[Approved] Near German June 2023


Hi @rc-admins

Since November 2021 we are growing a NEAR community for the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Our community exists on Telegram, Twitter, Medium and on NEAR Social. You can see some facts about our activities and some statistics in our latest report.

Previous reports and proposals: Profile - cryptoheitzi - NEAR Forum

Guild / Community Name: Near German

Funding scheme: 1 month

Near Social of core members:

As promised in my last proposal we got new core team members in May.

Daniel will help to organize and host events and will be active in our Social Media Channels to increase engagement and to reach out to new people. He has been a community member for about 1 year. He has got a broad knowledge of Near and has a lot of experience in community moderation.

Markus has also been a community member for a few months. He will help creating German content about the BOS, Near Social etc.

Our social media channels:


In the next months we will focus on Social Media Management, Content creation, attend Blockchain events in the german-speaking area and connect with German crypto enthusiasts, builders, devs and influencers to bring them to the NEAR ecosystem. As I am myself also a Software Engineer I am aiming to attend or organize Blockchain Hackathons and maybe build a project on NEAR together with the developers / builders.

We will resume our work on Telegram, Twitter and Medium. Our main goal is to reactivate our users to believe in the future of NEAR. For that we are planning to do the following tasks:

  • Twitter: We will share daily the latest news within the NEAR ecosystem on our Twitter account.
  • Telegram: The main goal in our Telegram group is to reactivate our users and to increase the engagement again.
  • Giveaways: To increase our followers in our Social Media channels we are planning giveaways and contests (the focus will be on Near Social). We also plan to do some small giveaways to attract some developers to open a BOS account on near.org. Rewards will be shared over keypom and the Near Tipbot.
  • Articles: We want to translate/write articles of the NEAR ecosystem in German and present these articles to our community through our Medium account. We will focus on creating German content about the BOS and Near Social and how to get started with these two platforms.
  • Events: We want to do some small events (e.g. AMA, contests, quizzes) with other German-speaking communities. We already have built many partnerships throughout the German-speaking area and we want to work with them again for Near. We also want to do workshops with our community and show them how to interact with the BOS and Near Social.

What problem is the proposal solving?

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland there are many creators, developers and investors that are interested in cryptocurrencies. Over 10 million people currently hold crypto assets in the German-speaking area and they dare to discuss more in their mother language. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there live many people who are financially strong and are capable of investing high amounts in projects. They are also owners or co-owners of well-known Venture capital firms that are investing in the crypto space.

There are also many Blockchain Developers who are already building on different Blockchains or their own projects. But there are also many Software Developers who want to get into blockchain development but don’t know where to start. With the BOS, Near can offer an attractive entry point for them how to get started with Blockchain Development

How is the problem being solved?

We plan to continue with our activities in the Near German community. In the next weeks we will focus mainly on the tasks mentioned above. We already have a community with about 1700 members but we still want to grow and onboard new people. To reach out to new people we will host events with our partner communities like AMA sessions or quizzes. We have many partnerships throughout the German-speaking area and we want to benefit from that.

As mentioned above our main goal is to connect with builders and devs in the German speaking area and onboard them to Near. To reach that goal we plan to host Dev Events like Hackathons, Workshops, Meet-Ups etc.


Till end of June, we are expecting to reach:

  • Active Telegram group and active Twitter account
  • Latest news within the NEAR ecosystem shared in our community
  • 8 (4 per month) articles about NEAR in German Language
  • 100-200 Near Social Followers
  • Host successful events



  • Task: Share daily news on Twitter about the NEAR ecosystem
  • KPIs : Amount of posts, increase followers
  • Metrics: 1-3 daily news, +100 new followers on Twitter
  • Budget : 300 USDT


  • Task: Support community members 24/7, share daily news within the NEAR ecosystem, activity contest, small giveaways to increase group activity
  • KPIs : increase group members
  • Metrics: +100 new members on Telegram
  • Budget : 600 USDT


  • Task: Giveaways for Near Social to increase followers, Giveaways to onboard people to the BOS
  • KPIs : increase followers on Near Social, attract people to interact with the BOS
  • Metrics: 100+ followers on Near Social, 30+ near.org BOS accounts
  • Budget: 250 USDT


  • Task: Write/translate articles
  • KPIs : amount of articles
  • Metrics : 4 German articles
  • Budget : 250 USDT


  • Task: Host events (AMAs, workshops, contests, quizzes) with other German-speaking communities
  • KPIs : number of events
  • Metrics : 2+ events
  • Budget : 350 USDT


  • Weekly Community Calls, Coordination, Communication with the Stakeholders
  • Budget: 250 USDT

Total Costs for June: 2000 USDT

AstroDAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/near-german.sputnik-dao.near

Name: Stefan

Telegram: https://t.me/cryptoheitzi

Email: neargerman@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!

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It’s great having your great team again. Thanks for adding a new core team member.

Given the focus for Regional Communities, can your team restructure these giveaways to focus on activities that relates to near.social for users and also web2/3 developers to play on widgets on bOS? That will be my advice.

Also, we advice the use of onchain mechanism for community members to share rewards. Like using AstroDAO, near telegram tip bot, and other products.

It will be more beneficial to bring returns on the use of bOS.

Thank you


I got you. We will design the giveaways in such a way that we attract as many users as possible to Near Social and the BOS.

We will use keypom or Near Tipbot to share the rewards with our community.

I have edited the proposal.

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Hi, wants to support, but want to see good for results in the next month, reasons:

  • Honest price
  • Active discussions in Telegram on interesting topics
  • Realistic expectations
  • Active in past

Notes and thoughts:

  • Expect to see the offline event in Germany, knows that Berlin has a huge web3 community
  • Expect community leaders to participate in offline meetups of different dev/web3 companies to market near and onboard new users (maybe will be good to have photos from meetups in the next report)
  • Active Twitter next month with good views and content
  • More views on the Telegram channel
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I support this proposal

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Hello @cryptoheitzi ! Moving to approved
according to RG WG decision. Have a great

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Thank you for the support! @rc-admins

Please help to approve our poll @satojandro @so608 @cryptocredit @Klint https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-721