[Approved] Near Future Youtube channel

Project Name: NEAR Future

Funding: Monthly

NEAR Future is the next upcoming NEAR focused media/video magazine brand that tells stories about people, things and events happening on crypto/NEAR. We’re looking to create videos that people of all levels of expertise can watch, understand and enjoy.

Link to the channel:

Project Vision:
To build the most watched (near focused) crypto journalism channels in the world.

Project Mission:
To educate and entertain people in crypto.

We’re a modern-day content production agency with expertise on viral social media content. Our team on this project consists of:

  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Voice Actor
  • Channel Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • Scriptwriter & Researcher

We believe this project will help bring more awareness to the NEAR ecosystem and ultimately give people a deeper level of understanding of what NEAR actually is and stands for. We want to educate people in an entertaining way.

Success Measurement:
There are three core things we look at to measure success:

  2. Subscribers
  3. Video quality - How well-written and researched are stories and how people interact with our videos.

Our first month’s goal is to upload first videos and focus on developing the format and the brand. Once it’s established we can start to put more focus on viewer numbers and fanbase.

Funding Requests:
4750 USD or 1100 NEAR

We are looking for a grant to support the first month of content production and distribution:

  • 10 Short videos (upto 60s videos) - 4000 USD

    • Research & Ideation
    • Scriptwriting
    • Recording
    • Editing
  • Youtube management - 750 USD

    • Account management
    • Reporting
    • Distribution
  • NEAR Wallet ID - exela.near

  • Wallet owner’s name - Exela Media Group OÜ


Hey @exelamedia
Idk, maybe make few videos about NEAR to know what your up to as a try.
400 USD for 60 sec video? Those should be damn good. Got any samples?

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Hey! Here are some samples we’ve done for our clients in the past:



Tbh, looks pretty cool!

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Hey, can you provide info about the metrics/KPIs and targets?

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Thanks for your proposal.

Would you be able to confirm whether you are the same team behind the NEAR Futures NFTs?

Would also be great if you could share more information about the team, including their socials.

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To create the top crypto YT channel in the world.


  • Achieve consistent 500 subscribers/day Youtube growth.
  • Grow 100K subscribers in one year.
  • Achieve 1 million video views by the end of 2022

To your question @satojandro, no we’re not related to this project. But more specifically about our team. We’ve an in-house team located in Europe, Estonia. Over the past few years we have grown multiple accounts including our own brands to hundreds of thousands of followers on social media - Youtube, TikTok, Instagram. We’re heavily focused on making the best possible content that spreads organically. More specifically about the team on this project:

Karl Niilo, me (Account Manager)
Socials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzNTVzprq6UG7kBK0LIDtUw

Carl Sammel (Content Strategist)

Taavi (Researcher, Writer)

Richard (Producer)
Kaisa (Channel manager)

As we develop, we’re looking to scale our team and expertise to improve our content game and achieve our goals faster. Our ultimate goal is to build the biggest crypto channels in the world.

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Thank you for your proposal. I’m happy to support you because you’ve been referred to Marketing DAO by Human guild councils. So, I suggest starting the ball rolling with 1-2 videos in August, $950

Thank you!


Sounds good to us! :rocket:

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Thanks for clarifying that and providing extra information on the team members.

I am happy to support this proposal on the revised budget proposed by Dacha and review larger budgets if the first pieces of content go well.

My only suggestion, as you are starting from a new brand from scratch, would be to change the name to avoid any confusion and potential issues among community members in the future. Please consider and happy to discuss further if you have any questions or ideas you’d like to float by in regards to new brand or content


Having reviewed, I agree with @Dacha if you can do 2 videos at the $950.

This should give the community an understanding of the type and quality of content you’re producing.


You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

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Hello, could you please share the report? Thank you!

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September report:

  • Assigned a team on the project.
  • Initiated kick-off meeting to introduce the project and vision
  • Created a branding
  • Renamed the brand from “Near Future ” to “Spotted” after what was proposed. We want to create a brand where we spot unique and interesting things happening in the crypto space especially what is happening in Near, that’s where the new name idea came.
  • Designed YT assets.
  • Set colors, fonts for creative team
  • Built out a content creation process for the channel so once we publish the first video we have a strong process that allows for consistency and development.
  • Researched and wrote 2 scripts for 2 upcoming videos.

Video 1: How This Hacker Lost $8,000 Trying to Exploit a blockchain. A story where an attacker submitted a fake NEAR block to the Rainbow Bridge and failed.
Video 2: The Story of $10 Billion Blockchain. How Alexander Skidanov and Ilya Poloshukin went from developing an AI startup called near.ai to creating one of the most well-known blockchains in the world.

  • Narrator for the channel
  1. Researched and casted different narrators. We wanted someone who we could work long term and not change voice-overs so often.
  2. Found a good fit and hired a voice artist for both videos.

That’s where we are at now with our work. The narrator is ready to voice our scripts and is expected to be delivered this week. Next week we’re editing the videos and should see the first two videos published on the channel.

We wanted to get the first videos out in September but processes and kick-off took more time than expected.


can you please post the report creating another topic and marking it as [Report] also please provide links too

btw sample videos were super cool. if we can get some to youtube trending that would go viral



Link to channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPk-Om9PN0Cog0GM2OAl83A

Link to report: [Report] Spotted Youtube channel - (October)


Only 40 views? I have no words…

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These are first two videos, the organic growth cannot come with first two shorts. For a channel to perform well it needs:

  • To be more consistent with content

  • Content develops over time and should strive for better results. Learnings from previous content must be applied to new content otherwise the results will stay the same

  • Topics and ideas need more tests because we’re building something that no one has ever done before. There will be some formats that do better than others and some that will not. We focus on scaling working formats and ideas and we need tests before we can create scale.

  • Time. On Youtube the lifespan of a video is not 1-2 weeks like on TikTok or Reels. Youtube video can pick up performance long after its published.

  • Trust/Credibility. Youtube favors content from creators who have proven track record of viral videos. If one of the videos gets to 100k views it’s more likely that future and previous content will get suggested. In other words, after one hit video we’re more likely to grow faster because its much easier for our future content to perform well.

Its way too early to make conclusions whether the content works or not especially if we’re talking about building community through organic growth tactics. For any marketing strategy, it must be taken as an iterative approach to build winning formulas. We’re expecting to see results once we have built a more solid library of content on the channel.

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I head a Team of experts, and we are into YouTube upgrade on subscription, views and monetization.

This is a sample of our project: https://youtube.com/channel/UCwfkZERoAqCL5MNUzISoB_w

If you need help, you can reach out to me on Telegram @Roxytheentertainer let me help you out.

You have great content and they need the world to see them.

Thanks and goodluck

Hey team!

What’s the status with this proposal?
Are we able to move forward after initial test content and work towards initially set objectives?