The interview will be made by Bitcoin2Go-founder Mirco and @Kemal. Kemal will use his broad knowledge of the NEAR ecosystem to talk about NEAR and explain what is NEAR, why NEAR, what are the advantages of NEAR to other blockchains, a few words about NEAR Foundation, Opportunities in Near University for creators, developers and educators etc. A big thank you to Kemal for the willingness to make the interview.
  • “BUY NEAR” guide article (important for Google searches)

Bitcoin2Go has already implemented such packages with some other famous blockchains and said that this agreed package is the most successful one. And we can be sure that their users are real German users and no bots, Airdrop hunters etc.

Partnership with MEXC German:

MEXC, an exchange established in 2018, has over 6 million users worldwide and is available in over 200 countries. Currently they are working very hard and investing much effort to get more popularity in Europe especially in the German-speaking area. We are planning to do 1 AMA Session in the German group of MEXC. Additionally there will be a Warm-Up event on our Twitter and on Twitter of MEXC German. The goal is to explain what NEAR is, why NEAR and what are the advantages to other blockchains.

Partnership with Bitget German:

Established in 2018, Bitget is a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives spot, supporting futures and spot trading with over 2 million registered users worldwide. We are planning two AMA sessions with the German community of Bitget. 1 Session will take place in our group and 1 Session will take place in the Bitget German group.

Sustainable Blockchain Hackathon '22 powered by NEAR:

From May 27th to 29th there will be an Blockchain Hackathon in Vienna. We are planning to be there to connect to some blockchain enthusiasts there and to get to know us personally within the NEAR German team. As Vienna is not far away from us we think this is a good opportunity.


Till End of June, we are expecting to reach:

  • Be present on Youtube, Instragram and in well-known German cryptocurrency communities on Telegram and Twitter
  • More connections to German blockchain developers dealing with NEAR protocol
  • Active members in our Telegram and Twitter community
  • Get to know us personally within the NEAR German team


Successful activities till end of June means:

  • Successful implementation of the agreed package with Bitcoin2Go
  • 1 successful AMA Session with MEXC German + Warm-Up event
  • 2 successful AMA Sessions with Biget German
  • Active Near Germany Telegram group, talking about the NEAR Ecosystem.
  • Active Near Germany Twitter account - with the latest news about NEAR.


Partnership with Bitcoin2Go:


  • Near Review Article (+ Social Reach on all channels) - 1,500 USDT

  • Near Instagram Post - 1,000 USDT

  • Near Insta Story - 500 USDT

  • YouTube Interview - 2,000 USDT

  • “BUY NEAR” guide article (important for Google searches) - 0 USDT

Package: 5000 - 1000 USDT agreed discount = 4000 USDT

Planning and coordination with Bitcoin2Go: 200 USDT

Kemal’s preparation and implementation of the Youtube interview: 2450 USDT

Total: 6650 USDT

Partnership with MEXC German:

  • Warm-Up event: 200 USDT for prize money (MEXC German will provide 500 USDT additionally)
  • Planning, Warm-Up event, prepare Questions + Answers, implementation of the AMA: 400 USDT

Total: 600 USDT

Partnership with Bitget German:

  • Promotions: 200 USDT for prize money (Bitget German will provide 400 USDT additionally)
  • Planning, promotions, prepare Questions + Answers, implementation of 2 AMAs: 350 USDT

Total: 550 USDT

Sustainable Blockchain Hackathon '22 powered by NEAR:

  • @cryptoheitzi:
    • Train ticket Wels-Vienna-Wels incl. Metro Vienna: 110 USDT
  • @Kemal:
    • Flight ticket to vienna: 250 USDT
    • Hotel costs for 2 nights: 250 USDT
  • @cizi31:
    • Hotel costs for 1 night: 125 USDT
    • Train Ticket Vienna-Linz incl. Metro Vienna: 60 USDT

Total: 795 USDT


  • Planning, reporting, team meetings, coordination, brainstorming

Total: 600 USDT

Total costs: 9195 USDT


Good morning, great stuff. Happy to support.


Hi @cryptoheitzi well written proposal and very happy to see how you are growing the German speaking community.

Interested to see how the partnerships grow. Please remember to post a report!

Happy to support


Hey @Dacha & @cryptocredit, thanks for the quick feedback. My team and I would like to start with the preparations and bookings. It would be very helpful if we could get feedback from the rest of the council (@satojandro, @Klint, @so608) this week as well. :muscle: Thanks for your efforts in advance! :pray: :white_heart:

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Happy to support this @Kemal and team. Will move to approved. You can submit to Astro.